Chapter 4 Part 2

But contrary to his talent, to describe Gu Dong with “common appearance” can be regarded as praise to him.

Although he hadn’t had any hardships, he was born with dark skin, and he was very thin, like he came back after just three months of moving bricks under the hot sun.

About Zhuang Sisi, she was pretty beautiful in her first two years in high school. It was only later that she became ill.

After taking the medicine for a few years, her weight broke through the 180-pound mark. The original beautiful face was no longer visible.

In recent years, although there have been many draft shows, they tend to choose idols. Their looks couldn’t even pass the resume, let alone on the show.

They went to school step by step like ordinary people. Now they were all ordinary employees of small companies. Occasionally they would do part-time singing at night to earn extra money.

Yu Yuanxing noticed that Lin Meng was stupid and rich-oh no, it was well-funded. He heard Director He said that the opening song and ending song have not yet settled on the singer.

He hesitated to send Lin Meng the music they wrote and covered in the past two years and made recommendations.

He didn’t have much confidence. However, he did not expect Lin Meng to be attracted by their song and decided to sign the two.

Ning Qi was very disapproving. He felt that these two people were not likely to be commercialized. Now the fan economy was popular. The level of appearance can make many people eliminated.

For Lin Meng, commercialization was not her pursuit.

Others invested a million dollars and wanted to earn at least a million dollars back. She invested a million dollars in the hope that the money would become zero.

Anyway, she would lose money. why not realize the dreams of others and help her appreciate the good voice?

[Lin Meng: ^ _ ^ I like their voices very much. Good voices deserve respect. I think there will be people who appreciate them as much as I do. Hard work for you. 】

Ning Qi, who was still working in the office, froze when he saw the information. Then he smiled unconsciously on his face.

Through this period of contact with President Lin, he can feel that President Lin is a person full of “idealism.”

She did not deny his ability to work because the entertainer he had brought before was an inferior entertainer.

She did not give up《Love You Before Tomorrow》. Although everyone was not optimistic about its future.

she did not judg a person on the basis of commercialization like people who have been in the circle for a long time.

Of course, the premise of idealism was to have money. Ning Qi knew that Lin Meng’s wealth now displayed was just the tip of the iceberg. Her idealization would not lead to excessive losses.

Just like the name of their company-True Dream Entertainment.

They were not dreaming, they were dreaming come true, they were realizing the idealist dream of President Lin.

Although he was no longer an impulsive young man. But when he thought of these, he still could not help but full of energy.

Ning Qi notified the newly-launched secretary to contact Gu Dong and Yang Sisi, and he started a new round of plans. He was willing to “impulse” again. Who said that only commercial stars can make money and become famous?

He was also a gold medal agent, who could turn waste into treasure, turning stone into gold.

Feng Liangliang, who had just watched the live broadcast at this time, was curious to ask Lin Meng the name of the registered company.

[Lin Meng: The meaning of creating beautiful dreams. You used to say that you chase the star because he gave you a dream? 】

Feng Liangliang was so touched that she sent a lot of kiss pictures.

Feeling the excitement of the friend on the cell phone, Lin Meng became guilty.

The name actually had another meaning—the dream of spending money. She dreamed that she would spend all her money one day.

But it didn’t need to be told to them openly.

“Be careful, take it lightly!” Wen Xiaofu just got out of the car and carefully took the list in turn to the things that the workers moved down, for fear of missing one. After all, she bought these things, and she knew how much spent.

The butler in charge of the docking was docking with Wen Xiaofu and led people to the house.

The first time she visited the houses, she couldn’t help but look around as soon as she entered. The interior decoration of the house took the industrial style, and the lines seemed tough, which was different from the European style and Chinese style that were usually used.

As soon as her eyes moved to the sofa, Wen Xiaofu couldn’t help but hesitate. This was the first time she had seen President Zhu’s wife.

Wen Xiaofu didn’t dare to look too brazen, she could only look carefully, and her emotions were complicated.

No matter from which perspective, the woman in front of her was as pretty as a picture. She was nearly thirty years old, but there were no traces of years on her face.

