Chapter 13 Part 4

The number of followers of the True Dream Entertainment account, which had not attracted much attention, has skyrocketed.

The number directly exceeded the boss who bought the zombie powder, and received countless online friendly reviews.

At this time, the Fan Club who have been with Sui Yan for many years, finally speak out after a quiet day: “Thank you True Dream Entertainment and President Lin for their support and help with Sui Yan.

Fan Club has been with Sui Yan for many years. All we can do at this time is silent support. The members of the conference decided after discussions to start the ‘book whole theatres’ fundraising plan for “The Path To Becoming Immortal”.

The funds raised will be used for the ‘book whole theatres’ event after the release of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”. “

As soon as the fundraising link was released, the amount kept rising, and even several large sums of funds were raised in 100,000 units.

In just one hour of effort, 5 million had been raised, and it seemed that it was still rising.

As the top-rated fan said, “I’ve loved Sui Yan since I was a student. She faces such a dilemma. Although I can’t handle it for her, supporting the box office is just a hand for me. Thank you, Stay with me through my youth. “

After this Weibo and fundraising link was forwarded to the forum, many netizens also silently wrote down the name “The Path To Becoming Immortal” in their hearts.

They decided to wait for the film to release, and if they had time, they would buy a ticket to support Sui Yan and True Dream Entertainment.

After Sui Yan’s long Weibo was posted in the afternoon, her phone never stopped, and her mouth was a little dry.

After a while the phone stopped, she opened WeChat and saw the news from Xiao Wang. Previously, her remark to Xiao Wang was propaganda staff of True Dream Entertainment. It can be changed now. After all, she was already a member of True Dream Entertainment.

[Xiao Wang: [link] Sister Sui Yan. President Lin explained that let ’s not take your personal affairs as a selling point for publicity. This is not good for you.

We have always been guided only by True Dream Entertainment and your cooperation direction. But Weibo posts from your fans just now let everyone connect your private affairs with “The Path To Becoming Immortal” again.

I think that if I communicate with the fans, would it hurt their good intentions to help you? Would it be better for you to communicate with them? 】

Sui Yan looked back, Lin Meng was on the phone not far from her, and was also talking about “The Path To Becoming Immortal”. The film has now passed the review and started to prepare for the schedule and publicity.

She didn’t expect that Lin Meng would tell Xiao Wang this way. After all, it was normal to promote a movie while it was hot.

She thought for a while, and Sui Yan replied to Xiao Wang. After landing on Weibo, she did not open the comment and directly found the Weibo of the fan club forward: “I am very lucky, no matter how difficult I am, there are so many friends who are willing to lend a helping hand.”. “The Path To Becoming Immortal” is a hard work and a good film, I hope you will like it. “

She hoped that every investment made by Lin Meng would have a good return, including this investment in her. Sui Yan secretly promised in her heart.

“… Well, we can get a schedule for the Spring Festival or Valentine’s Day.” Lin Meng hung up the phone.

She didn’t know that on the Internet, the film “The Path To Becoming Immortal” had a foundation that others could not surpass.

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  1. Lol. Here we go. Despite Lin Meng’s good intentions to not use Sui Yan’s personal situation to promote the movie, it’s already sure to be a success at the box office. Sigh. It is so hard for her to lose money. The kind of problem I’d like to have.

    Thank you for all the chapters! I devoured them.

  2. Lin Meng was always destined for good things her luck proves it. Pretty sure the only reason things went south in her last life was because of that secretary, I smell a BITCH.

    1. Not just the secretary but also focusing so hard on her husband that she became a shrew and drove him away. Having a life of her own is a good thing.

    2. Those did not really happen tho? It was just a nightmare send by the transmigrated secretary via her system to force her apart from her husband.

      1. yeah those did not happen, but the fact that she knew her husband had a new secretary and her name is weird enough for her to believe it was premonition

        If that happened to me at least i would totally believe it

      2. I never knew the backstory of this novel since the translation not really smooth. Im not hating it to. Just saying

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