Chapter 16 Part 3

“If you want to make them. I also support you.” Ning Qi said hesitantly. “But President Lin, I may not be able to stay with you in the crew for the rest of the time.”

His most important job now was to train new agents in the company.

Zhuang Sisi and Gu Dong, who had no reputation before, have been known by many people for their music, but they themselves were not as poular as their music. But they still had many invitations to parties and music festivals due to the popularity of several songs.

Ning Qi helped them run several music variety show resources. When they first arrived, they had to have an agent to guide them.

The other key person was Sui Yan. Her original agent was Yu Chengming’s cousin. Obviously, she couldn’t use her anymore.

Yu Chengming had signed nearly fifteen work contracts for Sui Yan because of the debt burden. She had to attend these activities, otherwise her reputation would be affected.

When she was single, she had to create a new image as soon as possible. The label of “abandoned divorce actress” easily allowed netizens to focus on her gossip and private life for a long time, and after forming an inherent image, it also easily affected the scope of endorsements and contact resources.

she had to complete her transformation of people’s minds as quickly as possible through changes in activities and status.

Ning Qi was really busy.

He pointed to the script: “Zhang Chenghu’s script, if you don’t need him to modify it, you can consider establishing a project. Yu Xi’s script, I personally suggest that he still have to write and refine it.”

Lin Meng knew this a long time ago. At first she was a little disturbed. After all, she was not familiar enough with the identity of the producer.

But soon, she resumed calmness.

When she was young, she didn’t understand anything, did not receive any training, and dared to do many jobs by relying on self-study. Now she was less afraid of failure than before. What could scare her?

“I can work alone.”

I know you can, but …

Ning Qi passed the message silently with his eyes: “President Lin, about the budget matters…” Speaking of this, he shook his head again, “Forget it, just be happy.”

He had a complete realization. President Lin was a walking koi, and conventional inferences did not work for her. If President Lin failed once, she would change.

Lin Meng knew what Ning Qi was going to say, and she coughed embarrassedly.

“Well, President Lin, we can use Zhang Chenghu’s script. But if we really want to recruit him to the company, we may not be able to cooperate with Huo Hanshan in the future.” Ning Qi made it clear. As soon as he heard the story told by Zhang Chenghu, he knew where the problem was.

People in the entertainment industry had to rely on luck rather than moral character if they wanted to become famous. Huo Hanshan’s reputation in the circle has always been bad. He was famous for his revenge.

There was a poor ability makeup artist who did not give him good makeup. When he took a close-up shot, he had all his makeup removed from his face. Later, the teleplay was broadcast, he was mocked by people taking screenshots frame by frame.

It was said that Huo Hanshan directly came in a disguised block, and the makeup artist quickly changed his career.

The voice just came to an end, and Zhang Chenghu sent a message to Ning Qi: “Hello Mr. Ning, please tell President Lin. If you recruit me, it may affect the cooperation between your company and Huo Hanshan. If you cannot recruit me for this reason, I understand.”

Lin Meng took the cell phone handed by Ning Qi, and raised her eyebrows: “It’s funny, there are so many actors in the circle, I don’t need to ask Huo Hanshan.”

Zhang Chenghu’s script was the type she liked. It was both routine and unconventional. She must bring it to the audience.

“I know what I should do.”

Since True Dream Entertainment’s work has been successful for two consecutive times, it has also become a high-profile presence in the entertainment industry.

The new teleplay project was only established, and some people started to talk about gossip.

@Entertainment Stars Know: “In the teleplay filing just announced by the General Office Of Broadcasting And Television, there were works by True Dream Entertainment that everyone was very familiar with.

“Mountain Behind The Mountain” is a modern urban theme, 40 episodes, screenwriter Zhang Chenghu, director Zhu Xufang. The brief introduction is shown in the picture.

As far as I know, this teleplay has just started auditioning now! [image]”

This Weibo post was just like one stone makes a thousand waves.

In addition to the curious attention of netizens, some people were also watching this screenshot scornful laugh.

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