Chapter 36 Part 6

“Shen said that a numerical system of the New Year’s linkage activity has collapsed, anyway it is quite serious.”

Just as Lin Meng picked up the cell phone, she saw a long message from Zhu Yushen.

She glanced at it and knew it was really serious.

Lin Shen company has expanded its territory abroad in recent years. During the Spring Festival this year, the company arranged a large-scale linkage activity in which every game under its banner would participate.

The cause of the problem has not been found. It may be an omission or a bug that is really not easy to detect. In short, the event officially opened last night, and there was a problem this morning.

If it could not be handled properly, it might become a crisis.

Of course, it was just right for Lin Meng, who had just recalled the content of her dream last night, her dissatisfaction with Zhu Yushen reached a new level. In addition to not wanting to pay attention to him, she also had the urge to spend money randomly.

But Lin Meng unconsciously gave birth to uncontrollable doubts at this moment.

The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t remember: why, how did she go out of the house in her dream and how she was driven out of the house in her dream.

After washing her face, she patted her face, maybe she understood.

Scenes in dreams should be just fragments of memory.

If she could remember everything clearly, she would have been reborn as often said on the Internet, right?

So this was quite normal.

The family of three ate dinner and went to the airport. Lin Meng planned to stay with her parents for a while, but was ruthlessly driven away.

The couple was very open-minded in this regard. They had no idea of ​​being bound to their children. They had their own lives when they were getting older.

When the daughter’s figure disappeared in the crowds, Mother Lin, who had been waving her hands, sat down beside her husband worriedly.

“Did Mengmeng quarrel with Ah Shen?”

In fact, only a short while after meeting yesterday, she discovered that something was wrong between the two.

Not to mention that Zhu Yushen suddenly ran out, his hands were cold when he came back. She just didn’t want to expose it.

“Quarrels are also normal. How can husbands and wives not quarrel?” Father Lin was worried a lot, but he was still comforting his wife. The doctor explained that he should make his wife less worried because emotions will affect the body.

“Furthermore, you have also observed them. Do you feel like Meng Meng is at a loss?” Father Lin watched quietly for a day yesterday.

“But…but maybe Shen did something wrong, so he just coaxed Meng Meng.”

Father Lin continued to comfort his wife: “Do you think Shen is like someone who can do bad things? They have been in our sight since they were studying. Besides Meng Meng, have you ever seen Ah Shen close to?”

Mother Lin shook her head, but still worried: “People will change…”

“If he changes, they will separate.” Father Lin said decisively. “The children can take care of themselves when they grow up. If we participate in it, can we solve the problem? Since Meng Meng doesn’t want us to know, we pretend to know nothing. No matter what happens, aren’t we all her backing? “

After listening to this, Mother Lin nodded slightly: “That’s right. Anyway, I hope Mengmeng will be happy.”

Zhu Yushen was now flying to the company headquarters.

It’s rare that the days spent with Lin Meng and Father Lin and Mother Lin were interrupted like this, and the sullenness on his face couldn’t be suppressed.

When thinking about the solution later, Zhu Yushen unconsciously recalled what happened yesterday.

Maybe it was his illusion? He always felt that Lin Meng seemed to care about that Secretary Wen who had already been transferred?

Zhu Yushen didn’t quite understand why Wen Xiaofu was important.

He thought about it, but Lin Meng and Wen Xiaofu had too little contact.

Could it be that Wen Xiaofu said something wrong with Lin Meng before? Thinking of this, Zhu Yushen’s expression became unpredictable.

Chapter 36 Part 5

Zhu Yushen wanted to apologize again.

He didn’t seem to be able to let go, even if someone told him to let go, Lin Meng would live better.

He really couldn’t do it.

At night, the two of course had to stay in the same room to rest. Zhu Yushen was so drunk, he insisted on watching the Spring Festival gala before going in to the room.

Lin Meng entered the room a little later, and she saw that Zhu Yushen had taken out the quilt and blanket in the compression bag from the cabinet and laid it on the ground. He was lying upright at the moment, and he had fallen asleep.

