Chapter 5 Part 2

Once there was controversy, this building also got higher and higher. Someone has gone to Weibo to watch the HD trailer and come back.

The acting skills of Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao were not very good, except that the latter had a richer expression than the former.

But this time under the guidance of He Fangming, the two of them finally saw the so-called Superb acting.

However, the truth of the matter–He Fangming was better at packing teleplay than directing actors.

He carefully adjusted and packed all the parts with bad acting skills through editing, shooting angles and other techniques.

Just like this trailer, with Gu Dong’s peculiar husky and full of rhythmic sound–

From the running horse race, the dust rising when the horseshoes speeded up, the picture moved from the bottom to the top. The two who reached the end at the same time, were also wearing riding gear and tit-for-tat.

On the racing track, cars of very different colors were driving at full power. You could see the marks left by the tires rubbing the ground when cornering.

In the cut-out pictures, the two were also wearing racing suits, their eyes were deep, and they looked directly at the end.

The exquisite banquet hall, two people who were once opponents, held each other’s hand for the first time.

They danced in the crowd, and the necklace worn by Song Jiao’s neck shone in the light; Behind the hustle, the two still wearing gorgeous costumes leaned against the side of the fence.

They were shaking wine glasses, not too far away. The evening breeze was just right, Yu Yuanxing suddenly narrowed the distance with Song Jiao, smiled provocatively, and almost stuck to the other person’s lips.

The picture ended in time. Only the excerpt of the opening track was left.

There were more and more comments below, all of which were spontaneous discussions. Their common thought was one sentence: “This atmosphere, absolutely!”

These two people, especially Yu Yuanxing, was he still the one they recognized as wood?

What is CP feeling and what is full of sparks, this is it.


By the end of the conference, #Yu Yuanxing Song Jiao # and #Love You Before Tomorrow # have climbed to hot search.

When the lottery arranged by Ning Qi was launched, this hot search was based on its own popularity and climbed up a few more.

@ Love You Before Tomorrow: The teleplay “Love You Before Tomorrow” will be exclusive broadcast on the Deepsea Video at 19:00 the day after tomorrow!

To thank the fans for their support. A specified time will be given every day (for example, episode 10 from 20:22 to 25:22), please go to the Deepsea Video website to confirm the content of the snippet, forward and screenshot to circle the items you find (to be marked with your id watermark, Theft of pictures is strictly prohibited).

We will select a qualified fan to send one of the same item in the show. And 100 fans who have not won the prize will be given 1,000 yuan each. Let’s see you then!

The official blog also attached a picture-a full box of luxury goods. There were classic bags from six different brands.

The second layer was the seasonal new products of ten different brands. At the bottom were some masculine accessories, such as watches and men’s bags.

Even if they didn’t recognize the so-called seasonal new products, most netizens could recognize the classic patterns that almost everyone knew.

They took pictures and went online to find the same models and confirm the prices. They took a sip of air-conditioning.

What? You said that this forwarding lottery was not sincere. You still have to watch the video, you have to go to the designated video site, people who were not the website members have to watch the ads?

Many netizens tacitly praised so many complaining comments and put them on top.

It was better for others not to watch. The fewer the participants, the higher the chance of winning?

However, this huge momentum also caused a lot of scolding.

Getting rich was just relying on reposting and lottery!

“A certain marketing teleplay is too much? Lottery and hot search. The more you do n’t have confidence in yourself, the more you spend money. I ’m afraid that as soon as the broadcast starts, the results will be ugly, and the investors will lose their pants .Ha ha.”

“What do I say. Is there anything good about this teleplay? I looked at the introduction. Isn’t it the story that fell in love after getting married a long time ago? I’m definitely not going to watch such an old-fashioned plot.”

The person who left the comment did not know that a woman with the surname Lin nodded with satisfaction after watching their Weibo, and was completely at ease. She began to choose the next “starter” happily.

The road to losing money never stops!

But within a few days, online reviews quietly turned. Thousands of words painting a sentence——
“Really fragrant.”

On a rating website, one of the comments received the most approval.

“I used to ignore it. At that time, I said to myself, this kind of dog blood mentally teleplay disdain to watch, I watched the brain-burning boutique teleplay.

I never expected that I would have been addicted to the dog blood mentally teleplay. Whoops, could anyone tell me why the video website is not updated on Saturday and Sunday? Is that what people do? “

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  1. She’s going to end up making so much money!

    Thanks for the chapters! I’m enjoying this novel so far.

  2. Hm…the MC isn’t making a choice between quality and quantity, she’s just throwing them in together.

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