Chapter 3 Part 2

Wen Xiaofu quietly moved her eyes to Zhu Yushen.

Zhu Yushen was profound in features and handsome.

He looked a little cold when he was expressionless.

However, Wen Xiaofu has never seen Zhu Yushen angry since she joined the company.

Even sometimes, because she was unskilled and made small mistakes that did not affect the overall situation, Zhu Yushen just reminded and would not blame.

Secretary Wang told her that Zhu Yushen was a good boss when she took over her job.

It was true, and he was a rare good man.

“Secretary Wen.”

“President Zhu, what’s the matter?” Wen Xiaofu then looked back, smiling embarrassed.

Zhu Yushen recalled, but didn’t think of it: “Last time I went abroad, what did Secretary Wang buy?”

This was what Wen Xiaofu was most envious of. She quickly turned to the memo: “When you went abroad last time, Secretary Wang bought new GUCCI autumn and winter products. The main categories are clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.”

“Well, then you choose two brands this time and buy the new one.” Zhu Yushen explained, “Secretary Wang has a list to make, don’t buy duplicates.”

“Okay.” Wen Xiaofu immediately took down the task, her eyes were full of envy.

In the work that Secretary Wang handed over to her, in addition to company-related matters, all about the wives was the purchase of gifts.

Every time President Zhu went out, he would pack a bunch of things and return them to his wife.

So many luxury goods have been piled up, right?

Zhu Yushen asked again, “She called in the morning, did she say anything?”

Wen Xiaofu showed guilt. “I read the note. I don’t know that name is your wife. She may be unfamiliar with me and just hang up without saying anything.”


Zhu Yushen looked at the cell phone for a long time, until the sound of notification of boarding came, and the screen did not light up again.

Forgot it, he decided to deal with it after he came back. Was there any inexplicable temper in his wife?

Lin Meng stood by the window, watching the crew outside the window busy, filming with great enthusiasm, holding the script in his hand, his eyes confused.

Lin Meng stood by the window and watched the crew working outside the window. With the script in her hand, her eyes were confused.

She couldn’t figure it out. Why did things suddenly develop like this?

“President Lin, what do you … need to call the insurance company?” Ning Qi just entered the house and asked hesitantly. “Otherwise it’s a little uninsured.”

Ning Qi was in his early forties this year. He was not thin and had a kind face.

Lin Meng asked, “What?” The doubt in her eyes did not falsify.

Ning Qi sighed. He was fortunate to be lucky. He met a good boss with a high salary and no discount on various inputs. On the other hand, he was really worried about meeting such a careless boss.

“Love You Before Tomorrow” crew filmed the location now, which was one of the lake view villas in the suburbs under Lin Meng’s name.

Even the main actors’ clothes, accessories, and luxury cars parked outside were all provided by Lin Meng.

Ning Qi had a lot of fashion resources for the entertainer he was in charge of before, and he knew it. After rough calculation of the price of these things, he couldn’t help but utter a word.

“No, it doesn’t matter if it’s broken, there’s a lot at home.”

There were quite a lot. Ning Qi still remembered that he and He Fangming, the stylist of the crew, the props and other people opened the door of the villa that was used as the Lin Meng storeroom to look at each other.

Almost they were blinded by “money”.

If it wasn’t for Lin Meng’s toughness, they would all plan to close the door and turn around,

They used these to make a web teleplay that didn’t know the future. Were they crazy or was the world crazy?

Ning Qi was very helpless to his money-willful boss, and had to start a new topic: “President Lin, Wu Yuedi’s liquidated damages have been reached in the account, and the crew’s expenses will be spent from the inside. If there is a surplus …”

Lin Meng turned her head, looked at Ning Qi, and finally couldn’t help showing a depressed expression.

She was really too difficult.

Who would have guessed that the day before Wu Yuedi started the crew, that was the day she signed the contract, she auditioned for the NO.3 actress in a Hollywood blockbuster.

She needed training in advance, and Wu Yuedi refused to promise to come back and finish filming less than half a month.

She took the initiative to cancel the contract, not only returned the film payment, but also paid a high penalty, a total of 12 million.

Ning Qi didn’t know Lin Meng’s inner activities. He thought Lin Meng was unhappy, and he comforted her: “President Lin, don’t worry. The actress we signed now, although her acting skills are average, but she looks good and has a lot of fans … “He racked his brains for consolation.

Add insult to injury.

The chief actor Yu Xingyuan’s company had a lot of opinions on the increase in shooting time. When they heard the chief actress resigned, they came up with a wonderful package plan.

