Chapter 12 Part 1

The phone held by Lin Meng had not hung up, and a colleague from the side finally entered the webpage.

“Fuck!” In the closed environment of the business car, this rough male voice could not be ignored.

“Have you seen the webpage? Is this site discriminatory? Did it look down on our telecommunications users?”

“Let me see! Let me see!”

Lin Meng looked back and saw that even Zhu Xufang put his hands on the back of the chair, and kept leaning in that direction. Looked like he wanted to know the gossip news the first time.

“You can keep talking.” She turned back to her phone, speaking in a breathless tone.

Feng Liangliang’s voice was filled with anxiety of being burned: “Mengmeng, how did your response have been so dull ?”

She was still at home, her hair was messy and unconsciously combed, “Do you want to change your film’s supporting actress? Once Sui Yan was identified as marital infidelity, her good reputation will be completely gone! “

“Several actors in the entertainment industry have been exposed to marital infidelity. Anyone who has conclusive evidence has been rejected by people. This time, Sui Yan was taken a picture of spending the night with fresh meat.

….Mengmeng. Listen to me. You’d better ask my brother to see if any actress in his company who has not worked for the time being. Let him find someone to help you replace Sui Yan! “

She thought that Sui Yan played the female No. 2 and it would cost a lot of money to make up the shots. Feng Liangliang was choking on her friends.

“Liangliang, don’t worry. You don’t have to tell Brother Yan. Wait for a while, I will send you a message.” She calmed Feng Liangliang softly.

“… Okay, don’t take everything alone, if you need help you must tell me.” Feng Liangliang emphasized again before hanging up the phone.

Lin Meng turned around, and the staff behind her were basically filled with shock. They have been with Sui Yan on the set, and in the face of such shocking gossip, they were really unexpected.

The gossip expression on Zhu Xufang’s face disappeared. He frowned and was furious: “Xiao Sui is definitely not such a person!”

All the employees nearby were silent. Sui movie queen was a good person, but who could tell about marriage?

They spent only about a month with movie queen. At best, they could only say that she was a good person, and could not stand beside Sui movie queen like Director Zhu.

“Director Zhu is right. Sui Yan is not that kind of person.”

Everyone’s heads changed direction at the same time. Their eyes were on Lin Meng who suddenly stood up.

“I can assure you that Sui Yan has never had a marital infidelity.” Lin Meng vowed frankly that she was not afraid to slap face.

The breaking news this time really matched the source blogger’s words. Directly dropped off the top of hot search topic. Taking up half of the hot search topic online list, dark red bursts of words followed the topic.

Sui Yan became famous early and never speculated. No matter whether she was in the mouth of the staff who cooperated over the years or in the evaluation of friends in the circle, everyone could not hear a bad comment about her.

She was popular at the time, and her married Yu Chengming belongs to marrying down. After the marriage, the couple often attended dinners and awards ceremonies together.

At first, there were many fans of Sui Yan who didn’t like Yu Chengming. But after marriage, Sui Yan never said that Yu Chengming was not good. After a few years, they have become everyone’s recognized relatives of immortals.

Couples who talked about face and heart disagreement never showed their names. When talking about the couple who would not divorce the most, they often appeared with their names.

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  1. ah must be Yu Chengming spreading those lies. I can’t wait for his fall. This would probably generate buzz and the movie will be a hit.

  2. Once You Chengming’s dirty clothes get washed out in public, the fans will support Sui Yan and the movie in droves. And our President Lin will make money again.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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