It was rare to go to bed so late and Lin Meng was also tired. After washing up, she got over the obstacles on the floor and went to bed.

But she didn’t notice that Zhu Yushen, who was lying on the ground, opened his eyes when her breathing became long. He looked in her direction for an unknown amount of time before he also fell asleep.

In another city, someone stayed up all night.

Wen Xiaofu was sitting on the bed, her hair was messy at the moment, and the expression on her face looked terrifying.

[System, query the probability of task failure. 】

[…Inquiry, the mission failure rate has reached 99%, the mission is about to fail. 】

She couldn’t help picking up the pillow and throwing it on the opposite wall. Seeing the pillow slipping, she seemed to feel that her life was also falling to the bottom.

Wen Xiaofu almost collapsed, what can she do to succeed?

The word “transferred” was flirtatious, and it seemed that she was still staying in the Lin Shen company, but the problem was that the company had strict rules and regulations.

The direct elevator to the president’s office had to be swiped up. After her card was taken away, she couldn’t go to the president’s office at all.

Even the parking lot, Zhu Yushen and the high-level vehicles of the group were parked on the B2 floor, while ordinary employees could only reach the B1 floor.

She even thought about blocking Zhu Yushen’s commute to and from get off work, but the problem was that she had been transferred before and there were traces on the file. If she made two more mistakes, she would be fired.

Zhu Yushen worked a lot and often flew around the world. If she left the company, she wouldn’t even know Zhu Yushen’s itinerary.

[System, Perform the function of entering the dream state again. 】

【……3,2,1……The function of entering the dream state has been activated. Implementation goal, Lin Meng. 】

After a while, a familiar voice finally appeared: [Executed. 】

Her hands were tightly gripped on the quilt, and the bitten lips were bleeding through.

[System, query the probability of task failure. 】

[…I am inquiring, the mission failure rate has reached 97%, and the mission is about to fail. 】

Damn, why did it only drop by 2%?

What should she do?

After a long time, Lin Meng had that dream again.

Zhu Yushen and Wen Xiaofu held hands in a dream and looked at her indifferently. The appearance was very clear. She could even see the emotions in the eyes of the other person at that time.

Pain, unwillingness, anger…All emotions rolled in her heart.

“Mengmeng, why are you still lying in bed?”

Lin Meng woke up. Her mother standing next to the bed. She subconsciously looked to the ground and breathed a sigh of relief. The quilt on the floor had been put away.

It was quite cold this season, but Lin Meng could perceive the clothes that were a little wet from sweating too much: “I will go out to eat right away.”

“By the way, Shen has already returned to the company. He was afraid of waking you up. “

Mother Lin sighed. She didn’t want to wake up them this morning, but Zhu Yushen got up very early.

Although he was anxious, he carefully explained the ins and outs of the matter to Father Lin and Mother Lin. They knew less about it, but they also knew that it was important.

Chapter 36 Part 4

Lin Meng looked at Zhu Yushen, she felt a little confused… How did she feel that Zhu Yushen didn’t seem to be a lie?

But that female secretary, why was she transferred suddenly?

“Have Secretary Wang returned to his job?”

Zhu Yushen nodded: “He’s back.” He thought for a while, then apologized, “I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you.”

In fact, he didn’t forget… It’s just that he still remembers Wen Xiaofu’s unprofessional attitude and making unreasonable comments on Lin Meng.

He didn’t want Lin Meng to feel that anyone around him felt bad about her.

She was the best.

“You two were in a daze at the door when you went home?” Mother Lin really couldn’t understand, she came over and pulled them, “Quickly enter the house. The food is going to be cold. Less talk about work during the New Year.”

“Okay, let’s come in right away.” Lin Meng smiled in response to her mother, but she walked slowly into the house.

This seemed to be different from what she thought. She couldn’t help but start to recall the dream, but for some reason, the content of the dream suddenly became distant and a little fuzzy.

In fact, Mother Lin had no strength to pull a big man, but Zhu Yushen followed her strength, the expression on his face was extremely gentle.

