Chapter 6 Part 2

The question was, how could he argue with the golden master as a unkown director? Didn’t talk about investors. Even if the protagonists said they wanted to increase the drama and use avatars, wouldn’t he just agree?

In the past two days, he did not resist reading the reviews on the Internet. The teleplay score was very low, but it was quite normal. After all, this was a love campy teleplay with no connotation.

But when he saw someone saying, “He Fangming is also good at filming, I thought he could only shoot the plot of thunder in the crotch.” His eyes were a bit sour.

“Don’t say thank you to me, there’s nothing to thank.” Lin Meng saw that He Fangming and Ning Qi’s eyes weren’t right, and she frantically refused.

She just paid for it and gave no help.


Lin Meng suddenly realized that her spending money was also meaningful.

Wasn’t this good?

She spent the money, and others also realized their dreams through this money. They all created their own dreams. It was really good and a win-win situation.

Lin Meng was a bit “moved with phobia”, and she was afraid that everyone would perform a cry and say thank you. She was planning to find a reason to slip away. The cell phone sounded, like it knew her heart.

“AAAZhu Yushen” on the caller ID and the two red heart symbols following it were particularly prominent.

This was a remarking method that she and others learned, so that every time she opened the address book, the person at the top would be this person.

“I’ll pick up a phone.” Lin Meng took the cell phone and went straight into the guest room. She closed the door and connected the phone.

“where are you?”

Lin Meng froze. She never seemed to hear such a question from Zhu Yushen.

After all, she was always at home, so there was no chance for Zhu Yushen to ask this sentence.

“I’m at Liangliang’s house.”

“When will you come back?”

Lin Meng suddenly felt funny, this conversation often happened before the two of them, but it was always the other way around: “I won’t go back.”

“What do you mean?” It was difficult to hear the emotion in his voice over the phone.

Lin Meng: “Nothing. I told Liang Liang that I would stay at her house at night.”

“I’m home.” Zhu Yushen added, as if to be angry, “I’ll pick you up?”

“I told you, I’ve made an appointment. It’s the same as your business trip. It’s already scheduled.” Lin Meng was firm.

She looked at her hand, as if there was something in this hand that made people non-stop.

Zhu Yushen was silent for a while. She could only hear his suppressed breathing on the phone, and after a moment he said: “Are you making a temper with me? I used to travel for work, not to avoid you intentionally. “

“I made an appointment with Liang Liang, not hiding from you on purpose.” Lin Meng returned the words as they were.

“…” Zhu Yushen was silent again.

“Is there anything else? I still have something to talk to Liang Liang, so I won’t talk to you any more.” Lin Meng didn’t wait for Zhu Yushen’s answer. She hung up the phone neatly, and couldn’t say whether it was easy or sad.

It turned out that she didn’t have to wait for the beep to hang up.

Zhu Yushen, who was at home, far away. Gave a wrong look to the phone that was hung up. He walked around the room, and it took a while to consider the message.

[Zhu Yushen: Don’t make trouble. I have to travel the day after tomorrow. I’ve been busy recently. 】

He looked around the quiet room, and suddenly felt that the room was a bit too large and surprisingly empty.

It’s just … what’s her temper?

Zhu Yushen couldn’t remember why they had a quarrel last time. The interval was too long, and the reason for the quarrel was forgotten.

He thought about it and picked up the cell phone again. After confirming that Lin Meng didn’t reply immediately, his eyes were darkened, and he sent a message to Wen Xiaofu.

[Zhu Yushen: Help me order a few necklaces from the auction house and send them to my home as soon as possible. 】

When “Love You Before Tomorrow” just aired, most of the passers-by who were waiting to see the premiere were attracted by the raffle. And the fans of Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao; There were only a few ordinary viewers who clicked through the homepage.

With the broadcast of the episode, the pre-arranged publicity will be carried out in an orderly manner. Actors’ fans and the efforts of passers-by who transformed teleplay fans have attracted more and more viewers.

The one that caused the most clicks was a hot search #human nature # that did not spend money on autonomy.

The topic sponsor was the well-known film and television online marketing accounts on Weibo. He intercepted Weibo comments when he first promoted “Love You Before Tomorrow”. And has been updated to the fifth episode, with him to comment on the teleplay fans can not extricate themselves.

The most interesting part was that the same ID appeared in these screenshots.

@Watch king is me: Before Fans watching “Love You Before Tomorrow”: “Oh, you have collected money for publicity again. Garbage teleplay, I am not interested.” After Fans watching “Love You Before Tomorrow”: “It stopped updating, does anyone have the resources for the next episode? Online etc.”

As famous as herd mentality, it was human rebellious psychology.

The audience who clicked with the idea of “I will never get stuck in the same way as them” more and more stayed and joined the team that urged update.

[Strange, I know exactly what will happen next, but I can’t stop it … This teleplay is poisonous. 】

[President of other dramas: driving 200,000 cars, wearing one thousand yuan clothes. His staff could only see ten people, and twenty tables at the wedding scene. The president of “Love You Before Tomorrow” drove down from the sky in a helicopter, changed sports cars every day, and watches worth millions. Please learn from it in future TV series. The president does not only need to look good. Only such a president is worth imagining. 】

[… Actually, Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao’s acting skills are still inadequate. For example, sometimes in the face plot, when Yu Yuanxing appeared in a domineering appearance, I felt particularly embarrassed. But even so … I still look so excited, please make a face plot clip collection? Is this the more embarrassing the more exciting in the legend? 】

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  1. I can’t wait for him to find out the bags given away are the ones he had his secretary buy for her. And figure out his secretary’s schemes.

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  2. JAJAJAJJAJAJAJJAJA creo que la serie que grabaron es algo así como las novelas basuras de la TV que realmente producen asco y odio pero aun así sigues viendo para ver que pasa al final

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