Chapter 4 Part 1

Main building of the forum posted a news link, and the three funny facial expressions that followed were quite meaningful.

The news just came out and not many people paid attention to it, but after some people clicked into the post and watched the news, they left a sentence of fuck.

[Wait, fans of Yu Yuanxing were not fighting? Originally a web teleplay resource, now it has changed from acting with famous actress to cooperating with members of the company’s idol group. Could they bear it? 】

[Obviously, fans of Yu Yuanxing were not happy. Venus Entertainment had to hold that idol. What could he do as an employee? After all, he signed a long-term contract. 】

[… No, I’ve never heard of such a junk project that shocked the world. Unknown original book + chief actress left halfway through + production company closed down. Maybe only the gods could save it? 】

[Let me explain to you. The original production company Zhong He Entertainment sold this project, I don’t know which fool is taking over this project now.

Congratulations to Wu Yuedi for breaking away from the bitter sea. Actors don’t have to compare with idols. 】

[Sale? Didn’t everyone say that the recent film and television industry is in a slump? “Love You Before Tomorrow” not a big IP, right? Did anyone even take over such a project? 】

[Then I do n’t know ~ Anyway, I heard people in the industry say that it was taken over by an investor who was not in the circle before. Maybe someone’s godfather?

Otherwise, why was this person so stupid to invest money? Without Wu Yuedi starring, can this project’s income be halved? Or did this investor think that two idols’ fans can bring huge views? Laugh. 】

More and more people participated in the discussion, the water also became muddy, and the rumors became true.

On the same day, many online marketing accounts posted posts, linking up with the so-called “top secret gossip in the entertainment industry,” all they use were code names.

[Little Star and Big Rich met in the entertainment industry. Little Star was pure and young. She had never had a gossip, and it caught Big Rich’s heart.

Big Rich was real rich. He saw Little Star suffering from no acting resources, so he spent a lot of money and decided to make a special project for her.

Coincidentally, there was such a news in the circle that Transverse Flute had to cross the ocean to gild. The teleplay on her hand could not continue. When Big Rich heard it, he immediately took over the project and pushed Little Star to the lead role of the actress.

The partner was the same company’s actor. There will be a series of follow-up publicity. I don’t know if Big Rich’s sincerity on Little Star can be repaid. I hope that Little Star will not be like the Roses before, leave as soon as it bloomed. 】

Lin Meng looked at the cell phone like an elderly person. After reading the article for a while, she just felt very confused.

What was Little Star? What was Big Rich? Why couldn’t she understand a gossip public account?

Her cell phone had WeChat voices, and at the moment with the speaker on, Feng Liangliang’s voice seemed very loud in the quiet room: “Mengmeng, have you finished watching?”

Lin Meng told the truth: “… I don’t understand, what is this?” She speculated from her previous experience, “Is your idol smeared again?”

Feng Liangliang laughed loudly, and the more she laughed, the more loudly she spoke. “My God! Didn’t you see it? It’s you!”

“About me?”

“Yes! It is you, our Big Rich Lin Meng.” Feng Liangliang explained with a smile, “This Little Star refers to Song Jiao, the Transverse Flute is Wu Yuedi. This gossip is the hottest gossip recently, and the forums are all high-rise buildings. They said that as a golden master, you spent a lot of money to make Song Jiao the heroine! “

Lin Meng was speechless, she … she was so wronged!

First, she didn’t support Song Jiao, which was sent by Venus Entertainment at a discount.

Secondly, if she really lost money, she would be happier, but she clearly didn’t spend any money.

Feng Liangliang wiped away the tears of laughter: “It’s okay, I just want to tell you. Would you like to arrange for Ning Qi to send you an announcement to clarify? But it doesn’t matter if you don’t clarify, this is also regarded as project publicity.”

“I’m really curious who the people in this circle are. Rumors that you and Yu Yuanxing are okay, say Song Jiao? I’m afraid they didn’t even know you’re a woman.”

“I’ll talk to Ning Qi later.”

“Well, I won’t talk to you!” Feng Liangliang’s voice on the other side of the phone suddenly became urgent. “My idol is broadcasting live, bye!” She said nothing, just hung up, clean and neat.

Lin Meng smiled helplessly, and was about to send a message to Ning Qi. The other party first sent hundreds of words of text description and chat records.

Ning Qi said that Venus Entertainment ’s public relations staff had contacted him and asked if she could not clarify first. After the web teleplay was officially launched, they would make a unified clarification.

Song Jiao went to school in the past two years, the workload has been reduced a lot, and the heat has also been lost. The PR was prepared to take this opportunity to warm up.

Lin Meng thought about it and agreed. Anyway, it didn’t affect her.

Ning Qi sent another message to confirm that he asked Lin Meng if she really wanted to sign Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong, and whether the opening and ending tunes of “Love You Before Tomorrow” should be handed over by them.

If she confirmed, he would transfer the production and signing fees.

Lin Meng was able to see from the lines of Ning Qi’s words that he implied dissuasion. She could understand. Ning Qi used his vision to consider the commercialization of the two singers that Lin Meng appreciated.

After all … these two, apart from the amazing singing voice, were really not that good-looking.

Gu Dong and Zhuang Sisi were former band members of Yu Yuanxing’s high school band. One was a guitarist, the other was a keyboard player. They simultaneously had a certain original ability, and their unique singing voices.

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