Being forced to sit on the seat, sitting in such a position, facing the steaming and steaming sumptuous meal, what Zhu Yushen thought of in a trance was the past that he hadn’t remembered for a long time.

Before he met Lin Meng, all his New Years were enveloped in a depressed atmosphere.

The dishes on the table always seemed to be scarce and poor. The mother sitting opposite was full of grievances. She poked at the dishes with chopsticks, her voice becoming higher and sharper.

“It’s the Chinese New Year, and your dad can’t get the money back. What’s the use of a man who can’t even make money and staying at home every day?” The hatred in the eyebrows of the mothers is still very clear in memory. “If I married someone else back then, I don’t have to worry as much as I do now. As long as he is a man, he won’t make so little money a month, and he doesn’t even have enough household.”

At that time, his father always sat on the side, lowered his head in silence, holding the vegetables, and cringingly said, eat, eat, New Year.

However, he hadn’t heard this voice for several years. Later, the parents divorced, and every so-called New Year’s Eve dinner became a unilateral criticism of his mother against his father.

“Men are afraid of entering the wrong industry, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Your dad really hurt me all my life. I am a woman who treats myself as a cow, a tired old cow. He can’t even pay for your alimony, this is a man. “

When his mother was about to pass away, she grabbed his hand and repeatedly confessed: “Shen, Mengmeng is a good girl. She doesn’t care about your poverty. You have to work hard to make her live a good life, you know? “

The confusion in Zhu Yushen’s eyes layered.

Mom, our life was getting better. But Lin Meng wanted to leave me, what should I do?

“Shen, let’s have a glass of wine together. In the new year, the whole family will be reunited and auspicious!” Father Lin’s words dispelled Zhu Yushen’s gloom. He raised his glass and poured the wine directly into his stomach with a smile.

His stomach gradually warmed up with one cup after another.

“Mom, you are not in good health. You should drink less.”

“I know, I know, Mengmeng is really nagging. After spending the New Year with you today, we will be busy tomorrow. We are returning to China once so long now, and our friends are very enthusiastic.”

Father Lin and Mother Lin were talking about their next schedule. They had to go back to Lin’s hometown tomorrow to see her cousins; they went to the high school class reunion and the junior high school class reunion; they also invited friends to play in H City…

He just watched quietly, and felt that his wandering and helpless heart during this period of time suddenly had a stable station that could be docked.

Chapter 36 Part 3

Lin Meng was very angry, she was helpless and wanted to laugh.

When she turned her head, Zhu Yushen didn’t go away this time, and he stood straight. She suspected that if she wanted to have a talk again, Zhu Yushen could run away.

“Can’t you feel the cold?”

He was like a reprimanded child with his head down, but he refused to accept the opinion.

“You are very good at running, right? You run so far from home without even taking your cell phone and coat?”

Zhu Yushen was silent for a long time, then suddenly replied dullly: “…I’m sorry.”

His apology made Lin Meng froze for a moment, turned around biting her lip and walked angrily in front of him: “Hurry up! If you get cold and get sick, go to the hospital in the winter and trouble my parents.”

“I will not.”

“Okay, if you say you won’t, you won’t.” Lin Meng had realized it anyway. Before, she left all the tenderness to Zhu Yushen.

Now… she could be gentle to the whole world, but not to Zhu Yushen alone.


Okay, I’m sorry! The green veins on her forehead were raised, she walked faster and faster subconsciously.

When she was about to go upstairs to the door, she gave a step and motioned to Zhu Yushen to go up first. She fell behind and suddenly said: “My parents will spend all the holiday with us, and we will talk about the rest later.”

“Okay!” Zhu Yushen answered quickly this time, and Lin Meng could hear his high spirits in his tone.

She suspected…no, it must be, she was afraid that after this Spring Festival, she would have difficulty catching Zhu Yushen to talk about it.

Lin Meng walked behind, not hurriedly or slowly.

Human beings were really complex creatures. If she saw a post on the Internet, or her friends encountered such things.

She would definitely provide lawyers for the other party.

