Chapter 7 Part 1

Lin Meng and Ning Qi sent Zhu Xufang downstairs. Noting that Zhu Xufang had no car to pick up and drop off, Lin Meng let the driver on standby to take him away.

Back in the office, Lin Meng and Ning Qi looked at each other, their eyes were complicated.

“President Lin …” Ning Qi said first, but couldn’t say any more.

“Talk about your thoughts.”

Ning Qi thought: “From a business perspective, I don’t think we need to invest in Director Zhu’s film.”

He carefully analyzed, “In the film market, directors have a certain box office appeal. Director Zhu ’s reputation in the film is actually very bad. Although it is said that it has sharpened its sword in ten years. But a director who has not controlled the lens for ten years, can really deliver perfection answer? “

He didn’t give Zhu Xufang the idea of ​​face at all. When it came to such a large investment, he still had to be cautious: “And in recent years, the market has become more and more inclined to popcorn and commercial films.” Ning Qi shook his head firmly, “I don’t think Director Zhu’s films have good prospects.”

On the table facing Lin Meng, there were materials sent by Director Zhu. The script, budget table, and minute pictures were all available.

Zhu Xufang wanted to make a Xian Xia film “The Path To Becoming Immortal” that was incompatible with the mainstream market.

He wrote the script himself, and for ten years he has been pondering this film repeatedly. The matching story board pictures were a thick booklet.

Although he made a few good and famous films in the early years, due to the economic differences of the times, Zhu Xufang did not save much money.

At the beginning of this year, he gritted his teeth and sold the house. He asked a friend to recommend several film school students, and planned to invest in filming the show himself.

when a film was started, spend money like water.

It didn’t take long for the deposit to be spent, and if he wanted to collect money again, he could only sell the house where the family now lives.

His wife resolutely refused to agree, he had to hold these accumulated materials to sell his ideals, but could run into obstacles everywhere.

It wasn’t that no investor was willing to look at his script. But as soon as their opinion was put forward, Zhu Xufang retreated.

Zhu Xufang, who had just sat in front of the two, smiled wryly: “Some people said that the chief actress had to change. But I saw the little girl’s acting skills was not as good as the man said.” He shook his head. “She doesn’t have classical beauty. On the big screen, the lens effect will be ruined.” He didn’t want a good-looking face, but a suitable face.

“There were still people who were willing to invest, saying that this script has to be changed. I couldn’t shoot any sword fairy, I have to shoot the emperor. Then find a dozen fairies, make a legend of the emperor and the fairy. ” Zhu Xufang was helpless when thinking of these. He was a well-known director in his early years.

When the coal bosses were still in the film and television industry, they only gave money and hardly mentioned professional requirements. They had at most stuffed a small role with the crew, and now investors have demanded that he be dizzy.

There was silence in the office, and Lin Meng asked again, “How much do you think I need to invest according to Director Zhu’s highest budget?”

“At least 100 million,” Ning Qi said again, “President Lin. Nostalgia films are no longer possible.”

He couldn’t deny that Director Zhu’s talents were there. This time, after ten years of training, he also had a clearer understanding of himself. Looking at the story board alone, it is not like the films that failed before have any stream of consciousness.

But it was unnecessary to invest one hundred or two hundred million to make a Xian Xia film. He would rather make a family comedy. Find a well-known actor, and the movie would be released during the Chinese New Year. This would not be a loss.

Director Zhu said frankly before leaving: “I know that this film may not be a big seller. Investing in it may lose a lot of money. I just don’t want to give up and want to work hard for my film.”

Lin Meng was already excited.

This film perfectly fulfilled her two fundamental needs.

First, it could lose money, lose a lot of money.

Second, she was really shaken by Zhu Xufang’s words.

Who did n’t have a Xian Xia dream?

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