Chapter 9 Part 2

“Let me see the effect.” Xiao Wang did not treat himself as a stranger, he came over and looked directly at the computer.

The director Zhu Xufang ’s thoughts on publicity still stayed in many years ago. The fixed makeup photos were also very “plain”, and he came directly to a real-life shooting.

After Ning Qi and Lin Meng took over, he learned that the current fixed makeup photos had various modifications.

“This photo, Ning Ge and President Lin would definitely agree.” Xiao Wang was quite surprised.

He didn’t know how Li Xun handled it. The effect of fixed makeup photos was somewhat like the texture of movie more than a decade ago.

It seemed to be covered with a layer of fog, but the features were clearly visible. Especially those eyes that were just a casual glance, but with a totally different temperament.

It was like … the immortal came from the clouds!

She was talking, and she heard the cell phone on the table shaking wildly. She bowed her head subconsciously, and saw dozens of news notifications popping up on Li Xun’s cell phone. She swallowed: “Isn’t this the opinion and guidance of Brother Ning?”

President Lin was the most perfect leader she had ever seen. She always put work requirements in one message as much as possible, and she made things very clear.

It was brother Ning … maybe because he was too old and could not keep up with the typing speed, he sometimes made several long voice messages.

“No, it’s a former friend.” Li Xun laughed. “Wait a while, I’ll send you the photo.”

“Okey.” Xiao Wang didn’t stay too much. She had to go to the third group responsible for making the footage and ask them about the editing of the footage. These were the materials that would be released one after another until the movie was released.

Li Xun picked up the cell phone. As he expected, his ex-colleagues sent messages.

When he left, Fang Shunyu condescending sent him a message saying that he would be paid more. Many people in the studio came to try to persuade him.

True Dream Entertainment was only established shortly, and now the entertainment industry is in a slump. What if it closed down soon? They afraid he won’t find it easy to come back.

Before “Love You Before Tomorrow” was broadcast, someone knowingly or unknowingly shared online news and forum posts with Moments. The content was mocking the foolish spender to take over the bad project. The actress ran away, a idol became the chief actress.

As for his previous leaders, what they shared were more philosophical: “Smart people have a long-term vision; short-sighted people only look at the immediate interests.”

There were people sung the same tune.

For example, one of his ex-colleagues responded this way: “I am deeply impressed. In the past few years in the studio, with the help of everyone, I have infinite spiritual wealth. Only those who know how to be grateful will be rewarded and deserve better achievements. “

Today, Li Xun also gave them a gift. After the dividend was paid, his screenshots were shared to the Moments.

He also specially matched the text that was very stimulating: “I shared joy with my relatives and friends, and in the third month of my employment, I received the first dividend.

Thanks to the True Dream Entertainment, it has given me a higher salary and broader development space. Bread and dreams could coexist here.

Thanks to President Lin and brother Ning for their care. I will make persistent efforts and work hard for a brilliant tomorrow! “

Some people who had been following him Moments jumped out after a while. They were even more interested in him than his parents. The hand speed that Li Xun had trained for many years came in handy, and he quickly responded.

——Don’t you think you are too much? You Moments are obviously mocking!

——I just share joy with you 🙂 After all, you care so much about me.

——Being a man can’t just look at such a small profit in front of you, but also the long-term planning. Brother Fang’s achievements in the entertainment industry are many envy.

——News link [“Love You Before Tomorrow” made another great achievement and won the championship of web teleplay this month! ]. By the way, the web teleplay of Brother Fang last month, why couldn’t I find it on the website ranking?

Messages followed one by one. At the end, Li Xun responded in batches.

“True Dream Entertainment didn’t do well!”

“Oh, let’s find out “Love You Before Tomorrow”? Let’s find out this month’s hot song chart? Let’s find out “The Path To Becoming Immortal”?

“Isn’t it just a dividend?”

“Yeah, it’s a pity you didn’t have.”

Li Xun fought alone with a group of people. When there was no message finally, he could not help but lie on the table with a shrug and a laugh.

The cell phone vibrated again, and the message came from Lin Meng: [Director Zhu and we both watched it and it worked well. Thanks for your hard work, just send the picture to Xiao Wang. 】

Li Xun smiled at the message and he was very motivated. Wasn’t this what he wanted? He liked to be recognized and respected. Rather than always finding fault for no reason, always abducted the finished product with his aesthetic. The final product was scolded and he had to bear it alone.

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