Chapter 11 Part 2

Feng Yan laughed and shook his head: “Okay, I can accept the film, but what effect do you hope this film can achieve? Is your film competitive? If it’s released at an important time, why should I focus on releasing your film not someone else’s film? “

Lin Meng had long thought about how to respond: “First, I believe in the quality of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, I believe you will understand it after watching the film.

Second, this is a film carefully crafted by Zhu Xufang after ten years of silence. Although he slightly affected word of mouth because of the previous work. In general, he still has a box office appeal.

Third, this is also the work that Gu Mingyi and Sui Yan collaborated again after their debut. The box office reputation of the two has been good, and they have a certain bonus to the box office.

Fourth, for Xianxia films. Domestically, it is a relatively rare type of film in recent years. Many people have martial arts and Xianxia feelings … “

The parts that Lin Meng avoided, the two kept silent, such as protagonists who couldn’t afford the box office, and unique but not necessarily attractive movie types. If we had to sell our “products” to the outside world, we should only say good and not bad.

Feng Yan pondered for a moment, and stretched out two fingers to shake.

“No, this is too high.” Lin Meng looked at Feng Yan with the eyes of a traitor.

The box office income of a film. What could be split, it was the net box office after deducting taxes and special film funds. If it sold well, they had to pay China Film Digital Agency Fee.

Theater lines and theaters accounted for the bulk, and production companies could get about 40% of the so-called “net box office”.

Feng Yan meant that for the small 40%, he wanted 20% as the distribution fee.

It was expressed by a simple mathematical algorithm that it was close to 200 million investments. If she follow Feng Yan’s method, box office income will be close to one billion before she can start making money.

Feng Yan threw out a bait: “I guarantee the row piece rate of the theaters. The screening will help you arrange it in the golden file, and focus on the announcement. I receive 20%.”

Lin Meng was a little emotional, but after thinking about it, she refused: ” You receive 20%. The row piece rate is 20 percent.”

If 20% of the issuance contract was signed back, she estimated that she would be looked at by Ning Qi for at least one month with condemnation.

“15% percent.”

Lin Meng groaned and still didn’t agree: “12% percent.”

Just after she finished speaking, Feng Yan nodded: “In a few days, I will arrange to sign an issuance contract.”

Feng Yan promised to be so easy, Lin Meng felt that she was being pitted. She did a little mental calculation. As long as she made more than 700 million to recover the capital, she was relieved.

Anyway, if she made money, she would pay dividends. If she lost money, it was still a gain for her. Perfect.

After talking about business, she did n’t have to be so stretched in her sitting position, and her figure was slightly relaxed: “Brother Yan, how about the matter I asked to investigate?”

When speaking of this, Feng Yan took a stern face: “You are not a bodhisattva or a saint. Why do you care so much?” What he didn’t say was that take good care of herself.

“I am not a saint. I am a capitalist.”

Feng Yan stared at her for a while, then pulled out the files from the drawer next to her and began to explain: “I have confirmed that Sui Yan did not lie to you. Chengming Entertainment’s problems are indeed more serious.

At present, there have been five contract disputes and loan disputes filed in court, involving a total amount of nearly 50 million. I couldn’t confirm the bank loan, but it was estimated to be no less. “

Lin Meng flipped through these materials, and the mood went down: “This Yu Chengming is really a bold person.”

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  1. Yes, he seems to be a royal snake.
    Unlike her husband who still doesn’t understand why she’s acting like that. And has no time now to think about his secretary.

    Thanks for the update.♥️

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