Chapter 8 Part 1

In the crew of City L, apart from Ning Qi, who cares about data. Everyone did not know the popularity of “Love You Before Tomorrow”, which has been rising with the progress of the plot.

There were only 25 episodes of this teleplay. The Deepsea Video website had previously confirmed with True Dream Entertainment, hoping to “extend” the episodes by editing.

In True Dream Entertainment, this proposal was rejected by 3: 0.

In order to get 25 episodes, He Fangming and the screenwriter themselves made some re-creations on the basis of the original work without affecting the development of the story.

If the clipped clips were forcibly put in and increased to 40 or 50 episodes, it is estimated that netizens who watched the show would have to open at three times the speed to not feel procrastinated.

Deepsea Video website couldn’t convince True Dream Entertainment, they had to agree. This company was not short of money and could not be persuaded.

Less than a month, “Love You Before Tomorrow” aired to the finale.

Netizens who were accustomed to teleplay forty episodes were quite shocked, and only felt that this time of chasing the drama was exceptionally short.

Then began to collectively accuse Deepsea Video website of why not open the platinum member preemptive service available on other websites?

They were willing to spend money to see the ending early! Now they couldn’t spend it with waving money.

Speaking of this, the Deepsea Video website was also distressed!

They had a good talk with Ning Qi at that time. When it came time to open the membership through the teleplay page, the money would be divided. But……but they just met the President Lin who came in to watch.

The other side’s face was righteous: “I hope our audience could see the ending at the same time. So releasing the ending in advance will affect the viewing experience of other audiences. I don’t agree!”

Then the plan failed.

The only thing the Deepsea Video website could do was to broadcast the finale on that day to 7 pm in advance, so that most of the audience after school and coming home from work could see the finale at dinner.

Try their best, they also bought hot search specifically to inform the matter in advance.

As a result, at 7 o’clock on the day of the finale broadcast, a large number of audiences rushed in at the same time. The server of the Deepsea Video website “exploded” and the teleplay page was directly disconnected.

Fortunately, the Deepsea Video website was a company that squeezed employees. Following the 996 system, programmers did not leave work and were pressed for emergency repairs.

By 7:10, the latest Weibo post on the public account of the Deepsea Video website had been scolded by 10,000 comments.

This momentum, hot search swept the list, plus the advertising space bought by Ning Qi. It has created a momentum for people to follow the teleplay. Even audiences who hadn’t paid attention to the show flooded in.

The ending song sung by Zhuang Sisi began to play, it recently occupied the top spot in the Hot Songs for a long time. Most viewers have complicated emotions.

“It’s just right at the end, there’s no delay.” And “Why it be end here.” The thoughts fought in the mind. But after all, they still have to say goodbye to this hot teleplay that has touched a lot of people’s heart.

And the popularity of this teleplay has also sparked a discussion worth thinking about–

“In the face of the success of many small-cost teleplays, has it proved that large investments are useless?”

The most praised answer came from a well-known drama critic.

“In the past, we have been advocating small-cost victories, saying that this is the rise of grass-roots. But in “Love You Before Tomorrow”, I saw the respect from big investment for the audience, the script, and the original.

This was not the first IP adaptation teleplay in the entertainment industry. But it was one of the few, praised by many original fans and completely restored the original or even upgraded to the original. “

“It was no longer the props and scenery that were forced to be discounted because of the cost; there was no more perfunctory, making the audience feel that they were being fooled by unrealistic character settings.

The focus of the success of the president and wealthy women created by this teleplay is that their lives, dress, and manners make you feel reasonable.

The scenes they created will make you feel that the thin paper people in the book are plump and come to reality, rather than being painted in other colors. This teleplay was not strictly perfect, but its success can be copied and borrowed. “

The popularity of this teleplay was like irony to some people.

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