Chapter 16 Part 2

They did not have the problem of the right of authorship. All honorary copyright belonged to the original screenwriter. If there was any infamy, it was the sole responsibility of the original screenwriter.

Zhang Chenghu’s latest modified script was the “Shadow Guest”, a spy film starring Huo Hanshan.

Huo Hanshan demanded that his role should not be embarass, but must be great, bright, honest, and high IQ … In short, Zhang Chenghu changed the script according to Huo Hanshan’s requirements.

After teleplay was released, this teleplay was scolded very much, especially the screenwriter Li He’s Weibo was spontaneously scolded by netizens for one or two thousand messages, because of the plot of reducing IQ and Huo Hanshan’s Invincible lead aura.

Li He was sixty-eight years old. He was an old screenwriter with high qualifications in the entertainment industry. Due to his growing age, the speed of creation has also declined. It took him three years to write “Shadow Guest”.

As soon as the incident happened, he was admitted to the hospital directly because of high blood pressure. Li He found someone to get Zhang Chenghu’s phone number. The phone was dialed, and he said a total of three sentences except for reporting the door outdoors.

“You can modify my work, but what about your basic respect for the script?”
“Do you know what a work is?”
“Are you good for a screenwriter?”

After the screenwriter Li had finished speaking, he fell tremblingly and was sent to the rescue. Fortunately, the rescue was successful.

Over the years, Zhang Chenghu thought that his heart had become as hard as stone. But at that moment, he felt his stone heart broken.

Zhang Chenghu made the most impulsive decision of his life. He resigned.

Huo Hanshan just joined a new crew at that time, and just gave him a “demand table” to ask him to change the script.

After resigning, Zhang Chenghu lived next to the hospital. He worked as a caregiver for Li He during the day and went back to write some short video scripts online to make money.

Li He didn’t give him a good face at first. When he was about to leave the hospital, he took the script written by Zhang Chenghu with a black face. He helped to change it, and then sternly said, “If you really want me to forgive you, then you have to change this script and submit it. Make a good show, and when the show becomes famous, you tell everyone to thank me for scolding you and wake you up. “

Zhang Chenghu knew of course that Li He was saying “forgiveness” in disguise. He hurried to submit the script everywhere, but all to a locked door.

Large companies had no shortage of scripts and screenwriters. What about small companies?

Small companies didn’t want to get in touch with him because of someone.

He came to True Dream Entertainment to try his luck.

“We understand.” Lin Meng saw Ning Qi nodded and knew that the other party would implement. “You go back first, and we will inform you as soon as possible.”

After Zhang Chenghu went out, Ning Qi, who had been standing next to Lin Meng, sat opposite Lin Meng: ” President Lin, what do you think of these two screenwriters and their scripts?”

Lin Meng touched her chin, and thought about the two scripts in front of her.

The thinner one on the left was left by Yu Xi, the first screenwriter to be interviewed. At present, even the title had not yet been take, and it was a semi-finished product.

Yu Xi was also an interesting person.

The big man of 1.8 meters, wore a stubble of untrimme, and even if he had sorted himself out a little, he looked a bit shabby.

The script he gave was completely irrelevant to his rough appearance, and it was written with a sense of thriller. After people watched it, the more they recalled, the more they felt horrified.

Even though Lin Meng just hurriedly looked at the script at the beginning, and she was surprised by some of the wonderful ideas. Then she took a closer look at the scenes and special effects requirements, she could smell the burning of funds.

The script left by Zhang Chenghu, named “Mountain Behind The Mountain,” wrote a story about the crisis of middle age. The theme was very realistic. Although it was happy ending, it was full of black humor.

There was just another problem. The actors who can support this play were hard to find. They had to find middle-aged veteran of stages, but such people not only choose roles, but also value director, screenwriter, and partner.

“I like both these scripts.”

Sure enough, Ning Qi shook his head helplessly: “But these two screenwriters, Zhang Chenghu looked more reliable, Yu Xi …” He shook his head, the script was well written, but the audience was small. It would be difficult to broadcast on the Big Four Satellite Television, or it would have been sold earlier.

Lin Meng: “But as long as we make it with care, viewers will love it.”

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