Chapter 12 Part 2

Like the sixth one on today ’s hot search topic— # If Sui Yan marital infidelity, I would never believe in love.#.

Compared with the relationship problems between the two, what shocked people even more was that the person at marital infidelity was actually Sui Yan!

This news was published by a well-known paparazzi in the circle. He filmed the scene where Sui Yan rushed away from home with a sunglasses mask at ten o’clock in the night; after leaving home, Sui Yan went directly to the largest garden hotel in the area.

At this point in the news, he also used a novel-like brushstroke to describe how paparazzi took a pinhole camera, pretending to be a hotel guest, and casually followed the stairs.

Then as soon as Sui Yan pressed the floor, he immediately sent a message to the colleague who was waiting at the lobby. He pretended to press the wrong floor and procrastinated at the elevator.

The colleague left the elevator after the ambush was completed at the destination of Sui Yan .

After this exaggerated experience of “spy wars”, it was the reporter who had gone through a lot of difficulties, finally squatting in position, and then successfully took a picture.

In the photo, Sui Yan knocked at the door twice, then looked around, and then nodded at the person inside.

A man in casual clothes came out. The first thing he came out was to take Sui Yan’s suitcase, and the two disappeared behind the door.

The door didn’t open again until nine o’clock the next morning. The young man who came out first left the hotel in a hurry.

The reporter waited for another half an hour. Sui Yan, who had changed clothes, finally dragged her luggage out of the door and rushed to the airport.

The number of comments at the bottom of the post has exceeded 10,000 just after it was posted, all of which are shocked expressions.

To be honest, this has already been conclusive evidence.

A married actress, who didn’t live at home at night, ran to a hotel in the same city, and spent a whole night with a young man. And she was terribly afraid of what others saw.

We couldn’t say that they just went to the hotel and just chatted, right?

The posts on the forum were filled with anger and disappointment one by one. Occasionally, there were several posts by Sui Yan fans.

They hoped that everyone would wait for Sui Yan to make a statement. They turned out to be ridiculed by the group.

What really set off all this was less than two and a half hours after the news was revealed. Yu Chengming issued a Weibo article that was certified as the chairman of Chengming Entertainment.

There was only silence in the hotel room.

Lin Meng pulled the paper from the paper box on the table and handed it to Sui Yan.

“Thank you, President Lin.” Sui Yan reluctantly bent her lips. Today she did not put on makeup. She looked pale.

She had tears in her eyes just now, biting her lower lip and holding it back, she didn’t drop a tear.

Just now, she and Lin Meng watched the long Weibo posted by Yu Chengming. Although she had a premonition, she never expected that Yu Chengming really did it and forced her to death.

That night, She told Yu Chengming that she would never help Yu Chengming to continue to bear those debts. She was going to divorce and she would only pay back her own part.

At that time, Yu Chengming was a little bit angry, but just leaned on the sofa and looked at her and said. “Okay, good, you can rest assured. Since I’m not good, everyone will die together, and no one will be better.”

He did what he said. Just as Sui Yan sued for divorce yesterday, she received a message from a strange phone call.

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  1. She received a phone call and she stupidly went to meet someone all alone? Knowing how ruthless her husband is? So naive. I can’t even feel sorry for her.

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