Chapter 11 Part 1

Feng’s Entertainment was an entertainment company in the entertainment industry that has maintained a steady increase in profits for several years.

This was also reflected in the company’s stock and financial circles repeatedly optimistic about releasing news.

This was mostly attributed to Feng Yan, who took over Feng’s Entertainment as soon as he graduated ten years ago.

He was very strict in controlling risks. He drastically reformed Feng’s Entertainment who had previously depended on movie profit.

He eliminated all difficulties, acquired theaters, developed distribution business, invested in movie scoring and ticket purchase platforms, and held shares in video websites …

Under his arrangement, Feng’s Entertainment has been a big ship of solid gold soup. Even if the wind and waves come, it could move forward smoothly.

Lin Meng looked at the “Finance Perspective” in her hand. Feng Yan was the cover character of this issue.

The editor in charge of interviewing him exhausted the words of beauty, praised him for his ingenuity, and insights into the future.

But this is also a routine operation. Her eyes were slightly shifted, and she could see “Finance Perspective” on the magazine rack next to her. The cover of the previous issue was Zhu Yushen.

Feng Yan had just finished the meeting, and the secretary said that Lin Meng had arrived. He came quickly and saw Lin Meng, who was looking at the magazine rack in a daze.

He followed Lin Meng’s perspective and frowned when he saw Zhu Yushen’s face. He walked straight up, took out the magazine and rolled it in his palm: “Xiao Meng. Sorry to let you wait for a long time.”

Feng Yan was not as slow as his sister. Since the day Lin Meng and Feng Liangliang came to him and said that he was planning to invest in the entertainment industry, he felt wrong.

What made a woman who once had her husband at the center of her life, suddenly ignored her husband and chose to stay away from home for a long time?

But Lin Meng didn’t ask him for help, and Feng Yan couldn’t blend in. This was the courtesy of being a friend and “brother”.

“I just came.” Lin Meng went into the office behind Feng Yan and sat directly opposite him. She watched Feng Yan casually put the magazine he just pulled out on the table.

Probably, he didn’t notice. Feng Yan turned the magazine upside down and could only look at the advertisement page on the back.

Lin Meng did not have obsessive-compulsive disorder, nor did she correct it. And it wasn’t worthwhile to see Zhu Yushen’s face.

“President Feng, I’m here to talk to you about business.” Lin Meng was sitting tightly.

Feng Yan raised an eyebrow. His perennial serious face suddenly smiled: “Okay, talk about business. So what kind of business does President Lin want to talk about today?”

Lin Meng was very satisfied with this title. She took the hard drive out of her bag and put it on the table. “Today, I want to talk to President Feng about the release of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”.

Film distribution was not a simple matter. True Dream Entertainment had no experience. Ning Qi, the only industry veteran, had not been in contact with this business and had to seek help from a publishing company.

“Was the film on the hard drive? I remember it didn’t take long for the film to start? Did you?”

Lin Meng resolutely replied, “No, it’s the director’s rough cut semi-finished product and trailer. It’s not finished yet.”

This is also the reason why she had to find Feng’s Entertainment on the basis of human feelings. There were a lot of pre-release work.

The film directed by Zhu Xufang, according to years of review experience, basically there will not be any problems there.

But the film was about to be finished, and they couldn’t wait until everything was done before they started discussing how to release it.

However, the combination of Zhu Xufang and True Dream Entertainment. Other distribution companies would never work with them until they saw the final version of the film.

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  1. Thanks for the update, I hope we get to see the husband’s reaction to this movie. Though I doubt it will happen since he’s so busy but since he has been looking for his wife recently he just might see it.

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