Chapter 9 Part 3

The results of “Love You Before Tomorrow” triggered a series of chain reactions. After having a word-of-mouth work, the mailbox posted on the Internet was also loaded with resumes and scripts that were tentatively delivered by others.

Lin Meng and Ning Qi have been searching for the best content after filming these days.

“President Lin. In fact, you should still save some money. Now, wasn’t your investment equivalent to disappearing?” The quality of scripts delivered by others was different. Ning Qi saw half of them and sighed.

It didn’t take long for the money to arrive yesterday. Lin Meng came to him and made a few requests.

1, Although the company leased a large building area, it was not fully equipped. Since we had a profit, we had to do it all at once. Including the upgrading of photographic equipment and the setting of recording studios, these have to be considered.

2, Success was inseparable from everyone’s hard work, and we must pay dividends to individuals. Although Ning Qi was also part of this “individual”, he disagreed. Ning Qi thought it would be better to do this thing later this year. —— If “The Path To Becoming Immortal” lost money, wouldn’t that money also fill the void?

But every sentence that Lin Meng said was equally convincing:”This is the first work produced by the company, which embodies everyone’s efforts. You could decide to join the company when the prospects of the company were not clear, I thank all of you. “

“This need not be measured by the benefits and losses. If the dividends paid can make True Dream Entertainment more cohesive and allow employees to take the company more seriously, then the money is worth the money.

These words came from her heart.

Wasn’t Lin Meng’s wish that he couldn’t take the money home? Make money for Zhu Yushen? Oh,this situation did not exist. Never existed.

“You don’t have to send too much.” Ning Qi took a step back.

“I think the culture of True Dream Entertainment should respect the efforts made by everyone and the ideals of everyone. Just like every time I have a willful idea, although you do not agree with it, you have chosen to support me. Right?” Lin Meng laughed. “Furthermore, I am a black-hearted capitalist. The money I give you now is to make you work harder for me in the future and make more money for me. The money is not for nothing.”

When it came to this, Ning Qi nodded and told the finance to send money after calculation.

“I’m happy when you earn.” Lin Meng answered with a smile.

That sentence was well spoken. You could make blood, but I would never lose.

How could she lose? She turned “earning”!

“President Lin. Xiao Ning. What are you chatting?” Zhu Xufang shouted the ‘stop’, and the props group was adjusting the props. To pause for a while, he walked forward with his hands on his back.

Lin Meng: “Well, we’re watching the script. Unfortunately good scripts are hard to come by.”

Zhu Xufang nodded, carrying his hands, dangling beside them. Something to say was printed on the face.

“What’s wrong with Director Zhu?” Lin Meng held back a smile. During this period of time, she found that Director Zhu was a director with her own directing aesthetics and a lovely director—of course, without pursuing the so-called flow of consciousness art.

“That’s it …” Zhu Xufang was a little embarrassed. “I heard Xiao He said that your company’s treatment is pretty good, and sometimes it pays dividends, right?”


Zhu Xufang pointed to himself: “Then what do you think of me?” He promoted himself, “I’m not quite old now, and I can still make a few years of filming. If you don’t think that I have not scored well in these years … “

Lin Meng and Ning Qi looked at each other, turning from surprise to joy: “Of course we welcome.”

What Ning Qi thought was that Director Zhu has already demonstrated his ability to direct through this film. He could shoot more small-cost literary films to win prizes in the future.

As for Lin Meng, the symbol of money had been quietly in her eyes.

Zhu Xufang = Spending money like running water, how could such a talent be missed?

Zhu Xufang breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good, that’s good. I’ll go back to film first, and then sign a contract for me.” He went back for a walk.

When he sold the house for the purpose of making this film, he now felt a little impulsive. His wife at home now answered his phone and sneered when he said a few words. Zhu Xufang was really guilty and put money on the agenda.

True Dream Entertainment knew him well, and the company was fine. Zhu Xufang has begun to recall several commercial film scripts at the bottom of the box. He could not always pursue art and awards. President Lin was so good that he had to make more money for President Lin.

Looking at the back of Zhu Xufang, Ning Qi sighed heartily: “President Lin, you are right.”


“It’s true that our company’s treatment is good, but what really attracts talents for a long time is your attitude that always puts everyone in an important position. You see, isn’t Director Zhu here for this reason?” Ning Qi said, “President Lin, you thought farther than me.”

He recalled that in the past, he worked in the studio with the entertainers as his core. Other employees, to be honest, he didn’t even take them too seriously. After all, the entertainers were the only fulcrum that supported the operation of the studio. But he thought back to the past. If there was not many effort from the staff in the studio. He was afraid that the achievement would have to be folded in half?

Lin Meng looked at Ning Qi and was lost in thought.

She wondered if Ning Qi had any misunderstandings about her?

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  1. HAHAH I love how Ning Qi thinks she’s a saint and she… just wants to spend more money. hehehe.

    (Un)fortunately, I think this movie will be a hit.

  2. The more she tries to lose money, the more loyal her employees become, lol. Instead of the entertainment industry, maybe she should buy an airline!

  3. Hey this is so good. Thank you for translating this. I laugh, cry and smile because of this. Lin Meng is such a gem. I have no words to say. Just that i think this is good.

  4. Definitivamente la película será un éxito porque ella invirtió en buenos efectos especiales y eso en su mayoría es lo que emociona al espectador así que aún si no se hace super famosa al menos tendrá muchas vista y con el tiempo le generará dinero

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