Chapter 9 Part 1

True Dream Entertainment has not been established for more than three months. The team that originally set up the company was selected and created by Ning Qi.

With his many years of experience and experience in the entertainment industry, he has hired many talents through contacts and headhunting companies.

Subsequently, according to several “irrational” requirements of Lin Meng and the rapid expansion of the company’s business, True Dream Entertainment successively signed a number of employees.

Now True Dream Entertainment was small but talented. Internal employees alone included all the important talents who could shoot a drama and record an album.

This time Zhu Xufang’s filming, the entire company followed. Half of the company’s people rushed to City L to operate with the crew.

“Xiao He, what are you smirking about?” Zhu Xufang just finished a scene. He got up from the director’s chair and stretched out, seeing He Fangming smirking on the side.

Suddenly cue arrived, He Fangming tried to converge the smile on his lips. But could not help, the corners of his lips could not be controlled to rise.

Zhu Xufang looked weird, and he stepped aside subconsciously.

Xiao He usually looked normal, but what was he doing? Why was he weird? He laughed too silly, right?

“Nothing. Director Zhu, I was just happy!”

He Fangming did not know whether to cry or to laugh, he also knew that he was strange now, and quickly explained, “The web teleplay I shot before was split up. President Lin paid dividends to everyone in the company.”

In order to increase persuasiveness, he also pointed at two people casually: “Look at those people over there. Are they the same as me?”

Zhu Xufang followed He Fangming’s finger and looked at them. Sure enough, many staff members smiled and smiled. When they walked, they almost jumped.

“Did all the staff members pay dividends?”

“It’s all divided. You know, the salary of an unknown director like me is calculated based on the number of episodes. Even if I don’t get a dividend, I can’t say anything.” He Fangming laughed, “This time, It’s like dropping money in the sky. “

Zhu Xufang nodded thoughtfully, and asked no more.

The three bungalows next to the shooting venue were rented by the crew from local residents, mainly for storing equipment and some post-processing work.

“Is the final stage of the makeup photos ready?” Xiao Wang of the publicity group opened the door and came in.

“We will regularly post from the official blog for publicity.”

Sitting inside to modify the photo was Li Xun, who was in charge of the later period. He pushed his glasses: “It has been processed, and I just sent it to Brother Ning and President Lin to confirm the effect.”

Li Xun used to work as a retoucher in Fang Shunyu’s studio. He has been under the crazy attack of Fang Shunyu’s fans all year round. Only those who had met Fang Shunyu himself could know how good his professional skills were.

He was under high-pressure work all year round.

He not only had to accept criticism from fans, but was also tortured by Fang Shunyu’s poor skin condition, poor body proportions and excessive demands.

When Ning Qi came to him, he didn’t even think of raising salary. He resigned directly and left with luggage.

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