Chapter 13 Part 1

The news of Sui Yan marital infidelity, whether in Weibo, anonymous area, forum or elsewhere, was discussed at a very fast speed, and the situation was almost one-sided.

Except for person with a rebellious mind, they would sneer at Yu Chengming, saying that he was like a pure white lotus.

He said that he was not to blame Sui Yan, but he released the chat records and recordings. It seemed as if he was afraid that Sui Yan would not be ruined.

Just that such comments would be beaten as whitewash, and they would not get a few replies except for being scolded.

After a while, some people have begun to diversify from Sui Yan’s news to all kinds of emotional and social topics.

[Loving without doubt, didn’t exist in modern society, right? The couple did actually like the two birds of the same forest that flew away separately when the disaster impended, was the mainstream of society. 】

[On the money worship of modern women, Sui Yan is the standard representative. She wanted to find the rich second generation, but she was deceived by the false rich second generation. 】

[High girls and low boys are doomed to be unhappy, so the theory that daughters have to marry high can be passed down to this day. 】

Some people were silently following all media in an attempt to get first-hand news about Sui Yan.

[Since this morning, Sui Yan’s Weibo account has been logged in 40 times. Would Sui Yan remain silent? 】

[Are so many paparazzi waste? Why didn’t anyone stop Sui Yan and have a live broadcast interview? I will definitely contribute to the playback. 】

This was almost like a national carnival. Some people even started to sit in a row, calling for boycotts of Sui Yan’s contract, teleplay and film that have not yet aired.

“The Path To Becoming Immortal” appeared especially many times. After all, the name of this film is still hanging on the Weibo homepage of Sui Yan.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Sui Yan updated a long post with a simple name called “My Marriage”, then smashed the newly maintained server again.

Even the forum that was still open before. No new posts can be written at all.

The world seemed to be quiet suddenly. After a while, the posts began to appear like a blowout.

[Report! Sui Yan issued a statement in response to Yu Chengming! 】

[Fuck! Is Yu Chengming human? Saying that he is a livestock animal has insulted it! 】

[Extremely, is Sui Yan a saint on earth? Is she a Virgin Mary who can walk? 】

The hottest post was the one that was sent the earliest, and the posting person was typing at a fast speed and updated in real time.

[Update Sui Yan’s certification online to bring you a beautiful theater experience. ], posts followed in waves.

[Floor host is here, Sui Yan ’s statement is briefly summarized as follows: After the two were married, she signed the contract to Chengming Entertainment.

The contract was divided into four to six, but it was actually one to nine. Her husband gave her 10% of her living expenses, and the remaining 90% was drawn by her husband.

And it also involved some problems with unclear accounts, but she has not investedigate …

After Valuation Adjustment Mechanism a few years ago, she worked hard, but did not expect her husband to spend money on the water.

Until some time ago, When she was filming, her husband told her that not only had he lost his money, but also pledged the husband and wife’s common property.

After Sui Yan’s emotional stress was on the verge of collapse, she filed for divorce. After several conflicts between the two, she left home with simple luggage. 】

[So … what about marital infidelity? 】

[Supplement: The man who was photographed was a lawyer for Lin Meng (producer of “Love You Before Tomorrow”, gender female). The room was opened by Lin Meng.

The three of them were discussing Sui Yan in the room on that day. Sui Yan signed a contract with Lin Meng, intending to ask Lin Meng to borrow 800 million, partly to repay her own debt, and partly to repay debts for Yu Chengming.

But because the amount was too large, and whether the contract violated personal rights has been discussed.

Sui Yan’s emotional breakdown, they were unable to continue the conversation several times halfway, and the conversation lasted until four in the morning.

At that time, the suite had compartments inside. The lawyer adjusted the paperwork in the outside room without interrupting it. 】

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  1. Pa. Pa. Pa. Don’t mistake these pa pa pa for papapa. 😉 This is the sound of slaps landing very square on faces.

    Keep going Lin Meng. Sui Yan, jiayou! This unsavoury man will get what he deserves.

    Thanks for the update!

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