Chapter 14 Part 1

Of Chengming Entertainment, the largest office space was the president’s office.

It was already the time to get off work. The employees in the outer office did not dare to leave. After all, the president’s office was still brightly lit.

Based on their knowledge of President Yu, who would dare to leave early in his anger, it is estimated that he will have to pack up and leave tomorrow.

And wages originally deferred for one month would definitely be deducted directly. Although the company is now crumbling, wages can be paid.

Employees had changed amorous glances, and the small group without leadership was talking hotly. They were secretly scolding their unsuspecting boss.

Even they didn’t know until today that the boss was not only treacherous to outsiders and employees, but was also too treacherous to his wife.

Yu Chengming was sitting paralyzed on an office chair. Now he had no time to pay attention to other things. At this moment, his face was as dark as black, and he could not make a slight expression.

The office that was always cleaned by administrative staff on weekdays had lost its original order. The documents were spilled, and the tea was splashed on the ground.

Even the original tea set on the coffee table was smashed, and no piece was swept away.

“Sui Yan, you are amazing.” He gritted his teeth and read the woman’s name, hating Sui Yan for his bones.

Yu Chengming tried to call Sui Yan, but he was long blacklisted by Sui Yan. Even with a hundred calls, Sui Yan won’t get it.

He beat the wild goose all day, but was pecked.

Unexpectedly, Sui Yan, who hadn’t been at his heart, hit him hard.

The cell phone clenched in his hand sounded. He looked at it and was about to hang it, but suddenly his eyes widened. It was a good brother who called and the last straw he could rely on now.

Yu Chengming rushed to answer the phone. His attitude was respectful: “Brother Wu, it’s me. I’ve just been busy, and I’m sorry slow to answer.”

The male voice on the phone was very rough. He was a man in his fifties. His company was more than three times the size of Yu Chengming.

The reason why Yu Chengming dared to “die together” with Sui Yan was to know that even if he really went bankrupt because of debt, Brother Wu would give him help.

“Yu Chengming, those things you have done, do you think anyone else doesn’t know? Don’t hide from me. “

He was ashamed: “Yes, Brother Wu. Please rest assured that I will deal with it immediately and I will settle the matter as soon as possible. “

“Settle? How would you settle?” Brother Wu smiled suddenly.

“I have …” Yu Chengming hesitated for a moment, and he ended up telling the truth, “I still have some Sui Yan handles, can’t she get money? I’ll let her get more.”

It ’s just … These handles were not enough for Sui Yan to give in. Yu Chengming has just moved his mind.

He had to use the remaining funds of the company to artificially create a handle that could control Sui Yan, but he was still hesitant.

Sui Yan was not as well-controlled as before, and it was not easy to even call her out.

“You are so shameless.” Angkor was quite astonished at the ruthlessness of Yu Chengming, but he disdain to say more with Yu Chengming, “You have to destroy all these evidences, and come to visit me later. “

“Brother Wu …” Without Sui Yan, the cash cow, he would really be poor.

“I advise you not to do evil, Sui Yan’s current boss has a backer, you can’t offend them.” Brother Wu sneered, he was almost implicated.

Yu Chengming stunned: “Sui Yan didn’t know any important people.” If Sui Yan were to have this ability, she wouldn’t be so miserable.

Brother Wu ’s reminder point ends: “She didn’t, her boss did.” He added, “You can die yourself if you want to die, but I warn you if you continue to entangle Sui Yan. No matter if you die or live in the future, I will not be in control. “

Hearing this, Yu Chengming panicked: “Brother Wu, have you heard the wrong news? Actually Sui Yan …”

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