Lin Meng’s temperament was much softer than she thought, and she looked completely non-aggressive.

“You are Secretary Wen?” Lin Meng was not deaf, she had noticed the movement outside.

The first time a strange woman appeared, she didn’t need to guess and knew who she was.

Lin Meng didn’t need to be careful to converge her eyes. She looked at other party brightly, and later she had a strong aversion to Wen Xiaofu.

Wen Xiaofu was elegant. She was beauty at second sight. She wore a black normal set, and although her figure was not bootylicious, she did not appear to be thin. The key was the temperament of the entire person–

It’s really similar to Lin Meng.

That gentle and good-natured look was too much like Lin Meng, when Lin Meng was a student, who hadn’t experienced entrepreneurship.

” Mrs. Zhu, I’m really embarrassed last time. I read your name on the note. I didn’t recognize you without any other information.”

Lin Meng was surprised for a moment.

Was she worried? Why did she think that sounded so unpleasant?

“It doesn’t matter.”

Wen Xiaofu leaned over and handed the list in hand: “Mrs. Zhu, this is the gifts that President Zhu bought this time. Here is the list.”

Lin Meng took it at hand, but she just glanced at it casually, but unexpectedly saw her familiar name: “The front …”

She counted it slightly: “I remember buying these six classic bags.”

she usually didn’t remember the brand name on purpose. The reason why she remembered it was because most of her classic models-that is, the bags that make people recognize the brand at a glance-were all loaned to the crew.

Ning Qi and He Fangming were very careful and made a list for her, otherwise how could she know what the bags were called?

Wen Xiaofu responded instantly and apologized immediately: “Sorry, Mrs. Zhu. Maybe I missed the list, I’m really sorry …”

This statement sounded quite fun. These were not new products, and it was easy to think that she already owned them.

But Lin Meng didn’t plan to pursue: “It’s all right.”

In the final analysis, it was Zhu Yushen who was unconscious. She had known for a long time that Zhu Yushen would buy things by letting the secretary buy them back.

Just like the wedding anniversary of a previous year, she specially dressed herself from top to bottom with gifts from Zhu Yushen, but unfortunately he didn’t recognize anything.

“Thank you, I’m really sorry.” Wen Xiaofu was still apologizing, and her pitiful look was distressing.

Lin Meng suddenly remembered and asked, “Is he back from the United States?”

She was busy with her work during this time. Unlike the previous days, she did not notice that fifteen days passed in the blink of an eye.

“He’s back, didn’t he tell you?” When Wen Xiaofu’s words fell, she consciously made a mistake and explained with a little horror, “We just got off the plane. There was a major omission in the operation of the company’s new game. President Zhu immediately went to the company for a meeting. After the meeting, he would take a short break. In the afternoon, he would go to Nancheng for a business trip …”

“Well, I get it.” Lin Meng smiled mildly and wasn’t angry at all.

However, Wen Xiaofu was a bit scared. After apologizing, she hurried away.

Lin Meng has already put away half of the script she just saw. She told Ning Qi that she wanted to invest in a new project.

The other party helped her get over a dozen scripts through resources, which she has been watching for the past few days.

Through the window, she could see Wen Xiaofu getting on the car.


How did she feel that this Wen Xiaofu was different from what she dreamed of? Not so simple, kind, and as white as white lotus.

It seemed as if every word she said had ulterior motives.

“Madam, do I need to pick out the duplicate bags and put them in another place?” The butler just heard the conversation, and asked respectfully.

“Well, pick them out, I’ll deal with them separately.”

In the forum, the topics that have been put on hold for less than a month have been re-raised, and new posts have sprung up one after another.

[Extremely, I have watched WeiBo and DY open for three consecutive days, all of them were “Love You Before Tomorrow”. Was that investor not afraid of losing money? 】

[The hottest propaganda in history, have you seen the countdown to buying a WeiBo hot search ad spot before the web teleplay starts? 】

[A text version of the live broadcast of “Love You Before Tomorrow”. Feel free to insert floor. 】

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