Chapter 13 Part 2

[Additionally: Sui Yan’s evidence is complete, including account records over the years, surveillance video of the hotel’s entry and exit on the day, and chat records provided by the lawyer and friends of the law firm…

Everything is available and the summary is over. My personal evaluation of this matter is that the stupid woman is more likely to be deceived. Sui Yan is really miserable. 】

[I came back to see the evidence. The evidence given by Sui Yan was too hard-core, one was a streamlined print highlighting, and the other was a direct compression and sharing of the full version.

Bank flow, twelve hours of surveillance video, and chat records were exported. I think I have to apologize to Sui Yan. 】

[Excerpt from the classic sentence: “I’m sorry, the end of the marriage is displayed in such a embarrassing manner, and I sincerely hope that everyone will not be affected by me. There are many happy lovers, it’s just that I’m not so lucky. 】

[I’m crying, please go and see the chat history shared by Sui Yan. It’s too bad. I just flipped over a few times, Sui Yan was begging his husband many times in the middle, saying she would work hard and let her husband not anxious to develop the company. Resolving the debt first, they have to work through the difficulties together. 】

[I served it, Sui Yan is the Virgin of the Earth? I really wanted to shake her and let her pour out the water in her head. She is a movie queen. She chose such a man from many admirers?

Sui Yan has been married to him for so many years, she has lost all the money she has earned, and also has several hundred million debts. She also wanted to help him borrow more for compensation?

Why her husband dare to say that Sui Yan does not share his hardships! Obviously, this cannot be called sharing the pain and suffering. This is called, I eat bitter, and you can eat sweet. 】

[Floor host is here again. Lin Meng and the lawyer appear in Sui Yan’s article, they also came out to speak.

They added a few more pictures in the comments, the most amazing of which was the draft contract that Sui Yan handwritten to Lin Meng.

In order to borrow money, she really sold herself: “I promise not to refuse any work. I don’t need rest time, I only need to share the income that can guarantee the basic needs of life, until the debt is paid.” 】

Comments one by one, the chain of evidence given by Sui Yan is too complete, completely overwhelming Yu Chengming’s screenshots.

Just like a netizen responded: “Divorce, childlessness, and bad attitude? If my husband is like Yu Chengming, I’m not sure what I will do to him. “

At this point, public opinion has completely reversed, and a hot search topic has climbed higher and higher — #Congratulations to Sui Yan, Get Out of Misery #, occupying the first place with amazing speed and popularity.

“Congratulations, you won this battle.” Lin Meng looked at Sui Yan.

In fact, this battle was not easy to fight. After Feng Yan reminded her of Yu Chengming’s shamelessness, she put this matter at the top of her list.

After seeking the consent of Sui Yan, Lin Meng asked the private investigator to follow Sui Yan at a high price, while investigating Yu Chengming.

It was found that Yu Chengming asked the paparazzi to follow Sui Yan, and he even arranged for a person to plan to make “Marital infidelity photos”.

As soon as Lin Meng grasped the news, she immediately started to take advantage of the initiative, and let the people arranged by Yu Chengming “take” all this.

The location of the Garden Hotel was also carefully selected by her. This did not allow Yu Chengming to get the videotape destroyed or do any post-processing.

After she asked Sui Yan to back up her chat history in advance, she asked Sui Yan to pretend inadvertently to reveal the deleted dialog box in front of Yu Chengming.

Otherwise, how could Yu Chengming think everything was ready and go straight?

Sui Yan looked at Lin Meng, and suddenly smiled: “I never knew that President Lin would write such an article.”

Lin Meng not only wrote quickly, but also well. Sui Yan just sat beside and looked at it, and she cried when she saw half.

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  1. Hmm, I am not really convinced. How could Yu Cheng ming be so careless as not to check who the man was, who else was inthe room, what other dirt Sui Yan had on him in the form of texts, emails, letters? That is one sloppy bad guy.

    1. not really sure, given how well his plan was going before thr proof she showed was put in the light, i could understand why he believed his plan will go well.
      Given the public opinion at the time, even if she said the guy was her brother nobody would believe her.
      But yeah he should totally have checked the dirt she had on him, he was totally gonna be a kamikaze and wanted for both of them to go down

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