Chapter 8 Part 2

Zhong He Entertainment, who was failing to catch the last life-saving straw. It was on the verge of bankruptcy and remorse.

Even more depressing was Wu Yuedi, who returned in Hollywood. She went to Hollywood for a full month of training.

The final shots were all completed in front of the green screen, and ended in less than half a month.

She only knew that the “special appearance” that attracted her in the past and the “special appearance” that she understood were completely different. Just a gimmick to attract the domestic market.

Before Wu Yuedi went abroad, she was refreshed at every happy event. She also took a picture of half of the cover of the English script on Weibo as a hint. In retrospect, she just wanted to delete it immediately.

At that time, how could she think of this scene when she came back.

Before getting off the plane, Wu Yuedi put on sunglasses that could cover half of her face. Her return trip was not in good condition, and the studio did not invite photographers to take pictures at the airport.

“Wu Yuedi!”

Hearing someone shouting to herself, Wu Yuedi couldn’t help turning her head back. Her fans were so enthusiastic, did they still chase the airport?

“I’m a reporter from Orange Entertainment. Is it convenient for you to be interviewed now?”

Wu Yuedi nodded and took off her sunglasses. Fortunately, she put on makeup before getting off the plane.

She thought very carefully, and they would never know she was actually a “special appearance”, before the film was released.

She might as well use this to increase the attention of the masses. Even if the film was backfired after that time, she was not afraid.

She acted as a victim, saying she was deceived by a foreign company, at least a little embarrassed.

Wu Yuedi has already completed the draft. She is going to talk about her training experience abroad and inadvertently show off her cooperation experience with some well-known actors.

“You gave up on “Love You Before Tomorrow”. Do you know what it achieved after it aired?”

The reporter saw Wu Yuedi without answering, and continued to ask: “Do you know that it is the highest teleplay with playback and attention so far this year? Would you regret missing this teleplay?”

She replied without a smile: “That’s good, as long as everyone develops smoothly.” Or should she say that she regrets it?

“The investor of “Love You Before Tomorrow”, True Dream Entertainment, recently invested in a Xian Xia 3D film “The Path To Becoming Immortal”. The film is directed by Zhu Xufang and they are currently recruiting important supporting actress. Do you want to work with True Dream Entertainment again? “

Wu Yuedi was quite interested in this news. In the films in recent years, there have been fewer and fewer female characters.

If it was really a big investment film, she didn’t mind pulling down her face and cooperating again. After all, the two sides cancelled the contract peacefully.

Wu Yuedi curiously asked the reporter a few more details about the film.

When she heard that the last film directed by Zhu Xufang was “Bright Day With Dark Moon” with a profit of only 30 million yuan, she didn’t look good.

When she heard that the two protagonists announced by the officials were students who only played a few supporting roles in the film school, she almost rolled her eyes.

She put on her glasses again: “I don’t think this film is very suitable for me. We would have the opportunity to cooperate again.” Although her tone was not very good, there was nothing omission in the answer.

The problem was that the Orange Entertainment she met was not a big media. In order to attract attention, the reporter described it in detail and posted it on Weibo immediately.

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