Chapter 7 Part 3

Ning Qi aggressively slaughtered with Lin Meng with his eyes. There seemed to be crackling sparks in the air, but for a short while, he acknowledged: “Yes. Yes. Is this the last time? The clothes expenditure is seriously exceeded!”

But this so-called last time, has appeared no less than ten times in this week.

He Fangming, who has been on the sidelines, hastily handed over a cup of chrysanthemum tea: “You need to have a rest, clear the heat and clear the fire.”

He was temporarily drawn into the group.

After Lin Meng, Ning Qi, and Zhu Xufang communicated with each other, they was afraid that Zhu Xufang’s body was not as good as before and could not support it.

They were also worried that Zhu Xufang didn’t know enough about the popular shooting techniques. So she invited a photography team at a high price. And He Fangming serves as associate director.

“The Path To Becoming Immortal” has also been upgraded to a 3D masterpiece.

The special effects company hired at a high price has sent a team to the crew. In addition to the actual shooting, but also to prepare for green screen shooting.

Zhu Xufang, who has n’t known about new technology for a long time, was absorbing the new technology under the guidance of He Fangming. These days, he was younger every day.

The opposite was … Ning Qi’s belly had disappeared two levels.

Lin Meng sat aside, silently calculating in her heart. She made a rough calculation these days. Until this film was released, she could invest at least 200 million more, perfect!

“By director Zhu, do you have any suggestions for the candidate of evil woman?” Ning Qi asked.

Zhu Xufang’s previous script was still too “ideal”. In short, it was not grounded.

After discussions with Ning Qi and Lin Meng. She went directly to a well-known screenwriter in the industry, and two Xian Xia novel authors who werewell-known on the Internet. They commented on the script together.

The three crew members changed the script very quickly. They added scenes such as the battle of the Immortals and Demons, and confrontation between righteousness and evil for this film.

Coupled with the philosophical thinking of Director Zhu, several people could no longer pick the fault.

The only problem was that after revising the script, two more outstanding characters had to appear. The evil woman and the evil emperor.

The role of evil emperor, Director Zhu said quite mysteriously. He had a friend who introduced a reliable actor and would come to audition.

As for evil woman, They could only audition publicly.

Director Zhu and He Fangming were watching the Xianzong City, produced by the special effects company.

They heard and that was the answer:”Actress need to be in good shape and be professional and not use stand-ins. She’d better be more beautiful. Don’t be facially paralyzed.”


Ning Qi and He Fangming both knew such a channel of news, and in order to avoid missing actors, they would post the news where they both knew.

“President Lin, what’s wrong with you?” He Fangming realized that Lin Meng was a little thoughtless and asked anxiously.

“Nothing, I just thought about it.” Lin Meng blinked. “Would these weapons look too ordinary? Would we like to customize a batch of weapons that look different from ordinary martial arts films? “

“Your words make sense.” Zhu Xufang thoughtfully, and had already simulated the design in his heart.

Ning Qi glanced resentfully, squinting at He Fangming with his eyes, as if to say he shouldn’t talk.

Lin Meng shifted the attention of others, and her eyes fell on the cell phone again. Zhu Yushen just sent a lot of messages asking her why she didn’t answer the phone or reply to the message, and urged her to go home by the way.

[Lin Meng: I work outside and it will take another month to go back. 】

It didn’t take long for her to respond.

[Zhu Yushen: Why work? What job? 】

[Zhu Yushen: You can come to the company. 】

Well, it’s kind of funny.

Lin Meng recalled that she accompanied Zhu Yushen to start a business together. And why after the company improved, she left the company.

At that time, she thought very hard. The company needed more professional talents, not her.

Coupled with staying up all night long at the beginning of their business and being open all year round, she also suffered from endocrine disorders and insomnia all year round.

She hesitated and offered to go home to take a rest, and the company’s position was to find someone to take over.

Zhu Yushen didn’t keep her and agreed directly.

In the past, she felt that this was a caring concern from her husband. Now she occasionally doubted, did Zhu Yushen think that everything she did was not so significant?

After thinking for a while, she still held the impatience and responded to the message.

[Lin Meng: This is my business. 】

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