But her situation was a bit complicated. For her, so far in her life, she has lived with Zhu Yushen for almost half of the time.

They have experienced too much together, including the death of Mother Chu, Mother Lin surgery, company entrepreneurship, the company’s first lawsuit…

There were too many, as if the Zhu Yushen’s name was stripped away, and a part of her life seemed to be empty.

This was why she actually knew that Zhu Yushen had to face divorce as long as she forced it, but she couldn’t do the same.

She needed a little time, and Zhu Yushen was not the only one with avoidance disorder.

“Why don’t you go in?” Lin Meng walked to the door of the house, only to find that Zhu Yushen was still standing there waiting for her. To know the level of ventilation of the stairs, it was cooler than outside.

“Waiting for you.”

Lin Meng fumbled for a while and motioned Zhu Yushen to open the door.

When he was about to enter, Lin Meng couldn’t help but ask: “How is your… secretary?”

“What secretary?” Zhu Yushen glanced back.

“The new Secretary Wen.”

“She was transferred, now…” Zhu Yushen thought for a while, “I can’t remember where she worked.” Lin Meng asked him rare questions, but he couldn’t answer them, making him very anxious.

“What do you mean by not remembering?” Lin Meng couldn’t help but ask, she sneered in her heart, always feeling that something unexpected was about to happen.

“I’m sorry.” Zhu Yushen apologized again. “She made a mistake in her work. I asked her to report to the HR staff and was demoted. Later, I did not continue to confirm what position she was working in. I will confirm with Secretary Wang, then I’ll tell you later.”

Chapter 36 Part 2

That was originally her room, and when they were married, it became their room. It was just that they rarely returned to their hometowns. This room was sorted out by parents who came back this time.

The sky outside was already dark, Lin Meng pushed the door open, and had not turned on the light-

Um, maybe her eyesight was too good, how did she feel that she saw Zhu Yushen with his eyes open in bed?

But it should be wrong.

“Zhu Yushen.” She told at him, leaning against the door halfway, and saw that Zhu Yushen had sat up.

“I’m telling you…” Lin Meng was trying to explain to Zhu Yushen, don’t let her parents see the problem of their quarrel.

Before she finished talking, Zhu Yushen suddenly put on her shoes and responded dumbly: “The company has something to ask me. I will go out and deal with it. It’s nearby and I’ll be back soon.”

Then Zhu Yushen disappeared from her eyes at a breathtaking speed of Lin Meng. Before leaving, he did not forget to say a word to Father Lin and Mother Lin: “I go out to deal with something, and I will come back immediately. .”

The door was closed. Mother Lin poked her head out of the kitchen and couldn’t help frowning: “As a boss, how could he be so busy during the Chinese New Year. Shen had lost a lot of weight. He couldn’t take a good rest as a boss. There is nothing good about being a boss.”

Father Lin, who was cooking: “The company is developing! When we went abroad, don’t foreign children also play games made by Shen? It’s good for people to work hard while they are young. “

“You can always find a reason for him. But he should take a rest during the Chinese New Year? Otherwise, his body may be exhausted.” Mother Lin can’t bear this kind of desperate work done by the young people. “Look, Mengmeng was also influenced by him, and Mengmeng became a workaholic.”

“It’s good to be happy, she is also called President Lin now.”

The voice from the kitchen gradually became smaller.

Lin Meng was not angry, she was about to close the door, her brows suddenly frowned.

Zhu Yushen’s coat and suit jacket were hung on the Kitty cat hook that she attached to the cabinet when she was a child.

Zhu Yushen’s black cell phone was connected to the charger that was plugged into the bedside row.

So this person didn’t take a cell phone or wear a jacket. He went out to talk about business?

And, did he just pretend to be sleeping?

Although she knew that Zhu Yushen had committed the “escape disorder” again, Lin Meng couldn’t explain it, she stayed with her parents obediently.

But when it was time for dinner, Zhu Yushen didn’t come back, so her parents asked her to ask how long it would take Zhu Yushen to come back for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Lin Meng looked at the cell phone on the bedside, silent and silent, she had to go and arrest the escaping criminal herself.

