Chapter 2 Part 2

Lin Meng laughed: “I’m sure. If I lose money this time, I will listen to our military officer Feng in the future.” She apologized to her friend in heart. Even if she did, she would only keep up.

Feng Liangliang stared at her friend for a while, and saw that Lin Meng was very firm, so she had to wave her hand: “Okay, I give in to you. You take this investment as if you bought a bag!”

She thought about it and added a sentence. “But you do n’t have to do anything by yourself. I have discussed with my brother. He will introduce you to a few people who know this. Or you may have been deceived.”

“Observe!” She was warm in her heart, Feng Liangliang always had such a knife-tofu heart, and thought for her.

Lin Meng pulled Feng Liangliang toward the office building where He Fangming was referring to, but couldn’t move, she looked at her in doubt.

Feng Liangliang said angrily: “Go to my brother first.I have already asked, and Zhong He Entertainment only has a front desk left there. The boss was afraid of being called for debt and would not come to the company long ago. You can’t find the boss now, let my brother find him for you.”

Lin Meng: “OK.”

Each took what he needed, and Feng Ye was the middleman. President Li from Zhong He Entertainment had a strict package, and he was wearing sunglasses and a mask. He went to a nearby teahouse to discuss the transfer with Lin Meng.

President Li came here temporarily. The material in his hand should have just been printed. It felt a little warm to the touch. He was very attentive when he saw Lin Meng and talked about the expenditure of the teleplay so far.

This “Love You Before Tomorrow” was a spin-off drama of an early romance IP novel they bought. The original was written early. At that time, the performance was average. It was packaged and sold by copyright agents, and the price was not high.

The crew of “a makeshift organization” didn’t spend much money, and most of the investment was spent on several major actors.

President Li rubbed his hands under the table and felt a little nervous. If he had no money, he would be accused in court: “Our company’s current investment is 30 million …”

“Thirty million?” Lin Meng frowned.

Feng Liangliang was right, the entertainment industry was a money-squandering den.

Feng Liangliang was anxious after listening. She just looked at the script and the plot is very out-dated. And look at the list of actors who signed the contract.

Ha, the one who spent the most money, was her idol’s deadly counterpart. He was well known, but his acting skills were very poor.

There was a sentence specifically used to describe him: “Just finding a wooden pestle there is better than Yu Yuanxing.”

The lead actress Wu Yuedi’s acting skills were pretty good, but the most famous thing she did in the entertainment industry was to change the script.

It said that every time she joined the group, she had to bring at least three screenwriters. She often changed her lines and changed the script to pieces.

“No!” She couldn’t help but interject. “Mr. Li, do you really think we are the fools? If this script is so good, why don’t you invest by yourself?”

President Li was embarrassed and said. “We have something wrong with the funding chain. This is really a good teleplay!” After hesitating, he stretched out his fingers. “Will a discount, 25 million?”

Wait, why did you start bargaining?

What Lin Meng didn’t say just now was: Great.

She thought of spending so much money in the entertainment industry, and was very confident. She felt that within two or three years, she could lose all her money. But how could 30 million become 25 million?

Seeing that Lin Meng was about to speak, President Li was a little panicked, fearing that the other party would see that the project was not so promising.

“Twenty million, can’t be lower.” President Li immediately answered. “The amount of money previously allocated by our company has reached 30 million, and 20 million is the bottom line. If it is not for the company in need of funds, I don’t transfer it at this price.”

… Lin Meng was very entangled in her heart. With just one blink of an eye, five million was gone.

Feng Liangliang nodded and whispered. “Would you like to cut again? With the follow-up investment, it should be solved by 30 million, and it will not lose much money.”

“Okay, President Li. We have a deal.” Lin Meng’s heart was bleeding.

She had a firm vision and was very decisive—

There must be no further delay. She had a hunch in her mind. If she procrastinates further down, President Li can make a “hop price.”

It’s hard to spend money.

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