Chapter 16 Part 1

When True Dream Entertainment rented an office, Lin Meng gave the highest budget ——

If it wasn’t for the husband and wife who had a lot of assets in their names and many of the office buildings were being rented out, she would be able to buy one new office building to spend money.

Of course, there were not so many idle office buildings on the market.

Finally, after careful selection by Ning Qi, the office was settled in an office building in the local CBD. At that time, the company leased three floors at a stretch and refined the decoration.

At first, Ning Qi also worried that the office was too empty, and some places could only be kept dusty. Frankly, he did not expect that the company would grow so fast.

All curtains in the conference room had been pulled up.the outside was dazzling with sunlight, and the white decoration inside was extraordinarily refreshing. At this time, it was temporarily requisitioned as an interview place.

Lin Meng flipped through the script printed on her hand: “Is this your most recent work?”

In the middle of the conference room, there was a large long table. A middle-aged man was sitting across the table facing Lin Meng. He wore glasses and a well-formed black suit. He didn’t have much hair, but just neatly sorted it out.

Zhang Chenghu nodded: “It was recently completed. But I started writing a long time ago, and it took about a year.”

Lin Meng looked up at him: “You know that this time we are not just collecting scripts. We also want to recruit screenwriters who can work for the company for a long time, who can complete custom projects.

The most obvious feature of this person from beginning to end was contradiction. He looked like a workplace operator, and he was enthusiastic about her and Ning Qi when he entered the door just now.

However, after the actual interview, the man looked timid.

“President Lin, I know this. I am very willing to be a full-time screenwriter for True Dream Entertainment.” He held the glass in front of him. “I have been involved in the screenwriting industry for many years. Whether it is a customized drama or an adaptation … … ” He tried to promote himself.

“But …” Lin Meng noticed that Zhang Chenghu’s eyes glanced over immediately, there was uneasy tension in it. “You have been working in Huo Hanshan’s studio before. He was already a vision king. You have long list of qualifications. Should you be better treated in his studio than we are? I don’t quite understand why you want to change jobs.”

Zhang Chenghu was a member of Huo Hanshan’s dedicated screenwriter group. Although this matter has never been purposefully advertised to outsiders, everyone in the circle knows it.

Ning Qi told Lin Meng what he learned beforehand, but he couldn’t even figure out why Zhang Chenghu left.

Zhang Chenghu was a little stunned in his heart, his face was not very good-looking, but no matter how much he wanted to escape, he had to get through this first.

He smiled bitterly: “President Lin, I think you know a little bit, people like us …” He was silent for a while. It seemed like he didn’t know what words to use to describe it. “What I do is dirty work.”

Talking about dirty work was a bit exaggerated, but it is also a proper description.

Most of these screenwriters who specialize in add extra parts for actors have mostly signed long-term cooperation contracts with actors.

His main area of ​​work was to go to the crew when the actor was working, and tailor the script for the actor.

As to whether this changed script and the plot can be seamlessly connected, and whether the character settings will be destroyed, it has nothing to do with them.

After all, it was the boss who paid, and they did not get the crew’s money.

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