Lin Meng walked ahead with a sullen face, Zhu Yushen fell behind, and the sound of the two walking gradually recombined.

Suddenly she felt that something was wrong, and when she turned her head, she looked down, it was amazing!

On Zhu Yushen’s feet, he was also wearing a pair of slippers, and the exposed skin was a little red and looked badly frozen.

And what he was wearing was only a white sweater. Although the material looked thick, it couldn’t hide all the exposed skin.

Zhu Yushen’s face, which was always very cold, was very embarrassed and severely frozen. His nose and eyes were especially red, like a poor puppy, shivering in the cold wind.

Chapter 36 Part 1

The New Year’s Eve night was the quietest time in the city.

It was only 8 or 9 o’clock, but the shops on both sides of the road had been closed in half, a few were open, and there were no customers. The usual lively scenes were completely gone at this moment.

Maybe only by seeing red lanterns hanging on the side of the road for decoration, and the couplet words affixed to the door of several shops, could reveal the atmosphere of the New Year.

In February, the weather hadn’t turned hot. In these few days, the temperature dropped rapidly, it was extremely cold.

Lin Meng came out in a coat and covered her hands in her pockets. She stayed in the warm room, but forgot that the outside was really cold.

She kept glancing around, and was completing a perhaps not difficult task of finding people.

She found him.

Lin Meng let out a sigh of relief, her eyes fell on the chair not far away, and the feeling in her heart could not tell whether it was angry or speechless.

There was no subway in her hometown. Public transportation was very popular. Basically, there were stops on every road, and the one less than ten meters away from her was the closest stop on the street to their home. She used to wait for the bus here when she was studying.

On the bench next to the bus stop sign, Zhu Yushen, the target she was looking for on this trip, was sitting there.

There was one bench that could accommodate five or six people, but now he was sitting alone. Zhu Yushen stared at the front in a daze, looking lonely.

He was like a child abandoned, sitting there without speaking.

Abandoned child? He was clearly an escaping adult.

Lin Meng put aside the nonsense that just appeared and walked straight over: “How long do you plan to stay here?”

Zhu Yushen, who had been in a daze, shook his mind, and suddenly looked up at Lin Meng, and immediately stood up obediently: “I…”

He seemed to be making excuses again. Lin Meng couldn’t help but yell at him: “Do you want to say that you ran down from the sixth floor specially, don’t wear a coat, and don’t bring a cell phone, just to talk about the important things with people in the company? “

She looked at him: “Give me an idea how much trouble you’ve learned?”

Lin Meng and Pu Qiongcan went to West Mountain to investigate. It wasn’t until yesterday that they were busy. She returned by plane this afternoon, exactly the same time as Zhu Yushen arrived at home.

Zhu Yushen seemed to be very tired. After arriving at home, he apologized to Mother Lin and Father Lin, then he went to rest in the room.

When Lin Meng came back, she only saw that her parents were lowering their voices to speak, and still not letting her speak loudly.

Lin Meng was obedient in front of his parents. Besides, she would not let her parents know about their marital problems until she reached a consensus with Zhu Yushen.

She accompanied her parents to prepare the dishes for New Year’s Eve dinner, and the feeling of relaxation and warmth at home made her only feel particularly comfortable.

“Meng Meng, you go and ask Shen to try out the taste.” Lin Mu glanced at the time, and the fried goods on hand were out of the pan.

The custom of their family for the Chinese New Year is that there must be a trial eating session before eating. The food was still steaming, without using chopsticks to grab it directly with her hands. The peace on your face could not be maintained, but she still wanted to swallow things.

It was a delicious taste that can always be recalled no matter how many years have passed.

Lin Meng was a little embarrassed in her heart. After mixing in the entertainment industry for so long, her acting skills were not improved by others.

“Go quickly, otherwise the dishes will be cold.”

“Okay.” Lin Meng nodded and went to the room.

Chapter 35 Part 8

After his son went to college, he gradually learned from the side that the profession he had given up because of his half-knowledge was actually quite promising in domestic.

