Chapter 17 Part 1

In the 1003 suite, the original neat furnishings now seemed a bit messy. For the convenience of life, even the coffee table near the window was moved.

Huo Hanshan, wearing loose pajamas, was leg crossed eating noodles. The white plate in front of him contained a portion of buckwheat noodles, with cherry tomato and broccoli as a side dish.

With a glass of non-added vegetable juice, such a serving would have to be a whole 120 yuan.

It was not that the prices were high here, but Huo Hanshan was calling room service, not take-out or home-made. Naturally it was more expensive.

But so what? Anyway, whether it was room or food expenses, the crew was reimbursed. Just like the dozen or so staff members he brought, and their consumption went to the crew’s accounts.

He had the patience to finish the delicious noodles: “Have you contacted Ning Qi?”

The agent who just came in frowned, “I’ve contacted him. But there hasn’t been a reply.”

In the age of information circulation, once things got serious, news would spread quickly. If it wasn’t for this reason, Huo Hanshan would have solved the problem the same way he used to treat that makeup artist.

He could give people the right message: “I can’t coexist with him, you need to make a choice”. Then things could go smoothly.

Huo Hanshan shook his head, “You go and tell them that if there is a chance to cooperate later, I am willing to reduce the price to appear in their project. As long as they no longer cooperate with Zhang Chenghu except this teleplay.”

He thought that he had taken a big step back. Since the teleplay has been publicly announced, he would be “compassionate” and he didn’t embarrass others.

If Zhang Chenghu wanted to be a full-time screenwriter at True Dream Entertainment? Hehe, he would not give up.

Huo Hanshan was quite confident. He was a vision king, a chief actor who can bring ratings. He used the opportunity of cooperation to change a low-level screenwriter, even a fool knew how to choose such a good deal.

The agent habitually support: “They must be very happy. compared to you, Zheng Chenghu means nothing to everyone.”

Huo Hanshan’s teleplays occasionally had a few bad reviews, but talking about the ratings, he has never failed.

No matter how high his asking price was, some people waved money to come to him for cooperation.

As soon as he finished speaking, the tone of the message sounded.

The agent said with a smile: “This must be Ning Qi.” He picked up the cell phone, his expression froze immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Hanshan frowned and drank the fruit juice, and saw the agent looking up at him for a long while without a word of silence.

“Ning Qi replied …” He murmured.

“What did he reply?”

The agent: “He said, he said that Zhang Chenghu is already a part of True Dream Entertainment. To take into account the physical and mental health of the company’s employees. Starting today, True Dream Entertainment will … “He paused.

“Will…what?” Huo Hanshan was impatient, “Don’t murmured!”

“Ning Qi said that True Dream Entertainment will no longer propose any plans to work with you from now on.”

“What?” Huo Hanshan stood up and stretched his fingers at himself. “You mean, he said he won’t cooperate with me in the future?”

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