Chapter 1 Part 2

“You only know this now? Would you like to go? Staying at home every day will make you sick.”

“Since you invited me, I must go with you.” Lin Meng laughed. “But before that, I need your help. I need you to help me with an idea.”

“Me?” Feng Liangliang pointed to herself in surprise, she thought in disbelief: “How coud I help you with an idea. But … you say it first, maybe there is something I can help.

Feng Liangliang was very self-knowledge. She also knew better than Lin Meng in eating, drinking, and having fun. What could she do for Lin Meng?

“I’m in a bad mood recently. After thinking about it, I plan to spend money to buy happiness, but I don’t want to spend money without a plan. Would you give me an idea?” She held her chin and looked at Feng Liangliang.

“Are you serious?” Feng Liangliang was surprised, but she really could help!

Lin Meng drank coffee, no sugar and no milk, bitter taste all the way to her heart: “I’m serious. You know Zhu Yushen’s ability to make money, what do I save so much money for? It’s better to buy happy.”

After learning the plot in the novel, Lin Meng felt that Zhu Yushen had become unfamiliar. She never thought that the man she loved from a young age would derail their marriage. A man who let his wife clean out the door in the name of love.

She didn’t want this man. People who want him, just take him away.

But it was still early to say about divorce. She was narrow-minded and didn’t want to stop the loss in time. She just wanted to drag it first, so that they would be together in the name of marital infidelity.

As for the property, Lin Meng could not take it, and she also did not want to take it. But this did not mean that she was willing to let others spend a good life with her sweaty money.

She was fairer than “Zhu Yushen”. The other party had exclusive wealth in the novel, which made her go out of the house. And Lin Meng, she just wanted to spend money to make everyone poor. Was it fair?

Anyway, starting today, she will never save money for the dog-like man.

“Okay!” Feng Liangliang’s rule of life was to stand unconditionally with her best friend.

Wasn’t she happy spending money every day? When she used 100,000 yuan to increase the sales of albums for her idol, she also gained happiness.

Feng Liangliang proudly counted the various ways to spend money with her fingers. In her field, she was invincible!

“You asked me right.Listen to me one by one!”She took a sip of coffee and said in a pose.” I’m good-for-nothing. But on spending money, ten of my eldest brothers can’t compare to me!”

Feng Liangliang, who looked like an authority figure, quickly lay on the table like frosted eggplant: “… Mengmeng, are you bullying me?”

Almost all the ways she recommended to spend money were rejected by Lin Meng. Blame Zhu Yushen. Feng Liangliang’s belly was defamatory. She was afraid that this man had already brought all the gifts in the world to Lin Meng.

Bags all in, auction house jewelry, custom sports cars … Zhu Yushen almost bought everything she could think of. As for charity, stocks, and futures, Zhu Yushen had signed contracts with professionals early and was responsible for many years.

For the first time, Feng Liangliang found it difficult to spend money arbitrarily.

“I’m sour!” Feng Liangliang wrinkled her nose, and she deliberately sniffed, “Today I’m going to eat a lemon under a lemon tree! You’re almost a public punishment for a single dog like me ! “

Lin Meng’s smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes. Zhu Yushen has never been stingy in giving gifts. Whether it was a holiday or coming back after a trip, whether the weather was fine or not, he would definitely bring gifts to Lin Meng. Unfortunately, most of these gifts were blown into the cold palace and covered with dust.

For example, the custom-built diamond Lamborghini in the garage has never been out once since buying it.

Lin Meng thought, Zhu Yushen should have forgotten long ago. In college, she had a car accident. Since then, she has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in sports cars, not even riding.

Feng Liangliang racked her brains: “Let me think, I can think of it!”

Lin Meng: “… In fact, I don’t ask for much. It’s the kind that looks bright and can invest a lot of money, but it can’t bring much return afterwards.”

In fact, what she wanted was very simple. There was a good reason to spend a lot of money under Zhu Yushen’s eyelids, and then all of this money was thrown away.

Retelling the keywords provided by Lin Meng, Feng Liangliang flashed her mind: “I have it, I thought of it!”


Feng Liangliang was immediately smug: “Isn’t that the same as my family’s company?”

“You mean … invest in entertainment?”

Feng’s Entertainment was now managed by Feng Liangliang’s eldest brother. It was considered a behemoth in the entertainment industry.

“You’re so smart.” Feng Liangliang politely reached out and secretly pinched her girlfriend’s face. “When it comes to losing money, it’s the entertainment industry!”

She recalled that when the eldest brother sometimes brought her social intercourse, other entertainment company bosses complained: “The lay people think that the entertainment industry makes money fast, but they don’t know that the industry loses money faster. For any project, it is tens of millions or even Hundreds of millions of investments. After all, actors are now expensive to play, no more expensive than the most expensive. “

Feng Liangliang spread her hand: “No one can guarantee that the investment project will make money, let alone accidents often occur in the entertainment industry.” She gave an example, “For example, a high-priced actor, suddenly a scandal was blocked. Remakes are considered good luck! Not to mention policies, censorship …”

The more she counted, the more she regretted: “Would I introduce you to another project? The probability of losing money is too large!”

Feng Liangliang was still listening to someone at the dinner table last month. There was a film company that lost money on all films produced during the two-year period. After the company changed hands to creditors, the boss still carried debts!

“No, that’s it.” Lin Meng was very satisfied and noticed that Feng Liangliang was uneasy. She was busy explaining, “Just rest assured. If I really lose, I will stop it in time.”

“That’s good.” Feng Liangliang nodded, and she was relieved. “I’ll let my brother introduce you to the network anyway.”

Her friend has always been reliable, there should be no major problems. And she would help too.

However, Feng Liangliang did not know why, she always felt that her friend had a “killing intention” in the relaxed gentle smile on her face.

She must be wrong.

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  1. Wow…wtf u doing, husband dude? Buying a car for someone with car trauma…well done, numbnuts.

    1. FACTS!! I was thinking just the same way, for such a significant incident there’s no way he doesn’t know, that or he’s just dense as hell.

  2. Hello, i think you need an editor or proofreader. My grammar is a mess, so i m fine with grammatical mistake, but others who have english as their 1st or 2nd languange might be bothered when reading ur translations.

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