Chapter 17 Part 2

“Yes.” The agent could only nod. He felt that the surrounding atmosphere was terrible now.

Because the other party’s attitude, he presume that those words that Huo Hanshan just said needn’t be sent out. Otherwise they will only blame themselves.

Huo Hanshan grew more and more angry, walking around the suite:

Huo Hanshan grew more and more angry, walking around the suite: “It seems as if I need to work with them? Joke! They don’t want to work with me? I’m afraid the teleplay they produce will weigh on my reputation.”

He couldn’t even stop thinking about it. He sat by the bed and thought for a moment: “Go and ask now, when they plan to start shooting and when the shooting will finish. Didn’t you send me some good scripts before? Go and bring them to me. “

Huo Hanshan sneered. He was so petty, and he must revenge. “The only requirement I will give to the partners is to be released on the same day as their teleplay. By then, I will see who is embarrassed.”

But by then, it was just too late for them to regret it!

“Mountain Behind The Mountain” told the story of a middle-aged person in contemporary society who had to face various middle-aged crises.

In short, a forty unemployed middle-aged man concealed his family and worked hard to solve various problems. Every time a problem was solved, a new problem appeared immediately.

His good brother was also facing his own crisis. In order to get promoted, he often went out to have social intercourse. He was seduced outside and the marital infidelity was revealed.

The male protagonist’s sister always claimed that her life was good. In fact, her marriage with her husband had been a problem for many years. The couple often quarreled, and they would soon divorce.

When people were middle-aged, the mountains on their backs were one after another, and if they were turned over, there would always be the next one. They could not stop or fall.

These roles have been fixed through Zhu Xufang’s contacts and small-scale auditions, but the problem lies in the candidates for the children of the three families.

The first one was Shan Jiao, the daughter of the male protagonist. She grew up like a little princess since she was a child.

For her, her father was a big mountain to rely on. When she didn’t know, her dependence became one of her father’s pressures.

The second was Wu Xiaoqi, the daughter of the marital infidelity family. Sensitive, she discovered the father’s fault earlier than her mother.

She tried every means to protect her family from being broken, whether it hurt others or hurt herself.

The third one was Lin Lin, the son of the male protagonist’s elder sister. What he did n’t understand most in his life was why his mother always looked like a “shrew”.

He thought that if it wasn’t for the mother’s change, maybe the family could still be together.

The requirements were simple and straightforward, and the demand for acting skills was not high. Even gender … was not completely unchangeable.

The biggest problem was that most teenagers and girls who were 17 or 8 years old did not come to perform at this age. However, it was difficult for older children to show their age.

It was difficult for young people to show the state they should have at the age of seventeen or eighteen.

The mental state and external performance of each child were not static. With the passage of time and the change of the previous state, it was another checkpoint.

Therefore, large-scale auditions have become an option that has to be faced. This was also the first large-scale audition for True Dream Entertainment.

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