Chapter 15 Part 5

[Eat strawberry: Here it comes! I don’t know how to describe it more appropriately, but this film is the best film I have seen in three years!

Under the 3D effect, I really feel that I am also standing in an infinite haze of cloud and sea, standing on the top of the mountain, watching them from the perspective of onlookers.

Because I can’t spoiler, I can only say that if you don’t take your mind to watch this story, it is a very orthodox commercial film. Teenager and girl who want to become immortals, enter the immortal sect to learn, then cultivate their heart, and see many ways to become immortals in the world.

But if you look at it with your mind, it is actually a story about “All men are created equal”. If there is a way in your heart, you can find out that everything has its way. Although I may not change my destiny, I must go against the heaven. 】

[Eat strawberry: I don’t know if my evaluation will be too high, but I think this is a film that I have absolutely no regrets after watching.

It’s a localized “Popcorn film” in the true sense, and just saying special effects are enough for you to recover the fare.

However, there are implicit meanings unique to Chinese people, which are faintly expressed in it.

And the director’s aesthetics can really only be described with awesomeness.

I think the crew should make a lot of efforts to achieve the effect. I can’t even imagine how this was achieved. 】

[Eat strawberry: I regret that I didn’t watch the IMAX version. I think watching on a normal screen is a blasphemy to the efforts of the director and the special effects team!

I plan to talk to strawberry and buy another ticket. By the way, every actor in the film is very unique, they perfectly performed their role.

Among them, Sui Yan’s role is too subversive, both enchanting and pure, I think this role may be the second classic role after her debut. 】

In order to be responsible for everyone in the post, Eat strawberry and Strawberry sat down and responded to the inquiries in the post first. When he looked up, his girlfriend couldn’t help but ask: “When shall we watch? What about the next session?”

She was not sleepy at all, she just wanted to see the best film of the year in her boyfriend’s mouth.

Eat strawberry looked at the time. He hesitated for a while and nodded in agreement. After all, he was too excited to fall asleep now. but when the two opened the ticketing software, they stood in amazement—

At night, there were not many sessions arranged by the theater. The next six sessions until six in the morning were sold out!

Eat strawberry looked around, and found that several guys who were just grabbing popcorn together were now sitting there playing cell phone.He already guessed the reason for no ticket. He had to set the day after tomorrow session and pull his girlfriend ready to go home to sleep.

Who had known that they were not as fast as others?

When the first moviegoers came home and went to sleep, the storm triggered by “The Path To Becoming Immortal” had just begun. This film did not need the help of spontaneous propagandists at all.

The ratings of ticket-buying websites that soared to 9.8 and film-rating websites with scores as high as 9 points just before the end of the broadcast were enough to attract viewers to enter the theater.

The row piece rate that was originally criticized by some people seemed too much, and at this time it was not so sufficient.

Those netizens who couldn’t buy tickets, or even if they could only buy a corner seat, madly called the film studio to try to increase the row piece rate of the theater through pressure.

And among them, unlike other popular films, there was such a loud voice: “Can you open more IMAX? Money is not a problem, I want to see IMAX!”

Huge Screen film tickets were much more expensive than ordinary screening halls. Generally, except for blockbusters from abroad, there were few Huge Screen halls where attendances exceeded two-thirds.

During this time, “The Path To Becoming Immortal” even made the Huge Screen halls achieve an amazing 90% attendance.

Some people felt that the corner seats of Huge Screen halls had poor viewing angles and were easily dizzy. That’s why those seats were rarely purchased. That’s the remaining 10%.

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