Chapter 15 Part 7

When he noticed that there was a child less than ten years old next to him, his eyebrows frowned slightly, and he made a half-fold in advance of today’s film viewing experience.

As a director, he could not enjoy a film with the mindset of an ordinary audience. More often, he analyzed and pondered in the process of watching movies.

But when the first shot of “The Path To Becoming Immortal” appeared, he fell into a long silence.

“The Path To Becoming Immortal” began with a standard long lens, rising and falling with a blue-flame phoenix angle of view, it quickly passed the Nine Immortals world, and then landed on a beautiful red leaf tree.

When a gust of wind came, the blue-flame phoenix turned into blue feathers mixed with red leaves, and the bulge on the ground was slowly pushed out, showing white flowers with light, the lens was getting farther away.

In the hut under the mountain forest, the newly born baby cried, and the man held up the child and said, “Your name is Qiuxian(seek immortality).”

The baby waved his hands and wept loudly, tears fell to the ground, slid down the soil, and extended to the branches of the huge banyan tree.

The immortal tree shook branches, and set up a boundary to protect babies in the mortal realm. The driven leopard ran wildly, switching between human and leopard shapes.

Looking forward, the end of the grassland was connected to the black ladder, and there was a blood-like flame burning around.

At the top of the ladder, the evil woman was sitting on the evil gate and humming the unknown minor. There was a mixture of simplicity and temptation between her eyes.

Behind her, the man who was as tall as a mountain opened his eyes and looked at the real Ascend Heaven Road connected from the magnificent beams.

Cheng Aiming’s breathing didn’t return to normal until the end of the scene. He could hear the exclamation of the people around him. He licked his dry lips.

The perfection of this shot was not in his connection, but in the philosophy and aesthetics that the director showed through the shot. Zhu Xufang paid particular attention to light and shadow.

Even in the evil gate, he also made efforts on the ground. Flames would glow, and the depths of the mapped blackstone ground were different.

At that moment, he knew that he had lost, because he could not shoot such a shot. In other words, he has been shooting modern urban films, he has never filmed the real “big world”, how can he consider such a shot?

The more he looked, the more speechless Cheng Aiming was.

The young boy Qiu Xian and his sister Wen Xian ask the immortal all the way, even the grass and trees on the ground will roll up.

The incarnation became a dwarf with his ontology on his head, act in all apparent seriousness, and said its immortal way.

After reaching the immortal sect, the teacher only taught spells, and other things were smilence.

After their studies were successful, they asked the immortal all the way. The demon world, the evil world, the ghostdom, they all dare to enter.

From big fights to sworn friends, which also interspersed the crowd to make the immortal sect flee, the battle between immortals and evils thousands of years ago.

They finally learned that Ascend Heaven Road was closed. The path to becoming immortal was scorching sky, and even the evil emperor would be burned to the point.

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  1. We haven’t seen much of Lin Meng and hubby in a while. I’m starting to forget the main characters.

  2. I’ve trouble to understand this chapter. The plot of the movie that they raved about is completely unreasonable for me.
    It felt like I use third rate translation app.
    Well perhaps I’m not fit into Xian Xiao

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