Chapter 6 Part 3

Everyone could see clearly where the money for “Love You Before Tomorrow” was spent.

With the increase in attention, it has attracted countless people from the media to start analysis with a magnifying glass.

“Fashion of the year’s bag. Inventory” Love You Before Tomorrow “, Song Jiao’s bag.”

“How to choose a necklace and diamond ring? This teleplay tells you the answer. Do n’t buy broken diamonds, only buy the whole diamonds. Shiny women are the most beautiful.”

“A sports car show in higher definition than the auto show. Which one of Yu Yuanxing’s favorite cars will be?”

“What did real rich people do every day? Did horse racing and learn to drive helicopters really exist in real life? “

These topics have instead become the popular support for “Love You Before Tomorrow”.

Unknowingly, the single-day play volume of “Love You Before Tomorrow” has exceeded 100 million. It was updated daily, and hot search immediately went on, gradually becoming a topic.

Yu Yuanxing and Song Jiao also received countless resources. The “generous and magnificent” beauty investor Lin Meng, who always appeared in their mouths, also caused countless discussions. Wu Yuedi and Zhonghe Entertainment, who gave up the teleplay before, have become unspoken spokespersons.

Lin Meng didn’t understand the concept of over 100 million views. She just downplayed her nod and continued to discuss her topic.

Ning Qi looked at President Lin’s calmness, and was quite shaken. In this regard, he still did not have the presidential style of President Lin. Although he was not a newcomer in the industry, he would still be excited about this breakthrough in performance. It seemed that he needed to practice.

“I’ve watched the scripts you recommended before.”

“Was there anything you like?” Ning Qi was also a little hesitant. True Dream Entertainment hadn’t achieved a good result before, and the scripts sent could only be said to be average.

Lin Meng shook her head: “I took a look. The investments in these scripts were quite small. Are there any big investment projects?”

Ning Qi thought: “… these opportunities are relatively rare.”

“You help me pay attention, even abandoned projects like” Love You Before Tomorrow ” will do.” Lin Meng just wrote the symbol of money in her eyes. “I think our company is established, we need to be a bit more grand. Small-cost projects can also be invested, but they are not our focus. “

“Will it be too aggressive?” Ning Qi hesitated. After all, this counterattack required luck.

Lin Meng said forcefully: “Our True Dream Entertainment is to create impossible dreams. What about the loss? If we don’t take risks, how can we succeed? The more projects that other companies don’t want to do, the more we have to do. Or what’s the point of repeating the same tune? “

“I see.” Their company was realy different from others’ companies.

“You pay attention to whether there is a screenwriter who is not working temporarily. The price is not a problem.”

Ning Qi took the task and left. Lin Meng, who remained in the office, started counting.

The company was running digital albums by Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong. There was also a small-cost TV show that had just allocated investment.

They didn’t cost much to add up.

Fortunately, “Love You Before Tomorrow” lost some money.

She picked up the cell phone, typed keywords on the webpage, and the news that jumped out made her face dark.

“Lin Shen company has another amazing action! A large-scale cell phone competitive game is coming soon!”

“Lin Shen company has entered overseas, and its games occupy the top five in game downloads.”

“This month’s monthly game data shows that Lin Shen’s ace game has more than one billion monthly games! Numerous gold is attracted.”

Lin Meng began to comfort herself, as long as the kung fu iron was ground into a needle.

She has researched. The investment in the entertainment industry has skyrocketed, and it is normal to invest hundreds of millions.

After thinking about it, Lin Meng sent a message to Feng Yan.

[Lin Meng: Brother Feng, do you have any big investment projects recommended there? Please recommend! 】

Feng Liangliang’s brother was just like her brother. They didn’t have to worry too much about speaking, they were very casual and used their connections.

Even if there was no opportunity to invest, she could take the initiative to find it!

Lin Meng was thinking about the possibility of making custom movies, and she wanted to tap the kind of director who spent lot of money.

A few days later, Lin Meng and Ning Qi sat in the conference room.

The man sitting opposite had black hair intertwined with white hair, and the texture of the corners of his eyes was deep. He looked over sixty years old.

Lin Meng was surprised. Before meeting this man, Ning Qi showed her the information of the other person, and clearly stated that Zhu Xufang had just passed fifty this year.

The person in front of her was Zhu Xufang, a well-known director in the entertainment industry.

To be more precise, there is a question about this well-known statement. It should be said to be mixed. He was once a well-known young director. His debut made a big hit. But people don’t know why, when he was older, he seemed to have gone astray and failed successively.

It has been nearly ten years since the last time he directed “Bright Day With Dark Moon”.

“Bright Day With Dark Moon” was a legend in film history. Under the economic conditions of ten years ago, it had gathered nearly 400 million investments. The movie queen and the movie king were involved. The box office ended in less than 30 million, and so far it is often listed on the most ugly movie list.

True Dream Entertainment should be the first film and television entertainment company willing to talk to him in depth.

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