Chapter 11 Part 3

“Well, he has always been bold in investing and not very clean.” If it was n’t for Lin Meng’s questioning, he would never know so much. “In the past, if there was an actor who wanted to terminate his contract, he would bring a lawsuit. After that, he dragged on. Even if no penalty was awarded, he would also stop other companies from offering jobs to the actor. ”

Feng Yan taunted, and he looked down on such people: “Sui Yan found that he was so privately hindering actors to terminate the contract, maybe it was communication or quarrel with him. In short, Yu Chengming stopped doing this. “

“And then?” Lin Meng always felt that in Feng Yan’s tone, this was not the end of the matter.

“Then those leaving actors haven’t had a successful career so far.” He motioned to Lin Meng to page backwards.

There was silence in the office. Lin Meng lowered her head to confirm the contents of the document. She took a breath of air.

Almost all actors leaving Feng Yan have been exposed to scandals. A few people who had nothing to do with each other were out of the entertainment industry directly.

These exposed things were good and bad. Such as once bullying others on campus, Lin Meng only felt that the exposure was good. If these were Yu Chengming’s long-aware, but hidden behind the backhand, it would be disgusting.

Lin Meng asked: “You mean …”

Feng Yan nodded: ” These were all things that Yu Chengming did. So even if Sui Yan can leave, I’m afraid she won’t be able to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry. “

So…what handle did Yu Chengming hide there?

Lin Meng put away the documents and put them in the bag: “Thank you, Brother Yan. Rest assured, I will think about it when I go back, I will not be impulsive.”

Feng Yan knew that Lin Meng might have made a decision in her mind: “I mean, if you really want to help Sui Yan, you must also be prepared to deal with it. Of course, you can always tell me when you need me. I’m on call. “

he got up and took Lin Meng out to the elevator. Lin Meng entered the elevator and waved goodbye to him, then the figure disappeared behind the closed door.

Feng Yan knew that he regretted it.


Lin Meng hastily rushed home. She hadn’t been back for more than a month, the place became a bit strange.

When he saw Lin Meng, the butler was pleasantly surprised: “Ms. Lin, you’re back. I have to call Mr Zhu. He told me to notify him when you return.”

The butler wore reading glasses and dialed the phone. Lin Meng went straight upstairs. The room was not different from before, except for things that had been taken away from her trunk.

The door to the house had never been locked. The only reason she couldn’t get out was that she closed the door for herself in her heart.

Since this time, Zhu Yushen probably sent her more messages than years of marriage combined. But it just seemed to copy and paste.

Except for “when will you come back?” And “why didn’t you come back?” And there were routine late trip reports.

She did what he had done. He was also given countless ‘um, unclear, busy’ in response.

The scheduled flight time was very tight. She packed a box of winter clothes and went straight downstairs. Waiting for Zhu Yushen? She waited enough.

The butler, who had just hung up the phone, busy reported to her: “Mr. Zhu said that his plane will come back tomorrow night and let you wait for him at home.”

“I’m very busy.”

Lin Meng answered neatly and walked out. The butler shouted twice. He saw that she didn’t stop and he could only stand still and sigh.

Before the taxi arrived at the airport, she received a call from Zhu Yushen. His voice on the phone was no longer gentle, and he was angry.

Zhu Yushen questioned: “Why didn’t you tell me when you went home?”

Lin Meng groaned for a moment: “Sorry, I forgot.” This time I really forgot.

“So you can’t wait even a day? Your business is so anxious? I will be flying home tomorrow night.”

“I booked a flight for an hour and a half later, and I didn’t have time to board.”

Zhu Yushen said eagerly: “I’ll change it for you.”

“But I am busy, and I really have something to do.” Every time, Lin Meng always felt funny when she felt the feeling of swapping against each other.

Was Zhu Yushen at this moment as sad as she used to be?

“When will you be back next time?” Zhu Yushen asked again.

Lin Meng glanced at the calendar software on the cell phone. The filming could end this week … Well, but she didn’t want to come back.

“I’ll do my best. I’m just starting my career and I’m really busy.”

she didn’t want to say any more, pretending to be a little anxious, “I’ve arrived at the airport. I’ll hang up.”

The voice had just dropped and the phone hung up.

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  1. Heh. Normally I would feel sorry for hubby, but he’s just too neglectful. Go, go, Lin Meng!

    1. He took her for granted. Sometimes all that matters is the mundane. MC will be happier with a road side food stall date than the diamond studded Lamborghini that gives her PTSD

  2. And it’s never occurred to him to go to her. She’s always the one expected to do the work.

  3. Curious who is the ML?
    Even though scum husband action is not clear yet, I hope he’s not the ML.

    I just don’t appreciate husbands that take their wives for granted.

    Feng ge sounds like a good ML candidate

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