Chapter 8 Part 3

This issue immediately caused strong discussion in the forum.

[Analysis, what did this Orange Entertainment mean. Was Wu Yuedi suggesting anything? 】

[Excerpt from the wonderful speech: Wu Yuedi expressed that everyone develops smoothly. She didn’t care about missing “Love You Before Tomorrow”. Then the reporter asked about the audition of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, Wu Yuedi was very interested at first and repeatedly asked the reporter for details.

However, after learning about the director’s masterpiece of Zhu Xufang and the two protagonists currently announced by the government, Wu Yuedi immediately put on sunglasses, saying that the film was not suitable for her, and they would cooperate again when she was free. “]

[… It’s almost clear. It was made clear that Wu Yuedi despised Zhu Xufang and his unknown rookie actors. 】

[But is it normal? Zhu Xufang, I think this film looks like it will fail. Could the new actors call the box office? 】

[Insert a digression. In fact, director Zhu Xufang actually had a track record. The film that failed that year was too out of line with the mainstream style. It was the kind of film where the director suddenly had brain trouble and pursued art, right? So if he shoots normally, I am optimistic about this film. 】

[I am more curious whether Wu Yuedi regretted it? With this film, Song Jiao and Yu Yuanxing have announced at least ten endorsements these days. And the quality is very high. 】

【No way? Did n’t she say she was making a Hollywood blockbuster? Although I don’t think there is any good in Hollywood blockbusters, but will she become a world-class actress immediately if it hot? 】

The forum stopped for a while. Wu Yuedi’s popularity was not high, but someone posted the post again.

[I just went to the film’s official website to watch all the news from the crew, without Wu Yuedi’s name. The only one I found was that she played in a special appearance. Wouldn’t she be a Domestic Special Edition actress? If she is the Domestic Special Edition, then I think she really lost because she didn’t play “Love You Before Tomorrow”. If it’s the Global Edition, that’s not a loss. 】

[I guess it’s Special Edition, or it will definitely be promoted abroad (Actually, Wu Yuedi not bought a lot of the press release this time, I think there is a problem). I just think her tone is so loud.

What if this Xian Xia film gets hot? If she looks down on the film and they chooses an actress better known than her, this remark will often be turned out to slap her face. 】

[Look! !! !! Is the god operator upstairs? Absolutely, just announced by True Dream Entertainment! Supporting actress and supporting actor are Sui Yan and Gu Mingyi! Movie queen and movie king as supporting actors!

Absolutely! And I heard that it was friendship! I watched introductions from fans of movie queen and movie king. At the time, their debut works were taken by director Zhu. They have always respected Director Zhu.

At first Sui Yan was not available, she deliberately stepped up to finish her work before going to audition (yes, she also auditioned). 】

[Wu Yuedi is out of luck … now with movie queen and movie king, the basic movie version is already available. As long as the promotion is better, at least two or three hundred million will not be a problem. Isn’t she incompatible with True Dream Entertainment?

She missed both chances and said something wrong. And, I wish my boss with mental retardation will not mention mental retardation needs tomorrow! 】

This post quickly turned into a wishing post and was built into a tall building.

The news of Wu Yuedi did not reach the city of L. The crew who has been working enthusiastically lately is as usual. No one has changed because of the arrival of two heavyweights.

Sui Yan and Gu Mingyi were very easy-going.

They came all the way, and after taking the makeup test photos, they didn’t even eat the welcome feast. They were pressed by the ruthless Zhu Xufang to watch the script.

Evil emperor and evil woman had fewer roles than the protagonist, but the character settings were not inferior. Zhu Xufang hesitated for a while during the audition. He felt that Sui Yan was not flirtatious enough and almost denied her.

Lin Meng and Zhu Xufang sat at the back of the monitor together, and she looked “rougher” than when she came.

It didn’t mean that she was ugly, or that the whole person’s condition was more and more relaxed.

She used to read books about production on her tablet every day, and she would watch it for a while after finishing work.

Ning Qi came out of the shed behind her. He was refreshed at happy events, and the whole person looked vibrant.

“President Lin, there is good news!”

“What?” Lin Meng asked casually, very relaxed.

“Love You Before Tomorrow” has been split. This time it is divided into 60 million, and there will be income in the future. I let the financial side do the billing. ” Ning Qi, proud of True Dream Entertainment’s good results, did not notice Lin Meng’s sudden stiffness.

She couldn’t help asking: “Don’t you say it would lose money before?” The big eyes were full of doubts.

Ning Qi thought that Lin Meng was too surprised: “I used to say that. After all, many web teleplays have accumulated a few years of playback before slowly turning a profit, but our web teleplay is not the same. We are the phenomenon web teleplay, the hottest web teleplay! Of course it was earned. ”

“That’s it.” Lin Meng nodded, and she looked forward with an open look. The actor was flying over there with awesomeness.

Lin Meng was a little confused. Was she too lucky or unlucky?

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  1. LIN MING!!!! Really you have so much work, you can’t really digest what he said didn’t you.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I’ve been thinking of this for awhile… purely a passing thought, what if the inspiration for this character come from real life actress?

    Wu Yuedi… Wu Zetian (Empress Wu)… Fan Bingbing … Short scenes appearance in X-Men

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