Chapter 12 Part 3

There was only a short sentence in the message: “You will regret it.”

Of course, Sui Yan knew who it was, and she did not reply. Sure enough, this morning, Yu Chengming gave her a big gift.

“We expected it, didn’t we?” Lin Meng comforted Sui Yan.

Sui Yan’s voice had no emotion at all, and it was cold to the extreme: “Yes, but I haven’t thought, he could really do this. Maybe he has been preparing for a long time, right?” As early as the first time she had shown reluctance to take on debts with him.

“His long post should have been written by professionals.” Lin Meng commented lightly and laughed mockingly, “In order to attack his wife, who paid everything for him, this man really used all means.”

In the long post, Yu Chengming appeared as a sincere and desperate husband.

He first recalled the past, mentioning how happy he was when he and Sui Yan came together, and felt that this was the blessing given by God, but he did not expect that the blessing was not lasting.

Until the news came out this morning, he still thought his marriage with Sui Yan could be redeemed.

Immediately afterwards, he began to analyze himself, saying that his career was not progressing, and that he relied on Sui Yan’s reputation to develop.

In the past few years, because of the slump in his career, he has not been economically generous and cannot treat Sui Yan as well as before. This has became the fuse of the two.

According to “Yu Chengming”, he used many methods to redeem the marriage, including wanting a child, but it didn’t help; but he never expected that after Sui Yan quarreled with him and said that she need quiet. She actually opened a room with another man.

At the end of the post, Yu Chengming sincerely apologized to people from all walks of life. He hoped that no one would blame Sui Yan.

“To this day, it’s all my fault. As a husband, I didn’t succeed in my career, and I couldn’t give Sui Yan the economic conditions that I had promised. I didn’t help her in any way; and in the end, it also dragged Sui Yan because of my business failure. I can accept all the choices she makes, and I am not worthy of being her husband. “

In the post, Yu Chengming was also accompanied by a few pictures of chat records and a few voices to make the evidence more conclusive.

This post directly determined Yu Chengming’s character settings as a victim, and also perfectly touched everyone’s hearts.

Sui Yan not only wore the symbol of marital infidelity on her body, but also was labeled “stepping high and holding low”, “respectfully outside, treacherous to her husband inside.”, “worship girl”, and “fighting each other before disaster”.

When a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a push.

The trailer for “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, which she forwarded the day before yesterday, has been promoted on Weibo and has been abused with nearly 100,000 comments. Even under the official Weibo of The Path To Becoming Immortal, such scolding was endless.

Sui Yan shook her hand and opened Weibo. She looked pale at the comments that abused her, and she was at a loss.

“President Lin, can we really make it back?” She shuddered, shaking her hands.

Lin Meng looked at her and suddenly smiled: “You can rest assured. Yu Chengming could find professional people to frame you, and you can also get professional people.”

Sui Yan watched Lin Meng feel a little embarrassed. Although they talked about this, before Yu Chengming posted a Weibo, they didn’t know where Yu Chengming planned to attack.

Since the two entered the house and met now, she clearly remembers that Lin Meng has not contacted anyone.

Lin Meng took out the computer bag from the side, turned on the computer, and put her hands on the keyboard. “When it comes to public relations, I am also professional.”

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  1. Argh, what a cliff hanger! I can’t wait to see how Lin Meng responds here. Thanks for translating this series!

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