Chapter 13 Part 3

“I have done everything before.”

When she and Zhu Yushen started a business before, how could they afford so many staff members?

Was there any other way besides using herself as a lot of people?

The game’s copywriting, numerical calculation, publicity, public relations … she has done all posts.

Lin Meng also said: “When the verdict on divorce comes down, I will transfer the money to you. If I transfer the money to you now, I am afraid that Yu Chengming will become a demon again. As for the covenant of selling yourself, it doesn’t matter.”

The picture of the contract was not born out of thin air, and was written verbatim by Sui Yan. She wanted to make every effort to return the money as soon as possible.

“I can’t assume it doesn’t exist.” Sui Yan is firm. “I must pay the money back, I can’t make you suffer.”

After thinking about it, Lin Meng changed a plan that everyone can accept: “Until you divorce, the small amount of expenses you need can be found in the company’s financial expenses. After you divorce, the company would pay you according to the normal share of the normal contract. “

she waved her hand and didn’t let Sui Yan interject: “You can save money by yourself and pay me back once a year until the money is paid off. How about that?”

“… Okay.” Sui Yan nodded, and her eyes were full of emotions that would overflow.


The tendency of public opinion always turned sharply. Before this, Yu Chengming’s Weibo messages were still sympathetic, and netizens suggested asking crowdfunding to help him pay back the money. But after half a day, there were only endless abuses.

The person who had previously scolded Sui Yan because of an impulse also rushed to her Weibo and apologized to her, encouraging her not to give up and live a good life.

Lin Meng’s Weibo was registered only a short time ago, what was specifically used for forward propaganda was an emotionless forward tool.

Although, the company’s propaganda staffs bought her some zombie powder because they couldn’t bear to see her indifferent attention, but there have been less than 50,000 followers so far.

Every time a Weibo was posted, only the advertised person was leaving a message.

Now, the comments were all living people. Some were thanking her for taking action. Some were asking her not to let Sui Yan sign a covenant of selling herself. There were all kinds of messages, make Lin Meng happy.

She contacted Xiao Wang, the company’s propaganda officer, and let her sent a post—

@True Dream Entertainment: @Sui Yan is now our company’s entertainer, thank you for your concern! Please rest assured that our company has always respected human rights, and will never sign contracts that do not respect human rights, and the distribution of income is absolutely fair and reasonable ~

Of course, the company’s official account was later supplemented with a serious version of the statement.

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