Chapter 1 Part 1

In the morning on weekdays, there were not many customers in the coffee shop. Lin Meng chose the location by the window, and the glass of the floor-to-ceiling window could not reflect her look clearly.

She looked away, not wanting to see her face clearly. She could imagine how wither she was now. After all, she had been having a “nightmare” for a week.

But, was this really a dream?

Lin Meng had a cell phone on her hand. She hesitated to put her hand on the cell phone, clenched and loosened, hesitated for a while. And finally she dialed the phone number that had always been at the top of the address book.

The call was connected, and some unfamiliar female voices came: “Hello, Ms. Lin, President Zhu is in a meeting. If you have anything, you can tell me first. I will help you to register and tell President Zhu later.”

Ms. Lin? This title made Lin Meng startled: “Who are you? Where is Secretary Wang?”

“Secretary Wang was transferred last week. I’m the new general secretary. My name is Wen Xiaofu. You can call me Xiao Wen.”

“Nothing. I’m sorry to disturb you.” Lin Meng hung up the phone in a hurry, and she had no time to consider any politeness.

She didn’t even know her husband had changed secretary. This was normal. After all, fifteen days have passed since Zhu Yushen returned home last time.

But what did this matter? The real chief actress has appeared, and the vicious supporting actress of “Dove occupies the nest” was obviously not qualified to know the news of Zhu Yushen.

“Mengmeng, what are you doing?” Feng Liangliang approached her best friend Lin Meng’s ear and deliberately patted Lin Meng’s shoulder to scare her.

“I ordered the Ice American Coffee for you.” Lin Meng smiled.

Feng Liangliang did beauty black. At this moment, she was wearing a black suspender leather skirt, just like a shining black pearl.

When she looked at Lin Meng, she showed a somewhat silly smile. Only in front of Lin Meng, she put away her sharp little paw.

Feng Liangliang’s eyes brightened, and she didn’t need to maintain any image in front of her best friend.

She started drinking as soon as she was seated, and squinted contentedly: “Dear, all my time belongs to you today.” She winked.

“Okay, you are mine today.” Lin Meng said in a light tone.

Lin Meng was the same as usual, but Feng Liangliang immediately found something wrong.

She frowned: “Why is your face so bad? Is your body uncomfortable? Even the foundation can’t cover your dark circles. Did Zhu Yushen make you angry?” If Lin Meng nodded, she would immediately go to fight with Zhu Yushen.

Feng Liangliang knew too much about Lin Meng. Lin Meng was most concerned about Zhu Yushen.

If someone in this world could really make Lin Meng eat less and sleep less. There would be only one murderer, Zhu Yushen!

But … Zhu Yushen and Lin Meng have been together for ten years. From school uniforms to wedding gowns, from started their company from scratch until the company went public, she never saw Lin Meng angry with Zhu Yushen.

Did Zhu Yushen marital infidelity?

This idea was just dispelled by Feng Liangliang as soon as it rose. This was absolutely impossible.Even if everyone in the world was sentenced to marriage, Zhu Yushen would not do so. For ten years, he was so clean that he never wore any scandals.

Lin Meng knew at a glance that Feng Liangliang was guessing blindly. She sighed in her heart, but smiled on her face: “Have you guessed wildly again? I have been in a bad mood lately and have nothing to do with him.”

She took the second sentence in her heart. We didn’t even see each other. How did we quarrel? Moreover, even if she was hysterical, Zhu Yushen would only be silent, how could people quarrel with wood?

“Really? “

Lin Meng nodded: “I won’t lie to you.”

Feng Liangliang believed: “Frighten me! Why are you in a bad mood?”

Come on, Lin Meng was a recognized life winner in their circle of friends.

The game company Lin Shen, founded by her husband and her, has already been listed. The daily flow of a single game was nearly 100 million. Although she was resting at home, her pockets were full and the assets registered in her name were countless.

She had money and leisure, her husband loved her, and her parents were healthy … Feng Liangliang could not find the reason why Lin Meng was unhappy.

“Is it …” Feng Liangliang subconsciously glanced at Lin Meng’s stomach. “Are you in a hurry to have a kid?” She clearly remembered that Lin Meng met her last time and said that she plans to consider fertility after 30 years old.

“No, I was in a bad mood for no reason.” Lin Meng was gentle as water. But in Lin Meng’s mind, it was not so light.

Lin Meng had a stubborn personality and wanted to solve everything by herself. Even with Zhu Yushen to the point where the marriage was about to break down, she never thought of complaining with Feng Liangliang. Not to mention it was now, especially since it sound so ridiculous.

What could she say? Told Feng Liangliang: “Hey, we live in a novel, your best friend– I am a vicious supporting actress in the novel.”

Even if Feng Liangliang trusted her, she would have to worry about her mental condition.

If not every detail in the nightmare this week was exactly the same as in reality; She should not have known about the transfer of Secretary Wang; And Wen Xiaofu, who had never heard the name, just appeared.

These episodes that appeared in the dream made her really unable to deceive herself.

The name of the novel she lives in was “The Highly Valuable Step-wife Of The CEO”. The wealthy president in the novel’s name referred to her husband Zhu Yushen.

The new secretary was Wen Xiaofu, the real chief actress of the world. And she was naturally a nasty vicious supporting actress in the novel, the ex-wife of the president who did not know how to cherish happiness.

The timeline of the novel was not very clear, but it shouldn’t take long for the story to be officially launched. After all, the chief actress has made a grand debut.

According to the plot, as an incomprehensible wife, she should be hysterical with him again and again during the busiest period of her husband, even threatening divorce to push Zhu Yushen to Wen Xiaofu completely.

After discovering all this, she would double into madness and give Wen Xiaofu a full range of attacks. Zhu Yushen, who was disappointed that she had lost her “last tenderness”, would divorce her indifferently and firmly, and live happily with Wen Xiaofu ever since.

“Mengmeng, why are you dazed? Are you uncomfortable?” Feng Liangliang lowered her voice. “Is menstruation coming?”

Lin Meng laughed. “No, I’m thinking about something.”

“Or … I’ll take you to a SPA, lie there and enjoy a good afternoon. The trouble will disappear immediately!” She was a timely hedonist, and whenever she got a chance, she began to make recommendations to her friend eagerly.

She has long been dissatisfied with Lin Meng’s way of living as a husband-in-law at home.

“I know you treat me well.” She was so glad that she still had such a friend, otherwise she should have been focusing on Zhu Yushen, and she should be at a loss now?

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