“For example, President Lin, do you know there is a major called Water Supply and Drainage Engineering? There is also a blasting major… Some provinces have special professions specifically for their provinces. For example, there are tea gardens in the province, there is a tea major; There are also colleges like Buddhism. Ordinary people don’t even understand what they are studying.”

Lin Meng thought that this subject was really interesting after she heard it. She was hesitant about not knowing the documentary market. Wiould it be a profitable project?

After all, if it was her, she wouldn’t seem to mind watching this documentary.

But it was fine, there were always solutions to the problem. Lin Meng thought about it and started patching: “I hope you shoot a little deeper. You choose some majors that can be used for comparison, which are unpopular but easy to employ, and the country needs students to join the profession; and which are unpopular and are being eliminated, it is not necessary to insist on.”

“It must be noted that the hot majors, we do not pay attention, we only focus on the real upset majors.” Lin Meng added, “After all, everyone already knows about those popular majors.”

Mass professionalism could never be considered. After all, there were many people studying popular majors, and people might be interested in taking a look.

As long as the unpopular majors were the best choice, China was so big, there were too many niche majors-of course, some majors were not necessarily unpopular, and even after the transfer, there were still many students, but in the eyes of outsiders, it can be said that this major has not been heard in this life.

“Another point is that the shooting should be comprehensive. You have everything from the teaching environment to the interviews with students and professors… including the companies after graduation, what work you do, and the turnover rate.” Lin Meng began to add content.

“All these must be shot, don’t care about the money. For example, if students are interviewed, we should pay the interview fee, and we can’t take others as volunteers. If we need to pay for the scene in the school, we also have to spend it, not to take advantage of the school. “

She added a lot of places where she could spend money, and asked Zhu Xufang to ask if there were any good documentary teams in the industry working together.

It was best to sign the other party directly in the company. If the other party was not willing, they could also ask if they could sign a long-term cooperation contract.

In a word, True Dream Entertainment, spend money.

After arranging the two people, Lin Meng nodded in satisfaction.

New money-losing projects have risen gradually. When Director Zhu’s and Director He’s projects began to set sail, her dream plan would also be implemented.

Multiple lines lost money, the more the lost.


Lin Meng glanced at the calendar and there was still some time before the New Year. Before that time, she still had a lot of work to do.

Such as doing field research with director Pu Qiongcan, confirming the location of the scene…

And when it was the Chinese New Year, she had to go home.

With someone who would only escape.

Chapter 35 Part 7

He had a meaningful meaning: “After all, I often see comments on the Internet. Quite a lot of children and parents complain about each other because there are countless conflicts about spouse selection?”

Lin Meng heard this and understood.

What He Fangming wanted was a real variety show.

Parents and children appeared directly on the screen at the same time, allowing viewers to clearly see the conflict between them.

This conflict is very typical, conflicts that may occur around any viewers.

Would anyone really watch this variety show? Lin Meng was a little hesitant. Watching love show normally, wasn’t most people shipping CP?

By the way, would this be too cruel? Shouldn’t watching variety show be for ease?

But this was what she wanted, even if it was well-made, no one want to watch.

“Okay, Director He, when the plan is ready, we will shoot immediately after the team is built.” Lin Meng made a clean decision. “I only ask for two points, one is real and the other is protection.

There should never be a case of folks on our show being cyber-violated for comments made on the show. Of course, I also understand that it can’t be completely avoided, but we have to try to do it.”

He Fangming nodded, and he had begun to outline the show in his heart.

There were more and more ideas in his mind,

Zhu Xufang, who had been sitting next to him, listened for a long time and also had his own ideas.

“President Lin, as a transition, how about I make a documentary during this time? If the team is well assembled and I shoot slowly, I shouldn’t get too tired.” He was truly vain.

There were too few documentaries that made money.

Of course, there were also ways to make money. It was small input and small cost, and selected the right theme.

Such as the food documentaries that have been popular in recent years, the cost was not too high, but the final income was very good.

“Documentary?” Lin Meng pondered for a moment, “What theme?”

