Chapter 5 Part 1

The press conference of the teleplay “Love You Before Tomorrow” was selected at City Shen’s largest hotel.

The scenes in the venue were also specially designed for people to imitate the scene where the male and female protagonists meet in the teleplay.

They prepared a special souvenir for the media reporters who were present. After the press conference, the media reporters could also use the free meal coupons to eat in the cafeteria, and fans who were selected to participate in the press conference would also be treated equally.

Well-informed reporters were amazed when they entered.

These were all real money.

when other companies used to do press conferences, they usually needed the support of protagonists’ fan clubs.

According to the amount of funds they raised and the ability of fan clubs, the support provided by fan clubs was also very different. Only this time, the organizer did not let the fans intervene and did everything by themselves.

Reporter Sun sitting in the front row quietly glanced at the contents of the paper bag and couldn’t help but stun. These were the products endorsed by the two protagonists.

Even at a discounted price, they would add up to nearly a thousand. It seems that the organizer have really invested a lot of money.

He looked around and didn’t see the investor coming out. The brochures received had the investor’s name printed on them, True Dream Entertainment?

Reporter Sun heard the name of the company for the first time. He sent a message to the group and asked, and everyone didn’t get the gossip.

Only one person found the legal representative—Lin Meng?

This name sounded quite neutral, and it was not possible to know gender through it. Was this person the golden master of the legendary Song Jiao?

At the back office. Lin Meng, who was suspected to be a man and a golden master, was looking at the cell phone and asking Ning Qi: “Why does our official blog only have 80,000 followers?”

She didn’t know much about these. But she searched for other official teleplay blogs, those with at least hundreds of thousands of fans.

“When the press conference is over, we will start to send out promotional videos. At that time, Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao will repost them; the subsequent reposting lottery activities are also scheduled, and they will be released one by one according to the promotion process of the teleplay.”

Lin Meng nodded with satisfaction. What she was most satisfied with was the cost of the announcement.

Buying an open screen advertisement and then buying a hot search, one or two million evaporated. In the past few days alone, the preparations for this conference were almost ten million.

But even so, today she was still Without·Losing·Money·Lin.

She didn’t know how Ning Qi worked. The cooperative video site was very optimistic about this web teleplay. Although it adopted a cooperative method of account sharing, exclusive broadcast rights sold a lot of money.

Probably only after this web teleplay aired a few episodes, the subsequent publicity continued to throw money. Then it was possible to start running on the road to losing money.

“This is the scheme for reposting blogs to get lucky draw chances.” Ning Qi passed a piece of paper in the past.

Lin Meng glanced and thought it was interesting: “How about we add some more money?”

Started again! Ning Qi resolutely rejected this unreasonable request: “The website has a limit on the amount invested in the event. These are already a lot.”

The press conference started on time, and Lin Meng and Ning Qi stopped talking about work. Under the guidance of the staff, they took their seats at the pre-arranged seat.

[The live broadcast officially started (unofficial live broadcast), the link to the guide. 】

[Before clicking the link. I thought that web teleplay, which was doomed to fail, also dared to broadcast live. After clicking on the link …

Are you okay? How a web teleplay conference that was destined to fail felt more advanced than the wedding scene. 】

[I smell the money. So is Song Jiao’s golden master solid? 】

[Production company people came out. True Dream Entertainment, legal person Lin Meng … Man or woman? Anxiously awaiting the appearance of investors. 】

The person who broadcasted live was a fan of Yu Yuanxing, who got a chance by drawing. Although the position was forward, the angle was not very good. The fan used cell phone to shoot, and the picture was awful.

Fans who could not see the full picture had to swipe the screen to ask the anchor who could confirm the actual situation with the naked eye.

After the appearance of Lin Meng, the live broadcast barrage was once cleared. During this time, thye said the Venus Entertainment’s little princess Song Jiao asked the golden master to share Yu Yuanxing resources.

Most of them were current audiences. On the contrary, people who were not fans in the live broadcast dared to speak.

[Wait, this Lin Meng is a woman! A pretty sister! So who said Song Jiao found a pot-bellied golden master? 】

This was supposed to be very eye-catching news. But after a while, netizens who were still watching the live broadcast were stunned by the huge amount of information passed out by the press conference, and gave a neat question mark.

Was there anything wrong with this teleplay?

[I’m dizzy. Was the host talking like a human being? Dubbing actors were the ones with the highest prices in the circle that everyone knows now;

The post-production company was able to make special effects for Hollywood movies; The theme song was composed by City H’s biggie;

The ending song invited last year’s annual golden songwriter to create. They called it a small-cost urban romantic light comedy? 】

[I really suspected that the investor was a coal boss or an oil tycoon. When they bought ads a few days ago, I thought it was rare and generous for Venus Entertainment. Now think again, it turned out that the investor was rich.

I can’t help but question my soul. You have so much money, what’s wrong? Go invest in big IP! You can invest in a fantasy drama, why invest in a romantic light comedy? 】

[Surprised, have you seen the trailer? Helicopters, racing cars, sports cars, jewelry, horse racing … I felt my eyes were going to be blinded.

Are these genuine? I have become accustomed to shooting protagonists to drive 2X million cars and live in luxury homes. This time, it looked really good. 】

[I came back from shock to continue to broadcast the content. The trailer has been updated on Weibo.

After that, there will be a series of reposting blogs to get lucky draw chances. Now it is the media reporters’ interview and fans interaction.

Song Jiao said that she wore the most expensive necklace in the teleplay, a single 4 million. She put my house on her neck! 】

[I suspect the crew was bragging. Really, the director said that the clothes, jewelry, and accessories inside are all real. I don’t believe it.

I have seen the pictures of this teleplay and sent a link. At that time, a slippery men were laughing at it. Some people said that Yu Yuanxing was not like a prince in a dragon robe! 】

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