Chapter 15 Part 4

This can also be seen from the pre-sale.

The box office of “Love Across the World” was close to 40 million, but “The Path To Becoming Immortal” was only 35 million. Although this result was good, but there was a gap between the row piece rates of the two films.

Everything is available. Only after twelve o’clock, the audience who watched the first film and gave the corresponding feedback will probably know the true reputation of the two films.

In the past, there were even audiences who just entered, and they sent out a bad film warning in less than ten minutes. After all, if the film was really bad, it would start to make people want to escape the cinema.

In the forums, the post that most attracted netizens’ live-viewing experience came from a pair of star-crossed lovers.

The two set all the schedules from February 13th to February 14th. From meals to singing, but they only forgot to book film tickets. In the end, they faced the beatings of society. ——

“Love Across the World” and “The Path To Becoming Immortal” each had exactly one ticket left, and they were both in the rim of the screening room.

The two did not know whether to laugh or to cry. They decided to turn bad luck into luck. They posted in the forum and decided to broadcast the evaluation of two films at the same time.

The “live broadcast” mentioned here was not the kind of stealing, but the use of text to share the movie viewing experience without spoiling as much as possible.

Due to the couple’s legendary attributes and the ability to see two fresh film reviews at the same time, most night owls were waiting in this post to watch lively.

Less than twenty minutes after twelve o’clock, the female of the young couple appeared in the forum post. Her net name was Strawberry.

[Strawberry: (wrangle is forbidden, I ’m at the corner, the cell phone ’s brightness is the lowest, and it does n’t affect other people ’s movie viewing). Full of couples, I was trembling alone.

The atmosphere was good, everyone was very engaged. There were no children at midnight, and the movie viewing experience was perfect. Director Cheng Aiming has done well, I think the film is good so far! 】

[Strawberry: Cheng Aiming is too good at shooting women (commendatory term), I do n’t know how to describe it, maybe it is the angle or color of the shooting.

I always think that the actresses in his shots look better than those of other directors’. They have a unique taste.

This is not the first time I have watched a storytelling film in unit mode, but I still feel it is a little bit split. One story is cut to another before it is finished. Although there are connections, I still feel that it is not coherent enough. 】

She wrote more and more, when everyone interacted with her, they suddenly remembered something.——Wait, where was the male protagonist? Where did the person whose ID was Eat strawberry?

After some debate, everyone reached an agreement. It is likely that “The Path To Becoming Immortal” was too boring. Eat strawberry fell asleep before he could reply.

Even though Strawberry was persistent, his boyfriend never fell asleep while watching a film, but she couldn’t reverse this impression.

The total length of “Love Across the World” was two hours, but “The Path To Becoming Immortal” had 135 minutes.

Strawberry, who ended watching the film, interacted boringly with everyone in the post, waiting for the missing boyfriend to appear.

As soon as film time was up, Strawberry had just turned around and saw her boyfriend and others flocking out of the screening room together. Their goal was to go to the toilet.

The spectators behind did not walk fast. They talked lively and there was no sleepiness in their eyes.

At this time, the other protagonist in the post finally started to update madly.

[Eat strawberry: I didn’t fall asleep! I’ve been stubbing for more than two hours, now I’m grabbing the toilet, wait for the repo! 】

The senior late-night champions who were not asleep were keenly aware of the different wind directions. They weren’t stupid. The film that made people not play cell phone or go to the toilet for more than two hours was definitely not bad.

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  1. Hi! I started reading this novel and I must say – I am hook! I really like how the novel flows from chapter 1 to this chapter! I refresh this page every now and then to see an update!
    Thank you for translating!

  2. “The Path To Becoming Immortal” is obviously the winner. A movie that can grab the viewers’ attention so much that they don’t move at all during the whole showing has won over the competition. I’m curious see what he’ll say.

    Thanks for the update!

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