If Director Zhu said that he wanted to make a food documentary, she was afraid that she could only say sorry.

“I want to shoot some niche jobs, or niche professions.” The idea of ​​director Zhu Xufang was born and became more and more intense.

Screenwriters over the past few years have increasingly wanted to innovate, and he has watched quite a lot of workplace drama scripts. He could sometimes see more or less omissions in these scripts if he looked at them carefully.

When he went online to find materials and wanted to find a new way, he often found that most of the Q&A posts for niche majors didn’t even have a single answer, which even affected his choice of majors for his son back then.

“When I chose the major to my child, I found a problem.”

“what is the problem?”

“I found out that there are a lot of majors. Even when I searched the Internet, I couldn’t understand what these majors are talking about. But I learned more about them later, then found that these majors are not necessarily so bad.”

Director Zhu said this, and his emotions were also involved. He hesitated to the end at the time, and he enrolled his son in the business management major. -Of course, there were also reasons for the influence of the score.

Chapter 35 Part 6

“It’s okay, President Lin, you don’t have to comfort me.” The more he promoted himself, the more shallow he felt, and he couldn’t help recalling the teleplay he shot in those years. Was it really a bad environment, or was he unable to shoot well?

“I think my advantage is that I’m particularly good at capturing details, especially in terms of photographing love interactions, By the way it is now, I can get the screen sweet.” He Fangming analyzes himself very seriously, “So I Think, can I go on a love variety show? “

The thought, which popped up in his mind from time to time, only he never said it.

He Fangming has again dismissed the idea: “But it doesn’t quite fit with our company’s positioning.”

Lin Meng immediately disagreed with this statement.

“Director He, you can’t think like that. Everyone has a first time. If you don’t try it, how do you know you can’t? You know that the teleplay you shot was the first teleplay our company shot, the film director Zhu shot was also the first film the company pitched. And you, doing our company’s first variety project, why not?”

He Fangming was somewhat persuaded, but began to struggle again: “But … the variety show team is completely different from the film team. Doesn’t the company have a film to shoot next? There are not so many people.”

Unlike filming film, filming Variety did require an overwhelmingly large crew.

Just the radio on the show alone, the photography that followed the guests, the variety screenwriter that followed the group…He could count quite a few positions at random, and it was still the kind that didn’t overlap at all with the previous company’s existing personnel.

Lin Meng was silent.

Lin Meng marveled in her heart.

Director He suddenly made a big move.

Her favorite big move.

Lin Meng looked at Director He and was particularly surprised: “Director He, you suddenly gave me a good idea. Why should we limit ourselves to the film and television industry?

“Regardless of whether it is profitable or not, it is a good thing to try. If in the future some viewers will say that True Dream Entertainment not only has good music, good film, good teleplay, but also makes good variety shows, I think I will also feel honored. “

Lin Meng did not give He Fangming the opportunity to hesitate. In front of him, she sent a message to the HR staff and finance to let them pay attention to whether there were any variety production companies that can be acquired on the market. If there were no companies that could be acquired directly, they would hire a team with a high salary.

In this respect, they were very professional.

Whether it was an acquisition or a high-paying team, it could cost a lot of money, perfect.

“By the way, Director He, what kind of variety show do you want to make? I hope this variety show is not too cliché, and can not overlap with the love variety show on the market. ” Lin Meng didn’t pay much attention to variety show, but still heard about it. There were still a lot of hot variety shows in the market.

When He Fangming saw Lin Meng attaching great importance to it, he was a little nervous at the same time when he was moved. When people were nervous, it seemed that inspiration also poured out.

“I think … we can make a different love variety show.” He looked at Lin Meng’s encouragement eyes and tried to trace the thought he had just floated from his mind.

“First of all, the folks and star guests are now standard on the love variety show. Let’s change it. The observed participants of the love matchmaking activity are still folks, but the lineup of observed guests is composed of folks’ parents and a few stars. “

Lin Meng nodded and heard it … anyway, she felt that there was nothing innovative and not very attractive.

