Chapter 15 Part 9

“President Lin said happy to divide money, happy new year, and she gave an advance to everyone.”

It was also at this time that the Moments’ posts, sent by Li Xun had been leaked out. #The best boss in history# quietly went to the hot search topic, and True Dream Entertainment’s HR mailbox was directly blocked.

Following the last Sui Yan incident, Lin Meng’s Weibo ushered in a peak in traffic again. Everyone’s lines were strange, but the core idea was exactly the same-

“Hello, may I ask the police? I have a boss lost, can you send me back?”

“Boss, I forgot the company address. When will you pick me up?”

“Am I a True Dream Entertainment employee today? No.”

But these extremely enthusiastic netizens did not know that the “angel” Lin Meng in their hearts was worrying about the account.

The total box office was 4.12 billion yuan, after deducting taxes, deducting special funds, and paying Feng Yan’s protection fees …

The mechanical female voice in the calculator was extremely patient: “Zero, zero, zero, zero …”

Lin Meng was expressionless and her expression gradually cracked–

Why, why did she make money again? Who could tell her to deduct a dividend of up to one billion in investment, and how to divide it to zero?

No, it couldn’t continue like this.

She must have to do a billion-dollar big project, they would shoot that kind of blockbuster, such as spaceships, aircraft collisions, the end of the world … they were all put together, and then the funds burned and expenditures burst.

Yes, that’s it!

Lin Meng was planning to call, and Ning Qi came in. He recently smiled like a walking Maitreya. He would sing a song every day while walking. He didn’t hear the tragedy bgm in Lin Meng’s heart.

“President Lin, you asked me to find a screenwriter for you.” Ning Qi said, “Just …”

“Just what?”

Ning Qi: “It’s just a bit complicated.”

He began to make a long explanation.

In short, it was these two editors. One of them brought their own script. Ning Qi looked at the script. This script was wonderful, but it was full of money, and it was full of experimentation.

And the other …

He was also well-known in the circle. Most of the scripts he participated in achieved good results.

The problem was that he was an “actor-only screenwriter”. In simple terms, he was brought into the crew by an actor to help change the drama. Of course, his resume was glorious, but what is his actual ability?

“Anyway, see them first.” Lin Meng took over the script and let Ning Qi arrange a meeting with the screenwriters as soon as possible.

Lin Meng’s cell phone screen turned on, her eyes calmed, and Zhu Yushen’s dialog box appeared after unlocking the cell phone.

In the first week of the Spring Festival, she and the crew went to various places for road shows. Maybe she was in this studio in the morning and would leave in the evening. She had a good reason to not go home.

It happened that Zhu Yushen was outside all February. The Lin Shen company invested heavily in large-scale martial arts online games and 3D card mobile games, which was launched simultaneously in China, Japan and South Korea. He had been busy between them and had no time to go back.

[Zhu Yushen: I watched “The Path To Becoming Immortal”, and it did a great job. I apologize to you for my prejudice against your career. 】

Lin Meng stared at the line for a long time before returning the message: [Thank you. 】

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      1. Wah! I longed for a bit of interaction between MC and ML just a bit hahaha
        Thanks for the awesome update!

  1. Haha, I just want to know more of her investment schemes to loose money. If I want to loose money, I be just donating money to diff orgs and orphanages. I mean, you definitely loosing money and not having any gain that way. But, I’m having fun reading her adventures. Keep it up! I love you translator!

    1. She mentions in an earlier chapter that things like clothes, cars, houses, charity etc her husband already is doing. (Granted, she could always just open another charity, but I think she wanted to do something different to at least not be bored)

  2. Zhu Yushen… Why don’t you just go to your wife office or just go to her movie site. You still live in one country. Not in different planet

  3. This girl ah…Will you be my boss? President, you’re not losing money because even if you’re a spendthrift you have good eyes and good at business ㅠㅠ

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