Chapter 15 Part 1

What kind of film was most popular on Valentine’s Day?

Needless to say, it must be a love film. Even the “bad” love films, on Valentine’s Day, can have a good attendance and box office.

“The Path To Becoming Immortal” was chosen to be screened nationwide on February 14.

The films that were also selected for release at this time, except for a small-cost ghost film that seemed to fail, were only the modern urban love film “Love Across the World” shot by well-known new-generation director Chen Aiming.

Cheng Aiming is under 35 this year. He has received professional training from the Film Academy. Since his formal involvement in the director industry, none of his works have been considered a “bad film” in the eyes of everyone.

He was also the “designated” successor of a major domestic director.

Although Cheng Aiming’s film has no influence in the international market, he has done well in the domestic market and won numerous domestic awards.

It may be because his career development was too smooth. Compared with ordinary people, he also seemed more open-mouthed, and often spoke amazingly.

At the same time, he was also recognized as the most popular director by media reporters. After all, as long as they interviewed him every time, they didn’t have to worry about the news headlines.

Coincidentally, although “The Path To Becoming Immortal” and “Love Across the World” were very different film types. But this year, they collided and became competitors. And before the film premiered in the confrontation, “The Path To Becoming Immortal” was all won.

For film, the importance of row piece rate is unquestionable. The publishing company of “The Path To Becoming Immortal” was Feng’s Entertainment, which occupies half of the domestic theaters. Almost 70% of theaters have a good relationship with Feng’s Entertainment, and they are all deeply affected.

On the day of the premiere, these theaters gave a full 35 percent row piece rate to “The Path To Becoming Immortal”. As for “Love Across the World”, although it cost a lot of money, it still only competed for a row piece rate of less than 20% on the premiere date. This was a devastating blow for a love film released on Valentine’s Day.

Secondly, both films also coincidentally chose to premiere for film critics and the media on February 11. There were a limited number of famous film critics in the entertainment industry, they had to choose between the two.

In this PK, “Love Across the World” was lost again.

After all, when talking about connections, he was not as good as Zhu Xufang’s friendship. If talking about money, would Lin Meng care about money?

In short, the film critics who came to him in the end, except for some who have always had a good relationship with him, the rest can only be regarded as “small shrimp.”

Because of the failure of these two direct battles, Cheng Aiming’s face had always been ugly on the day of the premiere. Only when the crowd applauded after the film was over, he smiled reluctantly.

Media reporters will not miss his appearance. Once the media interview session started, the media reporter who got the name first threw out the spicy question.

“Hello, Director Chen. Your “Love Across the World” and “The Path To Becoming Immortal” directed by Zhu Xufang have chosen to premiere on the same day and be released on the same day. You are very destined. We are curious, do you know anything about Director Zhu’s “The Path To Becoming Immortal”? In your opinion, who will get a higher box office this year?” He wish he could ask ten more questions, and he almost waved the flag and shouted: “Hurry up and fight.”

As soon as this question was out, the face of the public relations worker standing nearby became worse. She desperately gestured to make people stop Cheng Aiming. Could she stop him?

As soon as Cheng Aiming, who took the microphone, began to speak, the venue was silent: “Do you need to ask this question? Obviously, the box office of” Love Across the World “will be higher.”

His sneer expression was recorded by the flashing camera.

Cheng Aiming hasn’t finished yet: “Talking about the genre, our genre is romance, and they are Xianxia. In the past ten years, has there been high box office for Xian Xia film in domestic?

Talking about actors, although the supporting actors of “The Path To Becoming Immortal” are Gu Mingyi and Sui Yan, but in the three stories of “Love Across the World”, there are a total of six starring actors, including a vision king, two film kings, one film queen and a best newcomer. “

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  1. Tenían que haberlo detenido jajajja aunque sin géneros diferente ellos están luchan por taquilla por lo que sí bien la gente va al cine a ver películas de amor el 14 pero también hay muchos perros solteros y personas que solo van por perder el tiempo. Será una bofetada muy dolorosa

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