“We have an open love variety show … the kind that takes the cruel route.” He Fangming pondered, “When the love process is eliminated, guests who are not interested will leave the show. And their parents, although they are observation guests, they are also mobile.”

He explained in depth: “In simple terms, the guests who participated in the love show are themselves taking the normal love route. Their parents, with different ideas, look at people with blind date. This program will reflect the collision of the two generations’ spouse views, and also let the viewers take a look at what is the difference between the point that parents and children focus on the love object. “

He Fangming said more and more excited, he felt that he could shoot well. He could capture such subtle details keenly every time: “The viewers can also use this show to see whether parents will be move by children’s Love. “

Chapter 35 Part 5

He would have been fine with a few more commercial films to compensate President Lin.

But after opening his eyes to see the world and coming into contact with so many young people, he found that the scripts he had pressed into his box were somewhat outdated.

Even some of the jokes used in it, such as the names of the dishes and the comedy stems that everyone knew in their day, how many young people know them now?

How could it be a good script when you’re telling cliched stories and putting stems in a script that doesn’t resonate with people?

The scripts sent to him were actually less than those sent to He Fangming. After all, people knew that he was expensive and had high demands for scripts, so they did not dare to send them to him.

But the problem was that those scripts, Zhu Xufang thought that they were full of mistakes.

He Fangming also said, “President Lin, the few scripts that were delivered to me recently, are really not very good.”

“That I know.” Lin Meng understood, “So I have a plan.”

She had a big, money-losing plan.

“I have thought about it for a long time, you two are good talents who have no place to look for, it is a bit of a loss to just leave it unused in the company.” Lin Meng looked at the two directors with extremely sincere eyes and filled with expectations.

“I mean, what projects do you guys have that you want to work on? Despite your mention, the company will help you build a team and arrange for you.” She did not forget to account for Zhu Xufang a sentence, “But Zhu director you are older, if there is a big project that you want to do, we will slow down the progress.”

Of course….she couldn’t trust these two directors too much, they both had a history of making big money.

“My only requirement is to hope that the company is developing rapidly in the past few years. Every time we take out the project, we can make people feel refreshed!” Lin Meng has long thought about it. “I hope that outsiders will treat us True Dream Entertainment’s impression must be different from other companies. “

“You see, there are so many films and teleplays out there now that once they become known, one series after another will go into production. It’s not a bad thing, but I think we can look a little farther ahead, not for profit, just to make history that belongs to True Dream.”

What did Lin Meng do for a living before?

Lin Shen company was currently the leader of the domestic game industry, she witnessed the company’s high rise.

The gaming industry had quite a few things that could be applied to the entertainment industry.

In the game industry, the most popular point was to imitate, and even imitate their own successful projects with the company.

when card games became popular, I launched card games; when placement hand games became popular, I launched similar products; when dress-up games became popular, it’s okay, it’s just changing clothes. I’ll change clothes too.

It was, at best, adding its own so-called original elements.

For example, your card was a card game, my card was a card tower defense; your placement was to enhance the combat power, and my placement took a warm route to an interactive scene; your Dress-up was to do task points, and my dress-up was purely added.

You said innovation? So to speak, true innovation has lost money eight times out of ten.

Among so many entrepreneurs, no one was a fool. Most of the so-called secrets that no one discovered were the parts of someone who failed after trying to innovate.

So innovation was a double-edged sword, especially true innovation, which was separate from routine innovation …

In Lin Meng’s words, she could lose money by doing this!

After listening to Lin Meng, the two directors thought about it.

“Actually President Lin …” He Fangming suddenly said, his face was embarrassed.

Wasn’t this opportunity coming?

Lin Meng looked over with encouragement: “Director He, you can talk about your thoughts, I have always believed in your ability.” The ability to lose money.

“Actually, I also thought that my ability in the film and television drama and director industry may not be so outstanding.” He Fangming had seen directors at the level of Zhu Xufang and Cheng Aiming. They seemed to him like a mountain to look up to, and there was a difference in human talent.

“This is not the case …” Lin Meng wanted to comfort two words. She never thought that only genius can survive in an industry.