Chapter 2 Part 1

As a participant, she regretted it very much.

Feng Liangliang looked at everything in front of her with a sad face, and she wished that she could go back in time and return to the past.

At this moment. Her best friend Lin Meng, was surrounded by a group of people, sitting not far in front of her.

Lin Meng was sitting in the only chair around them. The background of their talks was a few white cloth strips that were pulled apart at the back, and the words were written with thick red pens–

“Zhong He Entertainment was in arrears with the crew’s salary and lost all its goodness. Pay me back!”

“The owner of Zhong He Entertainment ran away, and ran away with the hard-earned money of the crew! Shameless company, concealed and deceived, the matter was revealed, you still do not know how to repent!”


Word by word, all accused Zhong He Entertainment of running away. There were a large group of people around, and it was not difficult to see what happened.

He Fangming was wearing a white T-shirt, with the words “Zhong He Entertainment” written in red. He drew a circle around the word and made a huge cross on it.

He was the director of “Love You Before Tomorrow” and one of the victims of this arrears of wages. He was sweating at the moment, and he was looking eagerly at the “quasi-golden master” like the sudden appearance of God.

Yes, he felt that Lin Meng was shining now!

“President Lin, do you mean, you want to invest in this web teleplay?” He Fangming rubbed his hands and looked forward with anticipation.

Didn’t talk about the dignity and self-esteem of a director, it has to have bread.

He was an unknown director who has been doing film and television drama work in the film and television city since graduating from college. There was no bright spot except for his academic background.

He took more jobs than many of his peers because he took the “small profits but quick turnover” route, received less money, and also highly cooperated with investors.

What was meant by cooperation?

The golden master could let an actor enter the crew, and the big star could modify the plot.

In short, He Fangming’s greatest ability was to pack shit into golden chocolate and launch it on the market. As for word of mouth, that had to be pursued after having money.

This “Love You Before Tomorrow” has been intermittently given money by Zhong He Entertainment, which has been filmed for four months.

The other party has been in arrears with salaries, which means that He Fangming has paid all his work for the past six months. Many staff members in the crew were friends he used to cooperate with, this forced yes-man He Fangming had to embark on the road to salary.

They have been sitting here for four or five days. People from Zhong He Entertainment have not appeared. It seemed that they didn’t care if the web teleplay could continue to be filmed.

But unexpectedly there was a turnaround, and their crumbling little crew was suddenly saved.

He Fangming also knew in his heart that this web teleplay he shot was just a small project among many projects of Zhong He Entertainment.

Zhong He Entertainment was too busy taking care of themselves. It seemed that they really wouldn’t pay them.

Lin Meng nodded: “Yes, I plan to invest it. Should I talk to Zhong He Entertainment?” She pointed across the road, there was a row of office buildings. Many entertainment companies have settled there.

However, a large-scale office like Feng’s Entertainment had a unique office building with its own practice room and recording room, etc; and companies similar to Zhong He Entertainment, usually rent one or two floors in the adjacent office building.

“Really?” He Fangming was overjoyed, and suddenly hesitated. This web teleplay has not been completely filmed yet. Due to the shortage of funds, there were many large scenes that were not filmed. He was a little sorry,”Would you like to know the script and the progress?” He regretted it immediately after speaking.

He Fang secretly prayed, afraid that the gold master was scared to run away.

“Really.” Lin Meng smiled.

This was what she wanted. The more Lin Meng saw the crew like the unfinished building, the more satisfied she was.

The director who was able to sit still and ask for salary in the opposite of the company must not be a well-known director. The company also abandoned the script, and it should not be a script that can produce good results.

As for the dispute between them, and the current shooting progress? Were these things important? She only knew, it could make her lose money.

Lin Meng got He Fangming’s contact information, asked for the address of Zhong He Entertainment, and then came out of the crowd with the expectation of a group of people.

When Feng Liangliang saw Lin Meng coming out, she pulled Lin Meng to her side with a black face, lowering her voice: “Mengmeng, why are you so impulsive?”

When she saw the eyes of the people behind her, she pulled Lin Meng across the road first, and secretly blame the innocent Feng Yan.

Blame her eldest brother for renting a parking lot opposite the company. If they went straight to the company, why would Lin Meng see this group of people?

Under the blessing of a strong friend filter, Feng Liangliang recognized Lin Meng as being beautiful and kind. It must be Lin Meng who saw these people being poorly paid and then reached out to help them.

“I just asked my brother, this crew is really bad!” Feng Liangliang worried, “Let my brother introduce you to a few crew? You invest together and then divide?”

Investing in other projects was like gambling, which may be profitable or lossable. Investing in this projects, the possibility of losing money was extremely high and it was possible to lose almost all costs.

“It’s okay, I think I have a relationship with this crew.” Lin Meng was righteous and not guilty, “You believe me. I have a hunch that this crew will not lose money.”

She looked like a priest, and did a classic gesture of fingering: “Trust me, there is no problem with guarantee.”

“Don’t tell me.” Feng Liangliang rolled her eyes. “Are you sure you really want to invest in this crew? My brother said that Zhonghe Entertainment’s funding chain has been broken. If you choose to invest in it, it is your wholly-owned, nobody share the risks with you.”

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  1. I like this novel but it’s really hard to follow sometimes with the random wording and awkwardly translated meanings. I’m not sure if I should continue…

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