Chapter 15 Part 3

“Cheng Aiming claimed that Zhu Xufang was an outdated director”, “Cheng Aiming:”Love Across the World” rolled over “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, and everything.

[Did anyone see an interview with Director Cheng Aiming? He’s still as sharp as ever. It’s a clear fight with Director Zhu. Isn’t he afraid of being slap in his face? 】

[What are you afraid of? Didn’t you see the row piece rate? “The Path To Becoming Immortal” has the row piece rate over “Love Across the World”, right?

Unless “Love Across the World” has a very high attendance, how could it possibly surpass “The Path To Becoming Immortal”?

I guess Cheng Aiming is also frustrated. He carefully prepared the film because the row piece rate was lost at the beginning. 】

[For Sui Yan, I plan to support a film ticket for “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, but my girlfriend wants to watch “Love Across the World”, we should go to watch it again at night. So I think “Love Across the World” attracts more box office. 】

Film critics were a bit slower than media reporters. After all, most film critics will seriously write the long film review as an explanation after watching the film.

In recent years, at the premiere, the public relations fee given to film critics by the film side has risen. Even for very bad films, film critics usually don’t make words too unpleasant, in order to receive word-of-mouth in the future.

The two most noticeable film reviews, from the title, were completely different trends.

[Million knots on Valentine’s Day: Year after year in every month, I still love you]

[Frost Cold Fourteen States, today you and I have “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, looking for a glass of wine against the sky]

When netizens clicked the posts, the style was even more different.

“Director Cheng Aiming is most acclaimed for his delicateness in shooting male perspectives, which is different from the neglect of male perspectives in many love films.

In the three unit stories of “Love Across the World”, you can clearly feel that the differences in the identity and personality of the three main characters lead to completely different perspectives on love.

What Director Cheng knows best is that he has a good grasp of the relationship between men and women.

It is no longer one side hysterically venting their emotions, the other side is forced to respond, but they are evenly matched.

Even if you watch a love film, you will follow your full attention and pull your mind. “

“Before I watched the film, I made countless abbreviations. But when I saw it halfway through, it all turned into empty clouds, just like the clouds and smoke that the protagonist stepped on the screen at the time.

People in our country have the feeling of Xian Xia. There were legends about Kunlun and Penglai in the past. Even today, the tradition of pray to buddha for help has not been completely abolished.

The best thing about this film is that it completely fulfills your fantasy. It is the dream of you and me. Maybe you think it’s only about love, no, no, it talks about: love is the way, ruthless is the way.

There is a way to immortals and there is also a way to evils. The Path To Becoming Immortal asks not for longevity, but for heaven. “

As we all know, film critics originally had the ability to understand films that you can understand and analyze the connotations that you cannot understand.

Looking at the two hottest film reviews, everyone was still unclear, and people had to take the initiative to start a simple discussion everywhere.

[Can anyone tell me what the film critics really mean? When could they learn to use a scoring system to explain the premiere situation?

This film is five stars, and everyone is recommended to see it! This film is zero star, don’t watch it. Isn’t it good? 】

[/ Funny, of course not good, film critics also need to make a living. 】

[I will send you a film critic’s universal formula——Film critics have written thousands of words, using intricate descriptions that are difficult to understand. Films of this type are generally bad. Some film reviews, after wathing, people can only say “awesome!” and “fabulous!”. They are good films. 】

[Okay, I understand. Both are terrible. “The Path To Becoming Immortal” is a bit terrible. “Love Across the World” is very terrible. Have I got full marks? 】

[But not necessarily? Could it be that the film critics really felt a lot? After all, there are occasional exceptions, so wait for the ratings to come out. 】

Although most people say “wait and see”. In general, everyone felt that maybe “Love Across the World” would be better.

After all, Cheng Aiming’s reputation was better than Zhu Xufang. The luxurious cast of “Love Across the World” looked more attractive.

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