Chapter 15 Part 6

In the first week when many people couldn’t grab the ticket, “have a ticket” instead became a kind of flauntable capital, and the family members of employees from the Lin Shen company even drove hatred on the Internet.

“The union’s Valentine’s Day benefits, three per person “The Path To Becoming Immortal” film tickets, registered with the union to agree to arrange a theater special viewing. I also thought about why I needed to watch Xianxia film, but now I think our leader is great. “

“Love Across the World”, which rivals “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, has gone silent. Even their main theater line has quietly adjusted the row piece rate of this film to 10%. Even investors who realized that something was wrong put in a lot of paid forum posters, which did not help.

In fact, “Love Across the World” was not bad. As a love movie, its rating on the rating website was stable above seven points, and it was definitely not bad.

The problem was that it was not good enough. Under the impact of a film that could truly be called a phenomenal level, it was no power to fight back and lost ground.

A film critic’s comment has been forwarded countless times. He wrote: “Born under an unlucky star is a portrayal of this film. It’s a good film, but it’s too small in front of “The Path To Becoming Immortal”. If it changes its schedule, maybe it can have twice the box office, but in this schedule with the last name of Immortal, it is destined to be a supporting role. “

“The Path To Becoming Immortal” was not the way of reverse attack, but the way of becoming immortal.

Its first day box office was actually the lowest day of its first week box office. After word-of-mouth spread, it set fire to ebara fire called “The Path To Becoming Immortal.”

On the barrage website, videos clipped with the trailers released by it have consistently ranked at the top of the rankings in the station.

Various well-known fan sites have a variety of couples that have been disrupted and reorganized.

Online marketing accounts and We media have also started talking about relevant topics to get attention.

Overnight, it seemed as if you didn’t know “The Path To Becoming Immortal” and you had no common topic on social networks with others.

There was also a smart We Media short video based on this phenomenon, called “Teach you who have not seen “The Path To Becoming Immortal” to quickly integrate into social occasions”, and got nearly two million likes.

Although everyone knew that Waterloo in “Love Across The World” was a crime not of war, but many people took the initiative to go to Cheng Aiming’s already-weaked Weibo, copied and pasted the same content to ask him: “Now, do you know who is the winner of Valentine’s Day schedule? “

The people who posted Weibo only intended to ridicule, but did not expect that they received a reply from Cheng Aiming half a month after the film was released. This reply was short, but it caused another wave.

“I lost.”

Cheng Aiming didn’t feel embarrassed when he typed these three words, he just felt calm.

Originally, he thought that the result of being nailed down was completely subverted from the release. The reason that affected the result was not the row piece rate he thought, but his most confident word of mouth.

At first, Cheng Aiming always looked at this failure with skeptical thoughts.

He always felt that there were too many paid forum posters on the Internet, covering up the true voice. a Xian Xia film, an old director, and two new actors … no matter how he thought, he could not find a reason for his failure.

But he just failed.

After the first week of the film was released, the average number of people watching the movie decreased slightly. When it was not difficult to grab tickets, Cheng Aiming finally stepped into the theater.

He didn’t make any disguise, he took out the film ticket of the best viewing position of IMAX Hall which was purchased online in advance on the self-service ticket machine, and entered the crowd silently.

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  1. He will be enlightened!
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  2. He went to see the film and made his own opinion of it and gracefully conceded defeat. Director Cheng!

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  3. “The union’s Valentine’s Day benefits, three per person “The Path To Becoming Immortal” film tickets….

    Lol is this the husband behind the scene trying to help his neglected wife?


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