Chapter 11 Part 4

In fact, there was a lot of traffic outside the window, and it was still half an hour away from the airport.

Lin Meng looked at the driver’s eyes reflected in the rear-view mirror and could see the doubt in the other person’s eyes.

She shook her hand embarrassed, then watched the green light turn on, and the car continued to move forward.

Looking at the call that had been hung up, Zhu Yushen looked angry. But there was nowhere to vent his anger.

Wen Xiaofu not far away gestured to him, and constantly gestured to the wrist. Zhu Yushen could see that Wen Xiaofu meant to make him pay attention to time.

He was just in the middle of a meeting with the staff at the branch office, and he received a call from the butler and suspended a meeting.

Zhu Yushen did not expect that he clearly explained to the butler that Lin Meng would not leave, but Lin Meng still left.

When the butler’s second phone call came in, he couldn’t sit still. He interrupted the meeting again and made the call directly.

This was the first time that he had almost left important work behind for work-unrelated matters.

Zhu Yushen even gave birth to an immediate return trip and stopped Lin Meng at the airport. The idea was impulsive, and reason quickly recovered.

But what did she want?

Zhu Yushen no longer thought about it, nodded to Wen Xiaofu, and signaled her to inform the meeting to continue. He adjusted his feelings of irritation at the moment, wanting to be irritated with those around him, and hurried into the room.


Q City where Light And Shadow Entertainment was located was a well-known tourist city in the country, and the environment was very good.

During this time. The weather turned cold, but the temperature was not too low, which was suitable for play.

Lin Meng organized a large-scale True Dream Entertainment Q city tour on the grounds of “Team building”. She had arranged accommodation, meals, and itineraries in advance.

She asked Feng’s Entertainment to find a local variety production company to borrow a editing room and a few vacant rooms to handle the post-production of “The Path To Becoming Immorta”l.

Everyone started a holiday life that worked hard during the day and played happily at night.

Of course, being away from home also had to pay a price.

Just a few days after arriving in Q City, Lin Meng was scrutinized by Ning Qi’s eyes looking at the “spendthrift boss”.

She had no choice but to reassure the other party that she would definitely talk to him before making the next team building plan.

Of course, whether the next time she fulfilled her promises was not something to discuss now.

There was sufficient preparation in the early stage, and everyone worked quickly and efficiently under conditions of physical and mental well-being.

Zhu Xufang was old but vigorous. He was full of energy in the face of his favorite film, and soon released a final cut version with the editor.

After the dubbing and other tasks were processed, the film was sent for review. Later progress was not within the scope of True Dream Entertainment’s team.

They relaxed and started a carefree and happy holiday life.

As people in the entertainment industry, gathering together was inevitable to share the gossip.

What everyone unexpected was that the person who knew the best gossip was not Ning Qi, but Zhu Xufang who had been in the circle for many years.

Every day before going to bed, the True Dream Entertainment group changed to “Listen to Director Zhu telling past stories”.

But Director Zhu’s appeal ended last night.

Because the well-known source blogger on Weibo last night, suddenly posted a Weibo without warning—

@Just tell the truth: At 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, a breaking news that will paralyze the Weibo server: A well-known A-lister actress lingered with a fresh meat overnight at the hotel.

There were many comments below, and they were all guessing which list the “A-lister” was.

After all, Weibo bloggers often exaggerated the popularity of actors in order to attract attention.

But the blogger replied very firmly and was not afraid to slap his face:”Real A-lister. Everyone’s recognized A-lister. Once it is exposed, it will definitely become the top hot search topic!”

Even those people in the “industry” began to speculate, but they couldn’t think of an answer.

After all, just as there were two top1 universities in China, but five in top3.

When talking about top-level traffic idols, maybe the target could still be locked in so three or five people. As for A-lister actress, there could be 20 or 30 people pulling down the list of suspects.

But no matter how amazing the event was, their vacation would continue.

The True Dream tour group, went out just after half past nine as usual, ready to the city center and enjoy free activities.

Just after ten o’clock, someone in the business car suddenly remembered this. After shouting, everyone looked at the cell phone at the same time.

Maybe the signal on the business car was bad or for other reasons. Anyway, no one in this business car could connect to the Weibo server.

Just as the howl was on the business car. Lin Meng received a call from Feng Liangliang, a gossip master.

Before she could ask, she heard Feng Liangliang on the phone excited and mixed with worry.

“Mengmeng, your house has collapsed!”

“Ah?” Lin Meng didn’t respond. The house collapsed, then let the butler call for repairs. “Which one?”

“No! I’m talking about the derailed A-lister actress. It’s Sui Yan!”

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  1. Scum husband theme is really the highlight of this novel.

    This unredeemable entertainment CEO leads the score against FL’s husband (I just don’t him be the ML) #prayheisnotML

    Give the scum the worst comeuppance he deserved.

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