Chapter 10 Part 2

When she finally watched the docking of Light And Shadow Entertainment, Lin Meng found a way.

Every day during filming, she would use a tablet to show Director Zhu a variety of materials, including clips of other films, aerial documentaries, etc.

Director Zhu circled the parts that were closer to his idea in turn, and compared to Director Zhu’s requirements, all of them were adjusted by Light And Shadow Entertainment.

Zhu Xufang’s face blushed: “You can rest assured that I will not quarrel with them.”

In fact, the main scenes were almost done, but the details were not completed. There was nothing to be noisy.

Lin Meng shook her head helplessly. These people who have been fighting for the same thing for half their lives were actually a little “simple” in their nature.

Sometimes they spotted one thing, eight horses couldn’t pull them back, so she had to coax and persuade them to help find a compromise solution.

At the same time, she had to pay attention not to completely destroy their artistic pursuits.

“President Lin. Are you convenient now?”

Lin Meng was patted on the shoulder. She turned around and saw that the person calling her was Sui Yan.

“Convenient.” Lin Meng didn’t alarm others and quietly walked out of film studio after Sui Yan.

Sui Yan was estimated to have just finished filming the movie next door, and the makeup had not been removed. She walked up, and this specially customized costume, with the light wind, moved very strongly.

This suit was made according to the manuscripts of Zhu Xufang, but it almost stumped people in terms of fabric and pattern design.

Lin Meng has had a lot of clothes over the years. From luxury high-line dresses to hand-made cheongsams and Tang suits, she has everything.

Under her suggestion, the clothing designer chose three more fabrics and mixed them to make this suit of Sui Yan.

In fact, the cost of setting the clothes was not too much. And the cost of the cloth was less than the manual cost. But the manpower to go deeper was amazing.

“President Lin, I’m sorry.” Sui Yan looked ugly and smiled bitterly. “I may be burdening the crew.”

“What happened?”

When Sui Yan was still in high school, she was selected by Zhu Xufang to be the chief actress. After taking the first film at the age of 16, she had a high starting point.

The resources she could get envied many people in the entertainment industry. She had just turned 30 this year and was already a Grand Slam actress. That’s why she came to the crew of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, there was so much debate outside.

Sui Yan whispered, “I’m going to divorce.”

After graduating from college, she married Yu Chengming, the CEO of Chengming Entertainment Company in the entertainment industry. Then she signed with the company as an actor.

In recent years, Yu Chengming has signed a lot of new actors because of Sui Yan’s popularity, and also because Sui Yan has given the company’s new actors the opportunity to play.

“Divorce has no effect on our film.” Lin Meng said lightly. Even if she was an actor, divorce would not be discriminated against.

“No, there will be bad effects.” Sui Yan set about shaking as if she felt cold, “President Lin, you may not know that, Chengming Entertainment has had a big problem since three years ago. The capital chain was once broken. In order to allow the company to survive and have the opportunity to revert, Yu Chengming pulled me and the investor to sign a Valuation Adjustment Mechanism. “

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  1. Another husband using his wife for his own benefit… Will she be responsible for the debt? Or will she have to pay a compensation fee in case she leaves him or the company?

    I hope President Lin helps her get what her husband owes her.

    Thanks for the update!

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