Chapter 10 Part 1

In huge film studio, people were busy but orderly, without making excessive sounds.

At the center of film studio, several tall actors wore tights, and head-mounted camera on their head. There were dense, regular green capture points on their faces, and they were doing actions under the camera and motion capture.

“It’s amazing.” Zhu Xufang stood not far away, squinting with glasses and looking at it with emotion.

The shooting of “The Path To Becoming Immortal” progressed very quickly. The actual shooting has temporarily come to an end, and now it has entered the stage of special effects shooting.

There was a huge green screen in the film studio next door. The actors have been shooting in front of the green screen these days.

They were located in a temporary motion capture film studio—The capital of the province where City L was located had the largest motion capture studio in China to capture the light.

After obtaining their consent. Okay, after Lin Meng paid the high-price rent, the other party actively set up a temporary film studio in City L and moved the equipment into it.

The cost of this motion capture film studio was nearly 70,000 a day.

But the money was really worth it.

Zhu Xufang said with emotion: “Xiao Lin, fortunately you didn’t listen to my old wayward thinking, otherwise the finished product is too regrettable.” He shook his head.

In “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, since immortal and evil were involved, it was inevitable to have grand scenes and the appearance of demons and so on.

According to Zhu Xufang’s experience, these could be solved by props, special effects makeup artists, and a small number of special effects.

Light And Shadow Entertainment that worked with True Dream Entertainment for the second time knew that Lin Meng was not bad money and gave a suggestion that was not considered by Zhu Xufang.

Backgrounds were mainly shot through green screens and then produced by the animation team of the special effects company. And introduce proper motion capture.

Lin Meng apparently … didn’t understand. She made six or seven phone call with the person in charge of Light And Shadow Entertainment in the last few days, and watched some of the famous special effects shots in the industry under his recommendation.

She made a decision and talked to Director Zhu several times, and finally persuaded some stubborn director Zhu with the authority of the producer and the requirements of the future boss.

“Cinema technology is progressing too fast.” Zhu Xufang felt unbelievable until now. In order to reassure him, Light And Shadow Entertainment yesterday made a 30-second clip at Lin Meng’s request to show him the finished effect.

These action actors didn’t have to sit there for 10 hours of special effects makeup or wear elaborate thick clothing.

They just shot it like this, and after the special effects production was completed, they could become dazzling demons on the screen.

The expression was more meticulous than his imagination. It clearly showed a strangely shaped face that added various monster characteristics and could not even distinguish the original look.

Even when breathing was slightly enlarged, occasionally the The lines on your skin are clear when you raise your eyebrows.

He was glad to have reached the extreme. If he had planned according to his original plan, they would have spent too much money and could not get good results. And it would have delayed the efforts of so many actors and failed to support Lin Meng.

With the addition of special effects shooting, most of the scenes originally set in his mind could become reality, and even took less time than before.

The only thing that he had to be tangled was when communicating with Light And Shadow Entertainment, what they understood might not be what Zhu Xufang wanted.

There was Lin Meng in the middle of communication, otherwise …

Lin Meng glanced at Zhu Xufang and was a little worried: “Director Zhu, Ning Qi and I will go back to talk about the release in two days. During this time, I am not here, so please don’t quarrel with people.”

During this time, she finally understood what the real Party A was.

When director Zhu described the scenes he wanted, the adjectives he used were simply breathtaking.

“What I want is not this effect, it’s the kind of … it looks deep and dark, and it has a deep sea feeling, but it should not be too dark at the same time, otherwise it will hang on the big screen. The far-reaching effect must be obvious, feeling deep to the bottom. The overall hue can’t be bright, but it’s better to have a faint glow. “

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  1. Ah so he is this kind of customer that has an idea in mind but can’t explain it clearly so it drives you crazy.

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