Chapter 6 Part 1

The curtains were closed, leaving only enough crystal lights to illuminate the living room. The brightness of the light was just right.

The 75-inch full-screen TV was right in front of the sofa, with the good color ratio and amazing clarity. Although the living room was large, the length of the sofa from the TV was also slightly longer, which did not affect people’s viewing at all.

“It’s about to begin!” Feng Liangliang chose the most comfortable position to lie on the couch on the side, and she was covered with a small blanket. “Do n’t eat anymore, look carefully.”

People criticized by her looked at each other, put down the seeds and fruits in their hands obediently. They sat upright like the primary school students who were spotted.

“Mengmeng, I told you that my TV and stereo were matched by a special person, and the effect was absolutely amazing! I usually use this to watch a concert at home! Enjoy the effect.” Feng Liangliang finished talking and poked her lips. If it was not for her girlfriend, she would never watch the teleplay performed by Yu Yuanxing.

Her idol’s deadly counterpart Yuyuanxing’s teleplay. Could it look good?

… Okay, it could, that’s the credit for Mengmeng.

Lin Meng looked at Feng Liangliang and wanted to talk. She immediately took the remote control and clicked the play button.

She never disliked her friends to say too much.

At present, “Love You Before Tomorrow” has been broadcast for five episodes. Lin Meng has not watched it. She talked with Feng Liangliang yesterday about this. Feng Liangliang forcibly organized a movie viewing event without saying anything, and planned to share the first work produced by Lin Meng with Lin Meng.

After discussing with Feng Liangliang, Lin Meng simply turned the event into a “Team building”. He Fangming, who just signed up with True Dream Entertainment. Ning Qi, who was very unwilling to see romance. And Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong, who were not busy at the moment. They were called together.

When they spoke, the advertisements that could not be skipped were over. ——Feng Liangliang resolutely refused to add real results to Yu Yuanxing, never became a member, only willing to contribute a broadcast volume.

Gu Dong’s voice was special, making people want to shake when they heard it, and followed the rhythm. Accompanying He Fangming’s selection of flashing scenes, the audience’s emotions are gradually substituted.

Lin Meng rarely watched teleplay. At this moment, she stared at the big screen and looked at the producer who was passing by: Lin Meng suddenly felt a totally different feeling in her heart.

It has been two years since she left the Lin Shen company and has taken care of her family at home. She has been the woman behind Zhu Yushen for a long time. She all appeared as Mrs Zhu, not Lin Meng.

She was not involved in too much creation. But for this work, she seemed to suddenly have a sense of honor.

Both protagonists were young and didn’t need too many beauty filters. Even He Fangming didn’t let excessive color correction in the post. Many of the ways he shot this time were gradually improved after referring to a lot of MV shooting methods.

Poor acting skills? Well, then highlight their faces. They must have long legs and amazingly beautiful faces. Each frame of the picture was pleasing to the eye.

He cut every detail to the extreme, and only occasionally or interspersed with one or two previous shots will reveal the point of not being perfect.

Ning Qi, who had just been unable to sit still, was gradually attracted and looked intently. Even if he had the impulse to roast the plot, it did not affect the growing curiosity of the subsequent plot.

The episode ended in a blink of an eye. At the end, He Fangming, who knows a lot about broken chapters, has not forgotten to leave a tickling clip.

Song Jiao, who had just had a big conflict with her stepmother and step-sister, was aggressive in the living room and slammed back at the two. Then she walked out the door, but suddenly burst into tears. Not far away, a sports car appeared .

The ending song sung by Zhuang Sisi was lyrical. The moment she sang, she could hit the soft part of people’s hearts directly. Listening and listening seemed to be a little bitter.

“Is this the script I saw at the beginning?” Feng Liangliang was a bit unbelievable. her Weibo followers were all her idol’s fans. Yu Yuanxing’s news would basically not go to the homepage. She only knew that this teleplay had cost a lot of money, but this … this was the same script she watched before?

Ning Qi was also a bit weird. Obviously he knew what would happen next. Wasn’t it the old-fashioned plot, like heroes saving beauty? But he couldn’t wait.

“The previous script was modified by several screenwriters brought by Wu Yuedi. She did not perform, and the script was changed back to the original version.” Ning Qi explained that the original version was the original copy of the original section, plus some irrelevant episodes added to enrich the set and extend the length of the episode.

Feng Liangliang’s heart was happy and sad.

She could see that this teleplay produced by her friend was good. This teleplay wanted to be popular, it depended on luck. But it was not difficult to get a good result.

But on the other hand, her idol was similar to Yu Yuanxing in acting skills. It was just that Yu Yuanxing had poor ratings three times in a row. When she thought that fans would attack each other in the future, she would be beaten by the other side of this teleplay, so she wanted to vomit blood.

Lin Meng was about to speak. With ears moving, how did she feel that someone was crying?

She looked in the direction of the sound. Zhuang Sisi, with her back facing person, shrugged her shoulders at the moment. She was covering her eyes with her hands, and she was crying. Could see that she was trying hard to keep silent, but still couldn’t help crying.

Zhuang Sisi sat far away. Lin Meng thought about reaching out and patted Gu Dong. they were couples, and it might be better for Gu Dong to comfort her. She didn’t expect, when Gu Dong turned his head, tears flowed likewise.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lin Meng got up, pumped several pieces of paper, and handed them to the two.

Zhuang Sisi cried so much that she took a long time to slow down. She turned back and smiled at Lin Meng: “President Lin, thank you.” As soon as the words were finished, the tears burst out again.

Gu Dong, who was next to her, was more able to hold back. He patted his girlfriend’s shoulder: “President Lin, thank you. If it was not for your appreciation, Sisi and I would not have had the opportunity to let so many people hear us sing. “

they even sang at the bar. To select a time period, they had to choose a non-golden file, let alone how many audiences they could sing.

It turned out that their voices could also be heard by so many people.

Lin Meng listened for a moment, bit her lip and didn’t speak.

He Fangming next to them really understood this mentality. He also had this idea when the first teleplay was broadcast, but later he became the bad teleplay king, and gradually turned filmmaking into work instead of love.

Every time he saw the criticism of netizens on the Internet, he had to squat in the corner to smoke a few cigarettes.

Hey, who has no ideals?

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  1. Really enjoyed the chapters.. I hope the husband is not the ML… But that never happens.. Atlest let him develop more feelings for our Mc… Or we need another ml..

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