Chapter 10 Part 3

Lin Meng was silent. She knew the Valuation Adjustment Mechanism , but she did not expect Sui Yan to sign: “What about the agreement?”

“The content of the agreement is simple. Within three years, the net profit of Chengming Entertainment needs to reach the investor’s investment amount, otherwise the investor must be repaid at 1.5 times the investment amount.”

“What’s the amount?” If she didn’t guess wrong, the amount would be too large.

There was a trembling in Sui Yan’s voice: “600 million.” She looked pale. “I have worked hard for the past three years, and the money I can make is not enough to fill this hole.

Yu Chengming had previously hidden me from investing in a film. It was released last week and the box office was 10 million in the first week. “

She worked hard to restore her calmness: “I originally thought that the company still has working capital, if plus my work income, the hole of 600 million could be filled. But today Yu Chengming sent me a message.

He told me that the money on the public account and the money in the joint account of our spouse had previously misappropriated the investment.

Now it’s gone except for my own card, which has less than 10 million deposits. “

Sui Yan took a deep breath: “I know this film is the hard work of Director Zhu. I originally wanted to help him, but I didn’t expect to harm the film. Fortunately, there is still room for recovery. If the news about I become deadbeat come out, I’m afraid it will affect the box office. “She looked at Lin Meng, ” I … I still have some contacts in the entertainment circle. I will try to contact other actress to make up the shots. I am really sorry. “

She bowed deeply, the standard ninety degrees, did not stand straight for a long time.

Lin Meng could feel the nerves on her forehead jump, and Feng Liangliang said to her that the accident happened.

Sui Yan was right. In recent years, domestic public opinion has become increasingly disgusted with deadbeat.

Chengming Entertainment was a listed company. Once it went bankrupt, it would also affect shareholders, and public opinion would be even more ugly.

Lin Meng asked, “If I remember correctly, you only have six shots left?”

“Yes.” Sui Yan didn’t dare to look directly at Lin Meng. She was frank in her life. She did not expect to harm the director who was kind to her.

“I will talk to Director Zhu and ask him to focus your drama together. After you finish shooting, go back and deal with the matter on the other side. Divorce and termination of contract.” Lin Meng talked about this, and couldn’t help but ask again, “Aren’t you going to continue this marriage? Sorry, I didn’t mean …”

“I understand, I was going to divorce as soon as possible.” Sui Yan shrugged, pretending to be relaxed. “I have paid enough for the company and him over the years. I don’t mind adding another bad name to abandoning my husband at a crisis. “

“As for the future, do n’t be too negative. Public opinion may not be as bad as you thought. This time, I will pay according to your original pay, but I still hope that you can complete the shooting. I will let Director Zhu prepare a second set of plans. If there is no way, then someone else can replace this role. “

“Okay.” Sui Yan nodded, and the back office came out to look for her. She adjusted her condition and entered the film studio again.

Things should start and end. Since Lin Meng wanted her to finish shooting, she would finish the film before leaving.

Lin Meng pondered for a moment and found a contact in the address book to make a call.

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