Chapter 15 Part 2

At this time, the public relations worker had ran to a position where Cheng Aiming could see.

She gestured for the other party to stop, Cheng Aiming didn’t even look at her.

“Talking about the director. I do not deny the achievements of director Zhu Xufang, but sometimes the director has to adapt to the market. Ten years without filming, what is the concept for a director? Everyone understands. “

The media reporter who just asked a question was full of happiness, and he caught the big news: “So you mean,” The Path To Becoming Immortal “by Director Zhu Xufang must be worse than” Love Across the World “, right? “

Cheng Aiming just nodded his head.

“Some films rely on the distribution company, rely on the unfair row piece rate, and rely on the abuse of publicity funds. Some films have nothing, only good films, good directors, good actors.

Well, what he will say next was even more shocking.

I believe the market will give you the answer, and it will also make the unfair row piece rate fair. Cheng Aiming shrugged. “Let’s wait and see. “

With the development of this situation, the public relations worker did not care about the possibility of offending the director.

She trot directly to the center and directed: “The director’s questioning section has ended, so please ask more questions from the actors.”

The media reporters were not angry at all. The big news was in their hands. They smiled as the public relations worker was in a hurry, and they smiled at each other with their colleagues.

They were all anxious to be on the way back, as the first people to send news, and questions after that were just as boring as coping.

News needed timeliness. When the premiere was over, some people found a table outside and started working on the spot, sending out news in a timely manner.

The titles were also eye-catching, one by one.

“Cheng Aiming claimed that Zhu Xufang was an outdated director”, “Cheng Aiming:”Love Across the World” rolled over “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, and everything.

[Did anyone see an interview with Director Cheng Aiming? He’s still as sharp as ever. It’s a clear fight with Director Zhu. Isn’t he afraid of being slap in his face? 】

[What are you afraid of? Didn’t you see the row piece rate? “The Path To Becoming Immortal” has the row piece rate over “Love Across the World”, right?

Unless “Love Across the World” has a very high attendance, how could it possibly surpass “The Path To Becoming Immortal”?

I guess Cheng Aiming is also frustrated. He carefully prepared the film because the row piece rate was lost at the beginning. 】

[For Sui Yan, I plan to support a film ticket for “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, but my girlfriend wants to watch “Love Across the World”.

We should go to watch it again at night. So I think “Love Across the World” attracts more box office. 】

Film critics were a bit slower than media reporters. After all, most film critics will seriously write the long film review as an explanation after watching the film.

In recent years, at the premiere, the public relations fee given to film critics by the film side has risen.

Even for very bad films, film critics usually don’t make words too unpleasant, in order to receive word-of-mouth in the future.

The two most noticeable film reviews, from the title, were completely different trends.

[Million knots on Valentine’s Day: Year after year in every month, I still love you]

[Frost Cold Fourteen States, today you and I have “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, looking for a glass of wine against the sky]

When netizens clicked the posts, the style was even more different.


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