Chapter 7 Part 2

When she was a child, she could play “The Legend Of The White Lady” in the bed and play all afternoon.

It’s over.

Ning Qi saw that Lin Meng was excited. He was helpless, but at the same time he knew that if Lin Meng wasn’t such a person, maybe he would help her make money for a few years. Then he would want to change his job and leave.

Well, we have to challenge impossible again.

Ning Qi: “President Lin, I support your idea, but …”

“But what?”

“Would you like to try to be a producer?”

Producer? Lin Meng wondered, “Isn’t I the producer?”

Ning Qi laughed: “If you are a producer, I will take the opportunity to be a production controller.”

Ning Qi thought for a while. He could see that Lin Meng was a very responsible person. Just like during the half-month filming of “Love You Before Tomorrow”, it was clear that she didn’t need to go to the crew, but she arrived every day.

Whenever the crew needed anything, even without He Fangming or his mention, Lin Meng took the initiative to help prepare.

Speaking of engagement, are there more positions than producers?

Personally participated in making dreams. Wasn’t it called dreams come true?

“This …” She was thoughtful. Lin Meng did find that during this time, as she was busy, she no longer always thought of Zhu Yushen as before.

It was very fulfilling to have her own business and have her own time.

“Furthermore, I personally think that Director Zhu must be lacking in commercialization. Do you remember what Director Zhu said just now? He doesn’t quite understand what is needed in the market now. He hopes his work, even if there is no high box office, it must be recognized by the audience. ” Ning Qi looked simple and honest.

He was like a little devil with horns at the moment. He was tempting Lin Meng, who was not so determined. “If you let me control it, I would definitely not take into account any of his artistic ideals.”

Ning Qi discredited himself without hesitation: “I’m a vampire.” He looked really like, “And you, the golden master who has great economic power, could reconcile the contradictions we may have in the future.”

For her once, Zhu Yushen was the whole life. Now she tried not to take him seriously. She had a withdrawal reaction.

Occasionally in her spare time, Zhu Yushen still appeared in her mind. She even began to speculate whether he and Wen Xiaofu had started.

She also needed to start and get used to the world without having to revolve around Zhu Yushen.

“It is good.”


Long-distance flights were very exhausting. Working for a few days, Zhu Yushen had red blood in his eyes.

He got out of the car tiredly, and when he entered the door, he met the butler who was watering the flowers in the living room.

“Boss, you are welcome back.”

“Well, I’m back.” Zhu Yushen unbuttoned the top button of the shirt, and the suit jacket draped over his hand. “Where’s my wife? Is she in the room?”

The butler looked miserably: “Didn’t she go out to work? She has been going for a week.”

Zhu Yushen was about to go upstairs and stopped, he feeling bad: “Where did she go?”

“Going to City L, she said it would take at least half a month to come back.”

Zhu Yushen didn’t speak, his thin lips curled into a tight line. He went straight upstairs, pushed open the door, and then threw his clothes on the bed.

Although the maid came up to clean every day, he just felt that the house made him uncomfortable.

He was about to send a message to Lin Meng, only to find that there was a large metal box on the dresser.

The boxes contained several pieces of jewellery that had been completely put in their boxes, and even the identification certificates on them were packed intactly in bags printed with the auction house’s mark.

This was … she didn’t even take it apart?

Why hasn’t she become happy? Zhu Yushen had a terrible headache and his face became hard to look at.

He would rather Lin Meng stand here and continue to be angry with him.

Lin Meng on the set did not notice that her cell phone was vibrating at all. She was sitting with Zhu Xufang and was “educated” by Ning Qi, who was in charge of the production.

“Overrun again! President Lin, you can’t always indulge Director Zhu like this!”

Ning Qi was very helpless. He had hoped that Lin Meng would reconcile the possible conflicts between Zhu Xufang and him.

It turned out that the two of them were colluding together, and he was troubled every day by overspending the budget.

“Don’t blame President Lin. It was me, I thought that our clothes and special effects makeup could be refined!” Zhu Xufang was busy covering Lin Meng. Now in his mind, Lin Meng was the living saint in the world.

Ning Qi grinned: “President Lin. Do we need to make so many clothes for this film?”

Lin Meng was not afraid of power, and she was the greatest power: “Of course it is necessary. On different occasions, you must have different clothes. This is a Xian Xia film, not an ordinary film. With the change of character’s identity, ability, and personality. The change of personality must also be reflected in clothing.”

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