They sent Song Jiao, a popular member of the company’s well-known girl group, to sign a contract at a low price.

Among them, Ning Qi also analyzed for Lin Meng. Although Song Jiao was studying at the Film Academy, she never received any decent teleplays resources.

The company was resolute and would never allow its own entertainer to play supporting roles, so their web teleplay became a personal opportunity.

“I know.” Lin Meng sighed quietly, and she was troubled when the money could be spent.

She could receive the financial statements from Ning Qi, a part-time supervisor every day. Seeing the shrinking expenses, she felt like a knife cut.

Song Jiao and Yu Xingyuan were both trainees. They only became popular in the past few years. They were tightly controlled by the company and had fewer requirements for the crew.

Wu Yuedi had to live in the presidential suite, dining car service … And her own staff who was comparable to a strengthened company, half of the daily expenses of the crew were on her. Now that she was gone, this expense was gone.

Ning Qi continued: “The director asked me to ask you if you have any comments on the script.”

Wu Yuedi left, and the script was changed back to the original version-to be precise, a refined version of the collaboration between He Fangming and the screenwriter.

The show of abusing expenditures was changed into an indoor show by him as much as possible, which saved money to the extreme.

“Yes, you ask director He not to be so stingy. I remember there were helicopter footage in the script before? Why delete it?” Lin Meng took it seriously. “We’re going to do the big scene. There were also racing footage, right? Add them all. “

“… Okay.” Ning Qi nodded, and crossed out the wealthy fools that quickly came out of his heart, and changed to excellence. President Lin pursued perfection, he knew.

“But even if you add these, it should be able to shoot in half a month.”

Lin Meng: “So fast?”

Ning Qi nodded. He didn’t say everything to Lin Meng. Lin Meng tried hard to disagree when choosing a late stage company.

Lin Meng, under the persuasion of Director He and him, persistently selected companies with high prices in the industry. Of course, that company also did fine work.

The problem was … people who were willing to spend this money generally invested hundreds of millions of masterpieces, or those with special effects.

They were an urban love drama, 80% of which was an indoor drama. Why did they want such expensive post-production?

Overspending here, they had to save from other places. He Fangming and Ning Qi discussed it. The materials that could be used before were used as much as possible.

If it didn’t work, the industry’s strongest late stage company was absolutely good at cutting picutre out.

“And there is … the next publicity work. In the previous plan of Zhong He Entertainment, the publicity investment was 200,000.” Ning Qi saw this number and knew that Zhong He Entertainment had no intention to do this teleplay in heart.

Even those who bought paid forum posters could only buy cheap ones, not to mention hot search and Marketing Public Account.

As soon as Lin Meng heard it, she knew that the opportunity to spend money was coming again: “It’s too few. Go according to the highest standards, and you can show me a budget. Find more companies and spend the money you need.”

Was this the money to spend, boss? Ning Qi shouted silently in his heart.

Lin Meng added: “This is the first teleplay I have invested in, no matter what the results are, I hope we will not be perfunctory in the process. The first teleplay I invested in, I must leave a good word of mouth.” She looked for a fair Reason, she was very satisfied.

“I see.” Ning Qi sighed, and following a generous boss was better than a stingy boss. In short, his ability as a gold broker was not fake. He would help to get the job done and try to get the boss to make more and lose less.

The director just shouted action outside the window–

Yu Xingyuan was like a zombie, straightened his hand, and remained motionless.

The stylist and props rushed up with the boxes as fast as possible. They didn’t even look at Yu Yuanxing, and carefully took off the watch on his wrist.

Song Jiao on the other side received the same treatment. The necklace that had just been taken off her neck was kept intact in the box.

There were jewellery care workers next to them, who brought their tools and were ready to wipe the necklaces that had come in contact with cosmetics.

“… So exaggerated?” Although not the first time watching, Lin Meng was shocked by the crew’s operation.

Director He took care of her things to the extreme. Last time when the crew borrowed her diamond-studded Lamborghini, she also saw Director He repeatedly checking with the staff on the ground, for fear of losing a diamond.

“Of course.” Ning Qi nodded, knowing that the price of each of the pieces that have just been removed was close to four or five million. He was really nervous.

Maybe the first film crew in the history, the total price of a single product on the actor may be higher than the cost of the actor?

Idols like Yu Xingyuan and Song Jiao were still very popular online.

In the past two days, the news of Song Jiao’s official appearance in “Love You Before Tomorrow” came out, and the forum quietly set up a high-rise building.

[Let’s gossip about a certain web teleplay. An idol replaced the role of the future A-lister actress. Have you seen this magic operation before?】

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